Paula Relase Party @ THAT

Great deal of stress and fatigue after my working days have led to, I'm almost an entire week afterwards. Sunday morning as I write against two clock on the visit a week before the Club International.


Last Saturday was not too much going on, So it took us once again to the cinema to International Club International, looked from the outside somehow bad dark. Normally you see the brightly lit gallery, This time, however,. Black…


The AI ​​had yet open, and when I looked then times, that should actually be above, I saw myself wandering. The lighting was focused only on a small stage, was on the tape Eien, I did not know at first sight, their singer but her voice immediately drew me into the spell… somewhere I knew the…


Where was clear to me then also the second title, the years and has accompanied me on the third, It is the same with the. Paula stood on the stage – for me next to Mia and clover actually the spearhead of their area of ​​German music.


Besides dirty Gitearrenmusik is a big part of my music via the music of German brand Kettcar, Spillsbury, Mia or indeed Paula, However, now that I first saw live… with me as well but also seemed, as are hardly big fans come to release show…


Despite this appearance, the AI ​​was in fact – except for some female fans Paula – As usual, peopled. Berlin's gay scene and large. Nina Queer hinter the Reglern, Barbie Breakout oder Bob Young. The Customary International in a club just. A party is always the, this time just with a concert by Paula.