Airline Direct: Credit card number & Identity card for security

And, is it still? If this continues, I book my next flight but again in a travel agency rather than the Internet.

So I had of Terminal A get the news, but unfortunately they could give me the mediated flight from Havana to Berlin and they would not sell so öliebenswürdigerweise just canceled it. Na danke ! And now? Tips? None. In such a case of bad customer service I did not even where – suspected – poor complaints management try probes quickly find a new flight… I then found the website of airline direct and called there to prefer to learn with a real man, what I could do for now..

He confirmed, that the Cubana Airlines and really do not work together, but found out after some time of searching, that there was indeed a possibility – which he did not previously thought – to book a direct flight with Cubana AND to book a second flight with Air Berlin. Although this means, I had to pick between my luggage and then had to give it up, but there is enough time between the two flights…. Unless…

Now it is the Cubana and it is a Russian Ilyushin…

Okay, I therefore prefer an insurance policy, guaranteed me a new flight, if Cubana is late… Although I can probably fortunate, when it arrives at all.. Research on the Cubana showed me that is since 1989 four fatal accidents 259 Dead… Although in the worst case, the Ilyushin flying the route since 38 Years, at best only been 10 Years. If it has not been crashed, why they should be chosen this one time… It will be interesting. The fact is, I was able to book two flights with Airline Direct, A terminal which has obviously failed.

But not everything here is gold, that glitters, I had notice, today when I noticed the following email in my email subject.

Dear / r wife / Herr XXX !

Thanks again for your booking order 39TAI6.

It's that simple book on the Internet – it has to be safe.
For this reason, we conduct numerous standardized security checks.

We therefore ask, us a copy of both sides of the credit card and passport / identity card of the owner by email (bitte per. jpg – suppose. pdf – Max file. 5 MB ) to send to fax number listed below or fax. Please be sure to include your booking reference, so that we can assign the fax.

We would recommend that, that our e-mails and their attachments achieve unencrypted, a broadcast fax is therefore recommended.

We regret this additional expense for you , but would like to point out, that this approach only serves to protect the credit card holder and the prevention of fraud and therefore hope for your cooperation and kind understanding.

If you are already a customer with us, then please send us a message as a reply to this e-mail, possible, indicating the old booking number or invoice number. We examine the data stored there and happy to put us in touch with you, We need additional documents.

Please note, that a ticketed flight reservation must be made often on the same day as the booking. Failure to exhibit within these periods, which are dictated by the airlines, the fare can dramatically increase your reservation or even be canceled by the airline.

We therefore ask you to send us the documents requested today.

Haaaaallllloooooooo? Is it still. I'm supposed to unsecured, a picture of my credit card and my ID cards hinschicken somewhere? Am I crazy? I mean to send credit card information via SSL, okay, this is normal today, but to send my credit card and my ID card and not knowing, who then posting this in the next hacking Board, I do not particularly sparkling? Privacy Policy? No Thanks.

Angered a conversation with Airline Direct freed myself of it and gave me the hint, why they want to charge it.

So there anyone booked from a country (Germany) a flight from another country (Cuba) in another country (France).. Because they want to know more. Why not from me but now, I do not know, but it does not interest me too much. The main thing I now ahbe all flights

Finally advantages by Transentum

Some time ago I realized that my passport since 2004 had expired. But since I also want to go abroad again this year (London ruft not mir) , must now urgently need a new passport ago.

Red skin and pale complexion (So a Nordic winter face) but appears in photos, I to 2011 must regard as my own from cruel and so I took important items such as camouflage and powder with the photographer.

Although the photographer looked a bit puzzled, but waited like the couple minutes, until I was finished and satisfied…. The result is actually a photo, I can identify with the.

Finally the Rumtranserei times really brings real benefits – and it was just a nice men in the photo identity card.

Dieses ist im Übrigen NICHT mein neuer Personalausweis 😉

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(Checklist ) Trannys on Travel

I was just back on a little journey through the Republic. Actually, I was in Dusseldorf for Annual Accounts party at Cafe Scandal (These next day more)

Since I had time to expect an odyssey, I've tried, this time actually take only the most necessary and leave the rest at home. For that I've created a checklist, that should protect me from unpleasant surprises. Overall, they got me that too. Of course it was not complete and I still forgot something, but I think now it's all good.
Annabelle said, it would bring the time this list on the internet. Therefore, I offer you here the ultimate.

What does a tranny on Travel Checklist

What do I need in any case when a foreign party pending. When I write, ein Paar Pumps, I know well, that this is the absolute minimum amount. Even a dress can also 5 Dresses 8 Tops and 4 His skirts, it is quite clear to me. Extensions are desirable way.
[ ] 01 Pumps

[ ] 02 a dress (optionally top and skirt or trousers

[ ] 03 BH (possibly with transparent holders or halterneck, but in any case in matching color

[ ] 04 String, Release suppose Miederslip

[ ] 05 Pantyhose or stockings

[ ] 06 Save Colorless nail polish on nylons

[ ] 07 Spare tights or stockings

[ ] 08 Shaver

[ ] 09 Replacement Blades

[ ] 10 Shaving

[ ] 11 Deo

[ ] 12 anklebbare nail (over 10, because it always lacks

[ ] 13 Nail Glue

[ ] 14 Nail polish

[ ] 15 Double-sided photo tape for nail polish Eieren

[ ] 16 Huftstäbchen agree or nail file for nails

[ ] 17 False breasts (Silikontitten, tear-filled stockings or other stuff)

[ ] 18 Chain

[ ] 19 Earrings (1 Pair)

[ ] 20 Salbe oder Creme

[ ] 21 Eye shadow (Ground + 1-2 Colors

[ ] 22 Eyeliner

[ ] 23 Lipstick

[ ] 24 Lip-Gloss

[ ] 25 Lipliner

[ ] 26 Q-Tips

[ ] 27 Eyebrow pencil

[ ] 28 Mascara

[ ] 29 Device for pushing eyelashes

[ ] 30 Tampons

[ ] 31 Camouflage oder Makeup

[ ] 32 Can

[ ] 33 Brush

[ ] 34 Wig

[ ] 35 Brush or comb

[ ] 36 Barrette or hair band

[ ] 37 Perfume

[ ] 38 Mobile [ ] charged

[ ] 39 Charger

[ ] 40 Jacket or coat

[ ] 41 Digital Camera

[ ] 42 Charged batteries

[ ] 43 Charging Station

[ ] 44 Memory card

[ ] 45 Identity card

[ ] 46 Driving license

[ ] 47 Address of event

[ ] 48 Address des Hotels, Property

[ ] 49 Phone number of people, you want to meet

[ ] 50 Money

…Incidentally, I forgot the 11. Nail and the phone numbers back from Sarah and my ride.