Cool People and Burlesque @ Philia Hong Kong

It reached me the following SMS, to me, unfortunately shortly after 20:00 could reach, I had my mobile network accidentally disabled:

Hello how are you? Hope you’re having Fun in HK so far! Come see us at Philia in lan kwai fong near Central tomoroow, we’ll be on about 10. Talk soon! Aimée xx

Hmmm “tomorrow” was now so today and “10” meant 20 Clock so a few minutes ago. Mist, but I still made my way to the Philia and it should be worth. Were here but all the cool people, I have been a little missing in Hong Kong. And they were there in the evening.

alive not dead hong kong

The Artist Event Company invited the motto Alive Not Dead Artist to a colorful evening, who would have done well in Berlin. Mn take a burlesque troupe, a good and fun live band, a good DJ and a pole Dancerin, seasoning this with a good announcer and an open Miki where everyone on his little project, or the next event may indicate.


These people, have exactly the FACT fun, yes what ever is evident throughout the same breed of people and a good cocktail bar in the verfrachte. Voila a good event. Could also originate from Inga's party kit…

philia hong kong

Nun ja, I shortly after 10 started, I missed all the numbers except one of VixensBurlesque, then the last one was not quite as, Burlesque as I imagine, but that did not matter, the lady was only a guest, came from Shanghai and showed a – not only Chinese-inspired – Number, although they looked more European to me… what they – I believe – was also.


The Philia itself is a purist stylish cocktail bar with not too expensive – for not too large cocktails. In fact, it was the first bar, in which I got a decent mojito… If know the men and women at La Bodeguita Del Medio… her brothers would tell you something in the spirit.

mojito @ Philia

Anyway the Chinese burlesque dancer followed by a 60s band Soul Live in the spirit of Jackson Vive, in which mainly the singer with the Afro distinguished himself by outstanding vocal power. I do not know if it was genuine African, but the voice was definitely – Real good.

Soul 60ies

Open Mike was also kind of exciting, while a girl on the show “Rocky Horror Picture Show” pointed to Halloween, explained to me the girl, that stood beside me, that she was the Janet there. It was a brief conversation, ob sie sich freiwillig die meistgehasste 😉 Rolle dort ausgesucht hätte. Had it. Another girl pointed to your action 24h Facebook, in which they are 24 Hours before Facebook and sat with all friends, had emerged as the contact – and her boyfriend all these (so painted the profile pictures to) exciting.

poledance philia

Was there anything else? Oh a pole dance number by a girl, that give the notice and therefore really had something to show. That was very impressive, as in the rest of the whole “Alive Not Dead” Event – especially by the audience, obvious that this monthly event obviously longs desperately and so goes along extremely well.


Top. Pity, I was undressed as, that would otherwise become once more funny, but even so it was pretty great.