Vintage, burlesque and 50s hairstyles video shoot I

Vintage, Retro und 50er Jahre Frisuren Videoshooting


It is just awful, I'm easy to nothing and am constantly stressed and often not even to sleep let alone to blog home. I just sit in the ICE train to Cologne and angry about the lousy – do you mean: not available – Internet connectivity, which forces me to open Wordpad and there hereinzutippen.

50er frisurenThe last last week was therefore not in the character of the bloggers boredom but rather the sign of over-exertion of another project.

Some may have already seen the page, who after a keyword to Rockabilly, Pinup, Vintage or Burlesque clothing searches, other hand, can be almost certain that in this page – at least in the Google search results – has already run once on de road. But I've noticed, that many people find this site also, although they are not looking for clothes, but after hairstyles. “Vintage Hair Style”, Burlesque Frisuren”, “Rockabilly Frisuren”, “Pin Up Frisuren” and and and.

vintage Frisuren

The page will be found on various hair types – good – , All thing about this contains zero ( 0 ) Content – stupid -. So I eventually came up with the idea, make sure to let Rockabilly Hairstyles How To Videos. Good, I Olli and his photo studio (my hamburger apartment) know. So I had a few minutes, the commitment, olli hairstyles that would be the video shoot here.

vintage hairstyling

I was thinking of a girl, a makeup artist and a camera in photo studio Ollis…. But not so with Olli…. It was then slightly larger. For a girl, two, from a video camera, three HD video cameras, from the studio was a studio outing in a 50s house of friends and made a make-up artist, two, from an appointment, two weekends and a pick up and a total of four people were sometimes more than 10 People in the apartment. Somehow everything was always so professional, except for the clothes on the images for the relevant post and the respective credits of the video.


Still Tuesday of last week I heard of plans, For example, to shoot the video with a velvet corset burlesque hairstyles and stockings. S-T-O-P which really is impossible, So I sat Tuesday night against two clock at night a couple times and put the wheels in motion four emails to Sammy of Redcat7, Unlike Diana von Buy, Mario of Rockabilly Clothing and Silvie of Jungbluth Design in Hamburg from nice times and asked to, if anyone would be willing to give a little clothing. For a vintage, Burlesque and Rockabilly hairstyles shooting just fits no Streetwaer a `la Khujo. Without much hope, I came Wednesday at tomorrow 10 Clock for work and found in my mailbox three commitments from all but Jungbluth. Wow. I had not expected. But that was the only work going on.


Just try to give two girls a full selection of three great online shops by pointing, they would have to decide quickly. I do not know, how many emails I got Saturday with ideas and changes and so. At the end I had to decide there and then but was still a lot later than the day before. …Now it was said to be hoped, the postman rings three times and everything arrives in Hamburg. For safety and for the record I've brought four outfits, so we had massive selection of just six planned videos. Meine Inventurliste am Shootingtag, gave the following:

burlesque Haare

Redcat 7

Black satin petticoat
Corset Federn Braun
Corset drag springs Brown
Hals Band Braun
Slip black sequins
Slip without Pailettenschwarz
Corset ferdern green
2x green arm warmers
Headdress green corset
Headdress white rose
2x kopfschmuck rose rot
Pencilrock blau root mit bommel
Pencilrock bles Weiss / rot
Taillenkorsett blau weiss / rot
Blue collar white / red
Carmentop Weiss/rot
Pencilrock blau / rot
Collar blue / red
Carmentop blau / rot
Worker Jeans blau
Shirt Red / White


Ars Vivendi /

2x Nahtnylons III
2x Nahtnylons IV
2x Nahtnylons In
Vintage Heartbreaker Dress Black / White
Lucky thirteen vintage black dress
Pony Girl Dress Leo / red
Heartbreaker dresses roses / weiss
Army Kleid Ponymädchen
Army Gürtel Ponymädchen
Army boats pony girls
Petticoat Bettie Page Clothing
Bettie Page black suspenders


Buy Unlike

Retro dresses Dixifried rat
Retro Pinup Couture black dress
Cherrykleid Pinup Couture schwarz
Leokleid Deadly Dames black
Black patent-leather belt

Kleiderschrank Zoe

Swingkleid Collectif rot/weiss Punkte
Cycles Pinup Couture rot / leo
Cycles Pinup Couture Leo
Jungbluth carmentop black / leo
Jungbluth Pencil Skirt black / lei
Jungbluth Corset Leo
Kiss me deadly Slip
Kiss me Deadly BH
Kiss Me deadly shapewear
Lascana Shapewear
cheap leokorsage
Tie Minizylinder
Mini Top Hat black
Red flower
Flower red / burgundy
Blume rose

Plus a large travel bag in my shoe closet.

A Wonderful Selection, Nightmare prison only, dass die Mädels nicht meine Größe haben und ich eh alles zurückgeben muss 🙂

Still great and I thank all three labels and shops very. And, without already edited images, or one of the first 4 To have seen videos, it seems to me, than would have been worth.

burlesque frisur

We will proceed on Saturday.

Modern Fairy Tale Boutique Bizarre in Hamburg

I have something to make up because I overslept an appointment, So more and really rather drunk in the bar 39 in some mojitos. I also promised to the exhibition Modern Fairy Tale by Sarah Horwath noted. However, that this takes place in Hamburg, that was not quite clear. No matter.


Sarah Horwath, I noticed a long time ago in Insomnia, as they their different Pinupbilder, Buttons and maps exhibited. Later during my lunch Syrians a mousepad with a Dita Von Teese picture I noticed, that as from the pen – or they say the pen? – Sarah Horwath came.. It is allso if not ubiquitous at least the attentive Berlin visible from time to time… And now also the Hamburg… At least the, who visits the Boutique Bizarre.

Doing well at least no one randomly, as the Boutique Bizarre is the fetish shop Tourifalle on the Reeperbahn UDN also known as a pharmacy in the neighborhood… At least there are beautiful corsets (prices failed to —- und nun eben die Ausstellung Moderne Märchen von Sara Horwarth.

Invitation to the exhibition "Modern Fairytale" by Sara Horwath in the Boutique Bizarre on 18. February 2010 ab 20h

The artist is from Sara Horwath 18. February to 30. March 2010 their images of the series "Modern Fairytale" at the Boutique Bizarre in Hamburg. On that occasion, we would like to thank you for opening on 18. February 2010 Invite. You have to know the way a glass of Prosecco, the artist personally and may of course in peace the images series "Modern Fairytale" View.

Pinup Photos @ Rickmer Rickmers

Pinup pictures on the Rickmer Rickmers

… now and I have always emphasize again my heritage and that's just not Berlin, but the gateway to the world, Hamburg. So I once again had to take some pictures and I really wanted to do pinup photos. Unfortunately, were my 48 Hot Rods gerade in der Reparatur 😉 …Accordingly, I had to think of something else…


No, Strictly speaking, I came up with the idea to Hamburg, To make pinup photos in the harbor – and strictly speaking I wanted to make Mateuzö images on the Rickmer Rickmers, a four-masted Barg (not for Hamburg: A large sailing ship with four masts) have. The Rickmer Rickmers is a hamburger floating landmark firmly on the pier and can be visited as a museum ship for three euros läpprige. I wanted to do – and I wanted to have pictures of it….

But first I had to buy a little. I needed a sailor outfit, I at Jungbluth wanted to buy, where you obviously know me now ;-)…. Also, I took ballet flats, there are unfortunately prohibited on the Rickmer Rickmers high heels. Consequently, it was said to run on the ship and just standing in high heels or sit with ballerinas.

Before it came to, but I had firstonce Olli(and) persuade, come along and shoot me. And we were talking on the commonly Rickmer Rickmers the security man, to be allowed to take pictures and to be able to publish on the Internet. Fortunately, we were able to convince him, that this is a non-commercial private blog and it was so nice, clarify this briefly with his boss. Result: we were allowed to take pictures and here (and Olli(and) even publish… Thank you

A tall ship, Matrosinnen an outfit by Jungbluth, a photographer and best weather with warm temperatures and plenty of sun, was will man mehr? …Well maybe not quite as much sun, Unfortunately quite often because I looked pinched in the sun or shade any were in the face. Now I know, why outdoor shootings usually still need a reflector, This knowledge led us but nciht more, because we had no – or no, which would have taken him.

But it was certainly not because, that there would have been no human, as compared with the best Easter weather at Hamburg harbor, the migrations were minor. But only looked and did nothing. Does not matter, because they also did not bother us and we were able to confidently make our wonderful photos on a great sailing ship. And there are really great incurred thereby.

Vielen Dank an Olli(and) for shooting and editing to Ramona for. If you also want to make photos in Hamburg times. Here you will find See2Feel.

Baby Pin-Up "Sister"

Baby Pin-Up in einem CatPeople Video


Drags you and that is often found in video yes no news – at least not for readers of this blog. But the burlesque theme is not neglected in music videos.

In this case, with the video “Sister” the – I completely unknown – Band CatPeople aufgefallen.

Apart from, I find that, that the band too large proportions in this video are eingefäumt, I have to say, I though it good, but not outstanding finde.Viele thought there probably needed to make no. Take a pin-up and let unravel something and loll, and a video is already born. That Suupa.

Natural Baby Pin-up looks great from – and I am ever to feature in general this blonde pin-ups, but I think in this video would have been better.

The music is somewhere between the early U2 and also the early The Cure. Although I can do with the music quite a bit, catpeople will probably never reach both bands. Now it can not be any a Bono or a Robert Smith. …Phonogram means the way: What’s the time Mr. Wolf?… Is almost beside Mrs.. Wolf da sagen.

No matter content looks a look and decide for themselves