The Chancellor of Duel

I'm sure no political tranny but quite politically interested and knowledgeable and with a relatively clear partiality, which has one or the other surely have guessed… I could also say: I do not live in vain in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Now is precisely the election campaign in full swing, which can be seen also at the forest of signs along the roads, I like to watch. When that poster is where, which have been embellished with spray cans and where posters are around completely undsinnig. In addition, one finds reference to the Posters coalition options, you knew before or not at all. In fact, I must Sheila statement, that the choice of advertising is boring, but rather contradict.


Even as she wrote this entry, I had to contradict mentally, I had just four days before the above election poster by Hans-Christian Stroebele with the words “It must look like an election poster” getwitpic’t. One of the coolest election posters, I have ever seen and is probably the only politician Ströbele, I concede such a poster. Moreover, it is right in front of my apartment.

And as it is said in Kreuzberg and Green stands next to a fixed: Kreuzberg is red. To see which is also on the election posters, the FDP and the CDU are hard to see here, instead appear here election posters of parties, which is believed to be extinct for a long time, such as DKP. So there are, for example, lampposts, which are colored red extremely. It shows clearly, higher, more left.

dkp-linke-spd-wahlplakatganz links (DKP)
very left (The Left)
something left (SPD)

One of the very few FDP election posters but then I was also convinced, that FDP left maybe is not such a coalition option completely excluded, even if all would say no, of course, immediately, want both the left and the FDP, but actually the same: a fair wage for fair work. Because of Mr. Westerwelle and Mr. Lafontaine should have a little talk about a collaboration… Although I believe, that somehow my back, the other, as it stands…

2-arbeit-muss-sich-lohnenActually, they both want the same

Anyway it's fun times to look, what the left wants, and so comes as extraordinary results. The fact really want just the opposite, what is expected of you. In fact, the Left is the only party, occurs for the all-encompassing tax increases for everyone. She does, however, quite smart and clever and not really on a poster, you have to take just two together here. Firstly request the party “Wealth for all” a few lampposts later “wealth tax” demand. …One need only define wealth something different and oomph. Steuererhöhungen für alle 🙂

1-reichtum-fur-alle-reichtum-besteuernTaxing wealth and wealth for all
more taxes for all

But in one I have to agree with Sheila, the slogans are in themselves not really exciting. It is interesting, however, then it. For example, the only true duel Chancellor. Steinmeier takes the anyway, no one from the Chancellor. It is different with Helga Zepp-Larouge. She's chancellor Angela Merkel and competes against, Chancellor of the amptierende. Although the release has the power to Star Wars umm force. Zepp-Larouge allrings has the recipe. But what exactly do they have the power and the recipe, that it does not really tell.

3-wir-haben-die-kraftChancellor Duel: Force against panacea

But to be honest, Angela Merkel is really no more be expected of tenure, when one sees, she has since undergone. Now Angela Merkel had never even opportunities in Germany investigated the supermodel or how the show is still called, but in Hamburg election poster has surfaced, that really tells of their current state. Probably can be explained by the election poster, I have found beio Matt Wagner also explain, why they do not actually appear in this campaign. Let's see if they can get ready Chancellor duel inside their makeup for tomorrow again…


by Matt Wagner

Interestingly, they are, the election posters, But somehow help with the elections in the election decision not really. You need on the back end just yet Wahlomat to help.

Danke Blush Lingerie

Looking giant poster – Billboard found!


In my contribution “Living desired” I have already mentioned, I would actually still looking for a giant poster for my bare white wall.

Now we were not entirely idle, sheila looked around a bit and I once taught me directly to H&M with a really really good reason, why would they send me a nice giant poster. H&M looked somehow different and spoke out with any rights, they have only a poster campaign… That would not really matter to me. After all, my wall is only less publicly – Thus, at least not always. So be it, H&M did not want to.

So Sheila was trying, to cover my wall… She asked at Blush Lingerie and cajoled with 10 Updates the local men and women as long, until they promised her the last poster – and this zusandten me by courier.

So now I have a poster on my bare wall…. – Poster? Well, Billboard would be more accurate. The package, that you have sent me, rather involves a puzzle rather than a poster. Eight parts, each having the size of 125*90 have cm.

So now I have a poster on my wall of almost 4 Meters wide and 2,50 Meters and the best will have no idea, how do we get the neat ain wall, so, it is just. My wall but just enough for a poster of this size and double sided tape I've also.

Is fixed, that H&M Poster schaut nun lächerlich klein aus 🙂 Leider muss ich das Plakat nächste Woche an Sheila zurückgeben 🙁 Diese Fototapete würde ich schon ganz gerne bahelten.

Slowly, my apartment is transisch. What is missing is the white reference on my sofa.

Living desired
Danke Blush Lingerie
Filming at the Brandenburg Gate
Food or shoes shop
We come to essentially
Drag Queens on RTL

Berlin 2007 CSD and CSD Trans Ingenious

Next weekend is going to hell in Berlin.


gaypride Berlin 2007

Pride Week endet mit der Parade zum Christoper Street Day 2007 in Berlin. Plenty of gays and lesbians in the middle and Sheila, and Nina and Neomi and Donna (we should really get to know times) and I and and and. Although I do not know yet, if I could bring to Sheila through Berlin to RUN (No Sheila, a car is not occupied bag, because no one will see us. Not more than, when the feet are no longer able.) but I will soon see. If she sees only, how often it is photographed, if it does not start up, then runs it with the parade to the CSD. Finally, we want to see all images. … In addition to the CSD, there are some, that


Ingenious trans CSD Berlin

calls. The more political version of the great Christopher Street Day, considerably less advertising, and much less the whole. I'm not quite sure, whether it is the appropriate thing, the Transgenialen CSD carried out on the same day at the same time, because probably without exception, all media representatives residing on Kurfürstendamm in the big CSD and the media echo (and thus, the attention) will be about zero. Either someone has not thought – or so much thought, that this opens up not me.

Now I do not mind to be against, and advertising does not bother me, instead I gers to public, So you will find me somewhere in the train of the great Berlin CSD.

Dec egal, whether or werblicher Trans Ingenious CSD, Find all evening then probably at the CSD Avenue 2007 again: What a party….

Bob Young Events (GMF- Berlin) and the Kino International (Clubs International) organized on 23 June 2007 on the occasion of 29. Berliner Christopher Street Day in Berlin, the fifth time in a row, Berlin's most successful co-production: CSD ALLEE

Due to the frenetic successes of recent years, close again this year, the GMF (Café Moskau) and the International Club (Kino International) and :Nina Queer:`s :INSANE HOUSE: (Kino International) together, making them the largest and most diverse CSD Party, The Berlin has ever seen.

These clubs are for, dass sie Berlins queere Community 365 Days in the year with a diverse party- and event- Entertain spectrum and also join for this reason the CSD on the CSD PARKWAY to their fans to offer a big party.

That night, a state of emergency in Berlin, because from 23.00 Clock sounded the musical fanfare through Berlin, the signal for the start of the largest CSD party: the CSD PARKWAY in Karl-Marx-Allee. The celebrating masses, it inevitably leads the parade of the biggest party in town: zur CSD ALLEE. That night the party people celebrated much your night of nights at the party of parties.
GMF im Café Moskau
“¢ WestBam
“¢ Michael Durian
“¢ Maringo
“¢ :Gloria Viagra:
“¢ Barbie Breakout
“¢ That Fucking Sara
“¢ DJ PaScha

Kino International:
“¢ Divinity
“¢ Dress Male
“¢ Dudel Disco Team
“¢ :ADES Zabel:
“¢ Biggy Blonde
“¢ :Nina Queer:

What a lineup. Yeah, I think the party is great.

Reports and images be submitted as usual

The shareholders?

For several days I always fall back on this kind of posters.

Even though I do not know yet, who are the Gesellchafter, yet one thing seems clear:


I plugged in an adventuress.

If an adventurer is in each of us, then must firstonce in each of us so stuck in me a woman. Now, when the partners say, then it must surely be.

…even if I do not know, who they are or what to do…

Yet to me is completely irrelevant.