ACH – 1 – Roter Teppich und Comedy

okay, okay, the Artists Charity Night So enticed me to Zurich…


and even if I had to visit Amsterdam before and had my flight delay, I arrived safely the largest city in Switzerland and found using the information at the airport without problems the way into town, and the right train ticket and the right tram to my hotel, the Under rhinestone crown, that boasts of at least four stars, but still want to have money for WLAN – much worse and for me, is at right angles to the request for a late check-out… I know, Sheila had verklickert them, but it was indeed in Berlin. And before I had time, I left it at that…. I had to get ready yes – and that in all due haste, because I did not want to miss. So get ready, Call taxi and into the halls Maag.


Once there, my name was also found as hoped on the press list again and I was able to or as a VIP. Press Waymarked totter toward red carpet. However, there are few people interested for me, This A) of course no one knew me and b) were just two other people arrived.

102_0003 (2)
Claudia Lasser , Jazzmin Dian Moore

Firstly, Claudia Lasser, the organizer of the Artists Charity Night in a great red dress in the form of an AIDS ribbon and Jazzmin Dian Moore, Miss Drag Queen Switzerland 2008, should be routed through the evening, in an equally sensational dress. Comprehensible, that the cameras are there firstonce directed elsewhere. I was then but then also asked again, a second time to appear.. 🙂

Other Artists Charity Night Photos on

Once I was doing a little disappointed firstonce. I knew each, that the evening should start with comedy, and so does the audience would be shared something, but I found the Maag Halle a relatively small space in front, I as “probably the party room” (wrong) identified and a second space, which was set up like a theater with a relatively small stage, which was indeed but sufficient for an ordinary fashion show then probably a bit too small for Comedy. Both agreed – as I was aware, however, until after the comedy part.


For comedy part, I must say, that he was not really knocked me off the stool. Andreas Thiel, led by the comedy part was funny though, but just terrific niocht, Lara Stoll, a girl, the slam poetry was really good and vorführte Thomas Kreimeyer a situation in Berlin comedian also seduced me laugh…. The other comedy acts may also have been really funny, I could see the laughter of the audience, However, I unfortunately only speak high German and English… But Swiss German is neither of the above. I did not understand the jokes so unfortunately – and I care, that this has nothing to do with the language and with my intellect.


But I dare say, that it has the other visitors very much.. Amazingly, I found but again, how much creep in my other homes around the world. Thus, the situation comedy as stated also in Berlin and another comedian came with mohawk hairstyle, Beer and incomprehensible for me came as Swiss German punk and helped himself with an unmistakable FC. St.Pauli Tasche.


As I left the room and asked me to last Comedyact, whether the Artists Charity Night with the language and in this room probably the (for me) Would be true, I stated, that the Maag halls and thus the whole event but were somewhat larger, than I thought, because there was 2 1/2 More halls and also a further stage, with a Plkatz for dancing and a DJ booth and a large catwalk with a befitting. Time to change your mind . For me, this began to be great evening. But more on that tomorrow.


Kreuzberg Slam @ Lido

or: I want to be part of a youth movement


One should always keep an eye on his Facebook account, otherwise it may be, that we overlook a good tip… Today, for example, the small entry: Today: Kreuzberg Slam them Lido. All go!

A look at the website showed me, that the Kreuzberg slam is a poetry slam, and since I've been meaning to watch a, I had heard on the radio one time and found it great.

Well, Lido was another – slightly lower – Level, but in addition there were great, loaded slam poets also some, that spontaneously came forward to participate and even a poet, the first time on a stage as. Although they had a little in-between text problem, but the cheat sheet in boots and plenty of charm, to master the whole. While others would probably sunk in the ground. They do not.


Others did not have these problems, and were clearly not the first time on stage. Da were Slam Poeten, the whole books full texts brought and gave their texts to the best. Were three groups of five slammers and there was one winner, by the volume of applause – or if such can not be determined, was then determined by the number of hands in the audience. DSA klappte immer.

My favorite, of about his youth and his attempts, reported with some friends to win a talent competition Heavy Metal, Although made it to the finals, but had, despite – or perhaps because Rocko Schamoni text similarity – beaten and enter through the “Bayern Munich” of Kreuzberg Slams, the series winner there.


For me, however, was another of the winners, a Slammer, who also reported on his time in a youth movement, oh what am I saying A Youth Movement… Many youth movements. In a series of ever 2 1/2 Minütern he acted in total 4 Youth movements from, From the young to the young-Hells-Angel-Eco, from the young to the young Autonomous Lieberalen. The man has been through a lot in his stories. Great.

In total there were about two and a half hours, the best entertainment, so before a packed house, that even the stage can be used as seating must. Kreuzberg Slam them Lido, you can visit again.