Gloss on the volcano Premiere

I'm always ready for exciting things and so it was of course no question, come along, asked Sheila, if I wanted to come up with the new show of Miss Evi.

Gloss on the volcano would the hot and, As the name indicates, act on the 20s.

Good, since just end 2019 and thus the (new) 20He imminent short, seems to be in vogue. The admiral Plast has a show, conservatory, Cabaret runs so eh further and now yet another show. And also to the premiere in Mainz.

No matter, my travels in the last two years have made me even one or other points accumulate on the railways and two 2. Class free tickets were there still in it, So on to Mainz.

I honestly had, not a particularly high expectations, as most traveling shows have not really impressed me in the past. What is somehow clear, when 10-12 People, Light, technology, commissions, Costumes, Travel expenses etc. are payable, remains often just not a lot of production and show.

I also had her last show Let’s Burlesque more than 6 1/2 Years have seen and could not really remember it myself.

In a nutshell:
In this case, I have the traveling show absolutely nothing to reproach. On the contrary. I was pretty confident and the audience in Mainz apparently also.

Miss Evi just has a great voice and the music selection is great. Great songs from the 20s and 30s, interesting eingeswingte recent songs (from. B. Gangsta's Paradise in Swing robe), and Miss Evis man could now and then ran, z.B. than “Hi-de-ho Man of jazz” Cab Calloway. That was all very good.

To make the girls of course her a lot. 2/3 formerly FriedrichstadtPalast and today That Glamor Esque, 1/3 German Fernsehballett. There's learned just learned and it shows clearly. Since the legs are just times swinging with an ease in Charleston kind or kicked in heights or, you just know from the Friedrichstadtpalast, but equally do not usually see in a traveling show. They've very excited.

but was especially great Tigris, the contortionist, of there next to his great acrobatics (I've learned now) Marinelli-trick shows, dominate according to the website just three male acrobats. Since we really are moving in the field of world-class.

Great song, great dance and acrobatics high profile. Since it made absolutely nothing, from, I sometimes, lost the course of the story told. Time did not fit there anything. Since flew fighter planes, although by Cab Calloway and above Metropolis, the confused me short while, but made for the enjoyment of the show absolutely nothing.

The only, which reduced some benefit, was the Light Management, somehow not quite fit in this premiere. Since Miss sang Evi happy times completely in the dark, the ceiling of the hall were blinded in light was. But these are certainly Premiere pain, that should not be seen as closely. The grooving a safe and this is a really great show, which can run as secure long.

If gloss on the volcano runs in your city, I can give you only the tip, because to go and you watch the.

Back straight – After-Film Party

Good, I St. Pauli fan am I've discussed more than once in this blog and that I as a fan of faster, dreckiger Gitarrenmusik bin, which is not very heavy metal, is also not entirely unknown.


So I was really disappointed, I do not for the new film could backstretch at the Berlinale, and also not to the party afterwards. Only for a short explanation, the backstretch is the grandstand at St. Pauli Stadium, which then also housed me, when I was in the stadium, insofar somehow my movie.

And the party afterwards in a Berlin hotel precious, that only- and probably the last time housed a concert Slime and was then taken apart by guests and SEC task force, I could also be noticed only by hearsay. Large crap something like.


I was pleased, however,, when I learned shortly, that there should still be a premiere party last weekend in Hamburg, re in a good hotel, However, this time without Sime – but this in Hamburg.


St. Pauli, Hamburg, expected good music and an absolute treat for me is the possibility of an inlet. Enough spontaneously again my hometown basic pay a visit. In fact, I learned Friday night, that would probably something with the entrance on Saturday night, So onto the motorway to Hamburg.

The whole was held at the Intercontinental Hamburg, a 5 Sterne Hotel an der Alster, I previously only known from that time still included casino, in which we did for training students or times times 50 € mit 5 € playful chips at blackjack, while Kiez size Kalle Schwensen threw around the same table with 500ers. Depressing back then.


No matter, this evening received this hotel Colored People, Tattooed hostesses, B and C celebrities and me and umm who would have thought now Kalle Schwensen. However, he needed to throw themselves with nothing, for drinks and finger food was free and the casino is long elsewhere. Instead, he invited me to his new fetish club “Club de Sade” one, he would have bought on the Reeperbahn, I just needed to write him and would clearly… uh, and. No Thanks Mr. Schwensen.


But I could without a visit to this same club at the party at the Intercontinental enjoy very good, erstmal from Tanna, where the tattoo Hostessierte, as well as many other nice people, For example, a designer, or a journalist of the ….ääää some magazine, I've never read, but which is determined sooo great.


In any case, I could see, that the music was one of the best, I default party experienced in recent years, ud the party that people absolutely do not fit into the Intercontinental, that Jägermeister-O with fresh squeezed oranges a poem is undman get to know the inter-binge most people in the smoking room…


Also, I have to say anyway, that it does not really turns me, to be punched by Claude Oliver Rudolph, but occasionally you can save as little… What the hell.

Exciting way again, that you come back with me or suspected drug. but I would need to know, where you would get that – I did not know – could the people, asked me a short time later, if I was looking for drugs but help, where he would find customers… Mist, I should have asked for commission 😉


I felt a little sorry for the hotel staff, which had to perish with such a crowd of guests and only looked less-fortunate. But I was completely unfounded worries, I learned at two meetings. One lady told me about 7 Abibällen, they had already been through, with snap corpses lying on the response, hyperventilating parents, and even some things. Another security man told me, he even fun, is actually a Psychobilly, but the progressive burrs and his job just didn't allow any more flat 😉 Okay, in this case the backstretch after film party was probably just an exciting change from the hotel everyday.


We went there after that the magic triangle of 20 Flight Rock, Cobra Bar and King Calavera and was after all of 2 Addressed people, I again saw the – while I think I was only 2 or three times since.. I must stand out 🙂

In any case it was worth it to drive to Hamburg.


Springtime for Hitler musical – Criticism

The Producers Premiere im Admiralspalast

Franz darling

It is indeed still the criticism of the musical “The Producers – Springtime for Hitler from” and before I write anything I have to announce a. It is positive.

I've seen a few musicals in my life and I had two at exactly the need, they see more than once. Firstly, because we häten “Tanz der Vampire, zum anderen die Rocky Horror Picture Show. Both musicals, the most likely to be considered uncontroversial good. Since last Sunday with “Springtime for Hitler” Added another musical, in which there will be no view at a time.


The story is actually told quickly. Formerly a very successful Broadway Producers just a – not the first – Flop and landed recognize a neurotic accountant, Check the directory, that a – not quite honest – Producer can make more money with a flop, than with a hit. However, only, if the piece is so bad, that there is so much flop, that no one wants to see it and it is sent immediately. Then, when the production cost provided by the true top multiples, , the producer with the remaining money go to Rio. For this you need the most horrible musical of all time and is found in “Springtime for Hitler”.

The two producer Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom

How have the two producers with a helmet Franz darling buy the Bavaria deutschtümelnden this piece and stand by for the Siegfried Oath and some other politically incorrect scenes, is great cinema in which we also still experiencing, which – rather unknown – Name Adolf else so wore and what long line so he comes. The bad piece they are missing then so bad actors…. Simply, it is the main actress, them in the somewhat naive but very “anpackendem” find living Swedish blonde joke Ulla. The long-legged, However, the best will not be long-spective buxom blonde is great fun on stage. But that's not enough, a leader in casting the right Hitler sought. “The singing Hitler to right and to left the dancing Hitler”. There is a course, do performers found, Only one director is still missing, but since there is also someone, very very hot fagot Roger De Bris with a state employee, which directly von the Village People abstammen Könnte, sends at Springtime for Hitler, with the motto “Make it hot, do it hot, make it warm” to stage…. Geld wird eingesammelt und das Musical im Musical steht. …Of course, the plan goes awry and amazing at the end, the two producers are in jail again – or maybe not?


The piece is definitely great and you may want to Admiral Palace only, that it is a great success. If a Tuninger Hitler dances with a buxom blonde joke together in a living swastika, then considered the short Publukum whether it should laugh or falter. Then there was applause – As in the rest often – and very deserving.

In each scene there was somewhere a bit power plus, which made them even better. Pigeons, raise the right wing in the stroke, a prison cell from a Broadway stage is, an office, that changes color, , there was great transitions and the actors were all great.

Even in the break, I was excited and at the end there was – very deserving and very serious – Standing ovation and everyone I spoke to thought it was great – told me how inclusive.

“Ulla” not as blond as on stage

In advertising, it was said

Who does not like musicals or can not stand, should look at The Producers Springtime for Hitler urgently.

Exactly, the – and everyone else. If you do not like it probably has no sense of humor… or the proverbial stick in the ass.

Red Carpet and Red Tie Pretzel

The red carpet to honor the leader musicals

Flag pretzel and pretzel napkin

Once again it was a red carpet rolled out in front of the Admiral's Palace and when that happens, Gremierenzeit is then at the Admiral Palace. The gala premiere of probably the most eagerly anticipated musical of the year. The Producers – Springtime for Hitler. The Musical, that purports to produce a flop and that it has been successfully submitted to the musical yet arrived after a stopover in Vienna there, back where it belongs in Berlin.

The best headgear of the evening

Already Harald Schmidt said:

The Producers in Berlin, there is coming together, what belongs together – Today, there have tickets for the Fuehrer.

Now, I do not know if it's the box, but we sat in the VIP box Wowi. A gay mayor of Berlin in his chair and then even in such a piece… Adolf bones turn in his grave. Hopefully with a lot of pain and suffering.


But it was supposed to be an enjoyable evening, which started a bit slow for us. So somehow found themselves under “S” as Sheila still under “The” Wolf as expected and only the cards Trouble Counter could help us, to come to the popular and highly anticipated tickets, is the only way we could get into the idea and – which is almost as important and also next to the red carpet… with the other stars and starlets.

Tim Fischer

The Wowereit was there and Wolfgang Joop, Cinema Bizarre again and Romy Haag, the singer of the Prince with a St. Pauli Cap, Tim Fischer, many people, I did not know, they were all great but quite important, dazu massig net Personen, which we run on every other party on the road and one of the most blasphemous tongues Germany. Oliver Kalkofe, which also left no slouch and to stand for a photo available.

Romy Haag

So I like the, So we stiffened with Prosecco on ice, ner ner pretzel pretzel in the arm and bandage on his arm by the masses, languages ​​and those times with this and looking forward to the musical, whose imminent start of this time was not announced with bells but by air raid siren.

As a reporter asked on the red carpet still: Can we laugh about Hitler? Man kann, you have and who goes in this musical, is also, but we'll get to that tomorrow 🙂

Ah sieh an, Joop in the background I also photographed