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My Site of Style. At least the last weekend Punk Clothing.

punk clothing

Sheila has even called me once something disrespectful as turncoat or something like that, I adjust myself because usually fashion event of default, we're visiting. This can be paint on a fetish party, 50er Jahre auf einer Rock’N’Roll Party sein, Burlkesque be on a corresponding thereto party or even a little black dress, when it comes to Felix or so.

Since I never had a style THE, representing myself and am generally open, I just always find myself in the, which seems to me just fittest – and very important – I like also likes best. Soetwas ist okay. This is roughly, such as music pieces of different styles of music to like.

A friend ago 16 Years, once said the sentence, I was thinking about and I made a habit of me also:

“I took a long time to realize, I like other music must, without betraying myself”

Yes and thank Heinke, just as it is. Everywhere… I then heard a melange of punk, Rock, Punk Rock, Speedfolk and slightly folky or English Gothic-inspired music and devilish pretty much everything else. Electronic Music. House, Techno, Pop, Hit or or or the time it was all nothing for me. Actually COULD at that time be nothing for me, although I really liked one or the other… Internally at least. Heinke brought me with these words unintentionally to rethink and since then wear, hear, I'm doing what I like and do not, what I or anyone aufzwänge me. No self-betrayal by their own conventions issued more.

punk clothing - burlesque clothing

I like that but still have some preferences, is of course. And these are musically still faster, like dirty guitar music. In this respect my outfit much more than an adaptation to a party on Friday was at the Fashion Rock Night. It was actually an expression of myself.

The clothing

Short Jacket, Short skirt, with eyelets, Buckles, Bags and lots of zippers. To go fashion-punk and rock bonds without the last path, having to wear torn nylons and Alpha Rangers or change my hair color in other colors. That was all already there…. except for the ripped tights (previously only unintentionally)

Das Shirt:

The colors were appropriate, Print the agreed. CBGB. Those afflicted ew York club legend as the nucleus of the punk, Punk Rockund the New Wave applies. Not for nothing the Ramones played there, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Patti Smith, oder Blondie ihre ersten Gigs. That there is an Amplified shirt was randomly, was inadvertently.

The colors: Red / Black – White / black striped

Although a former colleague at the jacket rather thought of a circus and others have brought the collection in conjunction with Beeteljuice, is it like red / black or. Remain white / black stripes, the colors of punk. Times with Scottish plaid, mal mit Leoapplikationen, refined times with English colors, it remains in these colors.


Die Buttons…
When she's not hanging on this jacket, then decorate my normal leather jacket and I want to explain briefly.

The crossed out cross
signaled the band logo by Bad Religion, one of my All-Time Favourites band. With all the fast but melodic guitar music I love music and have a great mixture together with the Ramones and Bad Religion – wie ich in den letzten jahren lernte durchaus auch die ein oder andere schnelle Rock’n’Roll oder Psychobilly Band. One never learns from.


Kreuzberg's Skull
My adopted home in my adopted home. When I went the first time by the Orange Street I wuste, if I want to live in Berlin, then here. Near the SO36 and the only St. Pauli Fanshop in Berlin since my home. There is real Iroquois in the wild and much of the past to breathe. But I will also go once a year before the first of May like my car away. And I'm wearing a skull, is not THE one, for that is this here:


The St. Pauli Button
The St. Pauli logo with the coat of arms of Hamburg Hammerburg my signal to a Soccer Team, on the other my home and last but not least my politics. Better than with this little coat of arms, you can not combine these three things. Yes, I'm one of the few drags, making something out of Football, at least for this special club and I am from Hamburg, even though I like to live in Berlin.


Adam Ant & High Heels
Adam Ant is partly responsible for my taste in music and high heels because, that there is Zoe and I'm generally in Berlin. Do not know, how old I was, when my cousin bequeathed me his old singles. Among other things, Adam Ant with stand & Deliver. Abgedrehte Musik eines duchgeknallten Sängers mit einem wirklich extravaganten Kleidungsstils. Horny. I heard this disc up and down. And that a pair of black high heels were the beginning of all, I wrote before..


Dita Von Teese.
Do I say something to Dita? Appearance, Fashion, Style, Attitude. One of the most beautiful women in the world. An ideal of beauty and Sheila even if their performance was not really particularly embodies more than anyone but the burlesque theme.


…and what does all this mean? Nix!
I now only wear something like this? No of course not, because as I said, I can wear, hear and make, I just like it and be true to yourself me.

FC St. Buy Pauli and Wahrschauer

Sometimes just a St. Buy Pauli shirt and NEN Wahrschauer

I FC St. Pauli'm very fond, will have already spread to the readers of this blog. I will use the pub “Fat Corner” I found a bar in Kreuzberg, the association of each of my game will broadcast live I've never posted here, but if I have time, I am to play in the corner fats – naturally befitting the St. Pauli Outfit…. Now I would not want to even appear always in the same outfit, So I recently wanted to buy me a new shirt and was therefore the only St. Pauli Fanshop in Berlin… which is only slightly 200 Meters from my apartment….

To the & The Black Cats – Concert 1/8
2/8, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8

As soon as I arrived in Berlin, I knew, when I saw the fan shop. “This should be my home”. So it is then also come.

Be contrary, sought and found. Unfortunately, there was only the desired Shirt “S” and “XXL”, both not my size. So I was looking for another shirt, that could fit…. To be sure, I tried it on directly. Fits! So I kept it at the same, made from the price tag and wanted to pay…

To the & The Black Cats – Black Cat Boogie

The desire, a t-shirt to pay well over the lady behind the counter asked, because they did not quite, what to do. Eventually I was able to convince them, To keep the price tag under the scanner to find out what it would cost probably. That worked quite well, they found, that it probably 19 Would cost € (which was indeed on the price tag). Consequently, they would probably back me twenty euros.. This they did so…

I gave her a twenty euro bill and now had a St. Pauli shirt and TWENTY euro in hand… Puzzled, I told her, that they've probably made a mistake… And, I know, ich bin deaf – but honestly immerin.

Small Town Riot – Timmy

But that's not enough. In addition to the cash register new Wahrschauer was made, probably the best Musikzine for Underground, Punk and Hardcore music with always a great side dish CD. And St. Pauli and fast guitar has always belonged together. It is therefore the Musikzine my choice and I'm always, when a new Wahrschauer comes out, since he only appears 2-3 times a year and with 4,50 € he is even quite cheap. However, it was clear to the seller, that this journal should be free… ?????Free?????

It took him a while back, I explained to her, me that this would be very surprised, because so far I had to pay Wahrschauer always and everywhere. So, It would be okay, when I use the price, because it had the circumstances in this case also perform… And, I know, I'm still stupid – but still honest.

SERUM 114 – Let us be enemies

With a Wahrschauer, an FC St. Pauli und Shirt 23,50 € less in the wallet I left the store happy anyway…. But not without the seller to say again, that I had here with a Euro Plus and a shirt and a Wahrschauer could go out… Maybe she should memorize the sales process again, that would be better for the store….

Get in your car, the new CD in the player and the sound of Al & the Black Cats ab in die Fette Ecke….

And so the story should actually come to an end… I did not know, was, that the T-shirt was still secured. I could now tell, I went through a security barrier in Alexa and it started to beep, and as I told the Ladendedektiv closer, Why I march with an apparently secure but not from his collection through his T-shirt shop… And then as I got him to, this t-shirt, I've probably stolen elsewhere, to unlock…

The Offenders

But that would be a lie…

The fact is, It occurred to me shortly before the fat corner and I headed to the store again, where I bought my shirt, yes I still wore… Now the boss was standing next to “my” Seller and was obviously interested, this could be. However, it much more interested in the question “Why did not the alarm beeped”…” than the question of why the shirt was actually ever been saved…

The GUTTER DEMONS: Haunted Lake

Now the riddle was, that the part has probably been times misreported and they have pulled the plug… 🙂 Der Stecker steckt nun wieder und jetzt endlich habe ich ein entsichertes, paid T-Shirt.

I wonder, why the store can actually still exist… For my mystery shoppers help I would really have to get money.

Gutter Demons – Pauvre Martin

…who now wonders, what the bands have to do with this story, Now I did not know it before all day and they were all on the CD Wahrschauer. Listen to it

Beat Club Hamburg

Beat Club Hamburg

The Beat Club at St. Paul is not about those legendary Star Club, where the Beatles began and brought the beat to all countries.

But there are some similarities. The Beat Club is located in the heart of Hamburg, He is a club with more unknown bands, the music is just “Underground” as were the Beatles, when they played there and predominant musical instrument is the electric guitar.

Instead, however, will beat Punk, Rock, Played Trash.

The store looks like inside out rather consumed by many good and attests, perhaps even harsh concert.

Both times when I was in Beat Club played there unknown to me punk bands, the fast, dirty and especially played loud. Here the music is still genuine and guaranteed to find no tourist.


Beat Club, St. Pauli
Hopfenstraße 32,
20359 Hamburg