Underground Catwalk

Underground Catwalk @ Fashionweek Berlin

underground-catwalk.jpgSo, now all times be jealous, because yesterday I was on a brilliant event at the Berlin Fashion Week.A colleague asked me yesterday by almost 18:30 on I had any connections to Berlin Fashion Week, because they would love to go to some of these events and esa) would usually be no more cards and
b) they are also extremely expensive.
But unfortunately I could serve with no connections, I had previously never even heard of the Berlin Fashion Week. However, to further my education once I looked at the website and found an event, that sounded great:

the Underground Catwalk.

Underground Fashion Underground presents the actual. In fact, in a moving subway of Berlin U8. The whole thing probably took place not for the first time in Berlin, and the pictures from last year led us to expect some. For this, the designer, of paint, Latex, corsets, Punkfashion, Rackabilly, Just fifties and everything in between had, which sounded interesting.


But there were several problems. on the one hand, the event was on the same day, secondly, in less than two hours, Third, there was no box office and last but not least was the Underground Catwalk always sold out.

…So how come there? Just be styled make eyes and hope, whether there is a card for me somewhere before.

So flux home, and even combat-styling. Get in your car and go to Alexanderplatz.


Knapp 10 Minutes before the start I reached the subway station, looked around briefly, to determine, that there were no maps, and the chances were rather small, there was a nice reinzukommen.Doch Photographer, from the left to enchant me and brought me for free in the subway just before the start Türsterher past. Merci dafür.


Although I still had no card, but came on in.. And it was worth it, because not only the models, but also the majority of the audience brought out the nightlife clothing. From punks with green mohawk over 50s dolls, Raisins, Rockabillytollen to latex carriers there was everything an audience, what was waiting for punk and similar music on the models.

And the wait was worth it showed the designer but sometimes very ingenious creations, but even some outfits were boring through the atmosphere, clearly made up for the audience and the loud music in the background.

My absolute favorite was this dress: a real dream


In total, there were twelve designers, the 24 Were able to show the pieces and the models in the (well at times) moving subway could balance on really high heels but partially by train. I would know like to, which designer has created what creations of the Underground Catwalk, but perhaps even find a pair of knowing people among the readers, who can give me help for the pictures.

Redcat 7

In any case, I'm sure, that the Underground Catwalk certainly one of the most exciting fashion shows Berlin Fashion Week and was the Eintritsspreis would surely have been worth – I would have paid a. Now, The next year I'll get myself a precaution map, is safer. Or I get accreditation 😉

Redcat 7

After the show was over, it went with the whole team in the Sage Club, was this evening clearly exciting, as at the opening of the recently KitKatClubs.

Slacks Fashion

Da waren

Atemlos-Design, Bat Attack – Fashion from the Crypt, Cyberesque, Damned Clothing, Flaming Star, Frozen Hibiscus, KR-73, NEPPL – Surgery to wear, Redcat 7, Savage Wear, Slacks Fashion, Struppets

and I 🙂

M.A.C. Cosmetic and Underground Fashion in Nuremberg

The next morning, even Katy and Christine B wobbled. We just ate breakfast quickly Annabelle the desired (Scrambled eggs with 7 Delights) away. It was the latest and it tasted excellent, So little was left for them, when the lady finally joined at the breakfast table.

Then it went to the fifth Transmobil to Nuremberg


Driving without special Vorkommnisste


sometime we came pretty hungry in Nuremberg. Since Annabelle still required toothbrush and pasta we ran into the adjacent pedestrian. It occurred to me, I since last year but great makeup had seen in great colors. Since I'm still looking yellow, red and green eye shadow sought, I bought a firstonce. Three eye shadow, a lipstick and hairspray 57 € !!! I think it hacks.

Nevertheless: the stuff (3 Eye shadow in the price of each 14 From € M.A.C. Cosmetics) ist granios. A better coverage than this eye shadow has only camouflage. If M.A.C were not so expensive, then it would be my new favorite links cosmetics brand…. Well at least I now have color, when I need it and the addresses of the two businesses, this brand out in Hamburg.

M.A.C. Cosmetics

Not ungefhär is one of the addresses of the New Wall, the most expensive street in Hamburg:

The new wall is full of quality brands: by Armani, Jil Sander Joop to, Jewelry by Bulgari, Cartier and Sönnichsen, Accessories from the homes Hermés, Fashion Unger, Offermann oder Louis Vuitton, Footwear from Budapest shoes and much more.

Any questions?
Who can afford these brands, is also M.A.C. Cosmetics have no problems.

Now that we have just spent short times just a lot of money (at least I) but we were still pretty hungry. We went to the pub and ordered plump hearty meal. That we were apparently just landed in a bad Schwulenpinte, we did not notice it. But it did not matter. No one was bothered about, that 4 Men (Katy and Petra also joined hungry nor to us) talked about makeup and clothes.

During car to the other then went to the hotel, I wandered further through the pedestrian zone, searching for a store, I had seen the last time and I, as late, only from outside could take augenschein.


The shop is called Underground Shoes & Clothes and makes its name. A really great and especially great store with Gothic fashion, Fetish / paint wear, Punkfashion, Rockabilly, Technowear, Leather clothing, British streetwear shoes and lots of different kinds. So the store has everything, what would wear like teenagers, if they want to rebel against your parents, but can not afford it ;-). Sehr cool. In Hamburg I know of two such stores, but which are not even partially along as large.


I rummaged through the store and they asked me pretty quickly if you could help me. Clear. Punkstyle, for me, nice for a party tonight. That sounded a second seller, which took me roughly with the words

“Cool eine Drag Queen, as it would herewith or herewith or…”

No, Tulle is too tuffig, no, I do not think so plump, this is nice but only up to size 34 and there, and.

Then we found indeed a very beautiful mini dress, I liked that very well. But it was pretty obvious, that I could not buy this dress, I could not find any shoes like yes and I can not very well buy a dress, that I could not wear today.

She was also surprised, I would specially go for a party from Hamburg to Nuremberg and then directly go back…. I can somehow understand this 😉

I would like to have the girl invited to the party, but unfortunately I could not tell her, where it was and the Avenue they unfortunately could not do anything.

No matter, Back at the hotel I asked for the help of Annabelle and Christine, that should tell me, I for one would attract as. they opted for a short black skirt, my lass Best Hamburger and especially the new shoes. Showy, that neither the long skirt or my pants were rejected. Somehow, nobody wants to see in long trousers, but only in short skirt me. That was the case Laura neulich so.

zur Party