Lee, Barbie & Eve in Olivias Showclub

I was once again on the weekend in my hometown – also in Hamburg. Here are my summer tires – and yes since the times comes so slow you can mothball the winter tires back and fire at the same time with friends a little belated Easter fire.

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Easter was still snow and ice and so there was no garden waste also we wanted no flu in sub-zero temperatures bring… Therefore we postponed by a month on the last weekend…. Came to extracting a friend, of for some time now lives and works in Essen – well sometimes in Rio, but that's another topic.


We have both spent large parts of our life on Twen-St.Pauli in the side streets of the Reeperbahn and St. Pauli miss our current two cities. Also war klar, has a neighborhood stroll ago.

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I was pretty early in the neighborhood itself WHILE B. and C., Another friend nor cast up a behind the binding… So what to do in the neighborhood with time… ? Finally visit the Olivia Jones Show Club and Eve, Barbie and say Hi Lee.

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Barbie Stupit and Lee Jackson are as “Double Faces” die Drag Hosts im Showclub. I see them though since about 8 Years on each CSD in Hamburg, but on stage I have actually never seen the two. until just today. What can you say… professionally, the two just. Nothing else I've expected.

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Above all, I was pleased, Times to see Eve again and schnacken round ne with her. She has really found in Olivia's Club show their determination. simply because they fit like chalk and cheese. Sehr cool

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Somehow I ended up then – really completely random – backstage… At least in the short term. As long as you would also must not leave me, otherwise I would probably have poached in Barbie and Lee's costumes 😉

No no, of course not, but I must urgently stop by again in Olivia ShowClub – Eve and I go and maybe then yes actually look in Olivia's Menstrip shed wild women freak out when….


Olivias wilde Jungs

After the neighborhood Originanle the Reeperbahn so slow die off all, Olivia Jones tried to take a couple of these places. Your bar, is not about the old home of Transenpuff in the Great Freedom, yes there is now quite a while, their neighborhood tours are now also not new and even my mother has already participated in a neighborhood Safari Olivia.

Time, also, to make something new.. Olivia and a new market niche has sought out. Women on the Reeperbahn. So strictly speaking Reeperbahn visitors. She makes a new store on, is for women only, a strip club, Accordingly, in which only men occur. This is itself a real novelty for the Reeperbahn.

It will be a tough draw for the boys, that occur there, because anyone who has ever experienced a bachelorette evening, the white, what a bunch of women so mean and then we imagine 10 Bachelorette evenings together at Olivia's wild boys before. Dynamite is nothing compared to.

Men banned – of course except for Olivia… I believe, even if I reindürfte there, I did not want to give the. Opening date for "Olivia Wilde Jungs" is not fixed yet. A christening is a private Secco but already at 06. April start. ..Valery has “Pearl dry” nun in “Jones secco” renamed

There Vater there Pin Ups ist tot

The Rubens the Reeperbahn is dead


Who in Hamburg with open eyes about the neighborhood (shall be called the Reeperbahn and the neighboring streets) draws, is seen painted on walls throughout many scantily clad girls. This classic pin ups, that can meet both the hardest one Sexschuppen and in sleazy dives or in the theaters, are always beautiful and sexy to see, allerdings ordinär…


They were all painted by Erwin Ross, as the “Rubens the Reeperbahn” will probably occupy a place in the series of the greatest personalities of the Reeperbahn forever… On 12. He has taken seinn place next February Domenica, who died exactly a year before his…


While her name will fade away on the Reeperbahn, but over the years, one can assume, that the pin ups of Erwin Ross be repaired faithfully for so long and will remember him forever. Presumably they will outlive even some houses, to which they were painted. A real “Rubens” it rips just not as easy as.


Especially two of his works of art are probably still living, on the one hand, the spread legs of the cuts and the “The Beatles” Lettering, he has also painted according to the Beatles Museum.


On 12. February

Beatles Museum on the Reeperbahn

Beatles Museum – Beatlemania


I'm a huge Beatles fan since ancient times, I'm sure I ever told and that the Beatles were successful and great in Hamburg St. Pauli on the Reeperbahn, should any half-interested music lovers to be clear.


Noch heute erinnert eine kleine Gedenktafel neben dem Kaiserkeller an die Rock’N’Roll Years der Fab Four. Since last year, there is also a square corner Beatles Reeperbahn / Grosse Freiheit Hamburg, and since this year has even a Beatles Museum, that Beatlemania is called and can be fully recommended by me.

It is much bigger than I thought. Over time, many interesting memorabilia have collected together, so that the entire former Erotic Art Museum was filled with the entire creation of the Beatles. The Music, Albums, Pictures, Instruments, Merchandise, as well as many interviews and anecdotes will delight any Beatles fan. For myself, the visit to the Beatles museum even produced goosebumps.


The entire museum is divided into time periods, es beginnt mit den Hamburger Rock’N’Roll Jahren geht über die ersten LPs mit eigenen Songs, über die Abbey Road Studio Years, shows in their own worlds St. Pepper Alben, das White Album oder das Yellow Submarine Album. It will be shown, as it was a completely furnished in Beatles merchandising youth room might have looked like, and we learn the background to the Let It Be Naked disc.


Impressed me most was a film of the first ever stadium concert of a music group before then 50.000 People, where one feels completely centered pötzlich. Before a, behind and next to a freak people out. You can not really explain, but believe me, against this Musical Sound- and video experience are Dolby Surround and THX Spielkram.


One of the most amazing but I found the story, The Beatles Drum lettering, However, the really interesting probably only a hamburger on…. So you can find on the Reeperbahn in pretty much every major establishment at least a painted pinup. They were all painted by Erwin Ross, the “Rubens the Reeperbahn” and also the world-famous legs at the entrance of the cuts are from him. This all white in Hamburg every child. Is almost unknown, however,, that Erwin Ross also developed the Beatles and lettering painted on the drums of Pete Best.


When you stand in front of the entire work of this band in the Beatles Museum, that in just 10 Years has arisen between formation and dissolution, then you can not get around, to think about the following:

“Bands of today will die”

I really need once again to the Beatles Museum, then not only with a mobile phone as a camera