GMF @ Watergate

Always something new: GMF @ Watergate

Since this weekend was nothing earth-shattering, moved it to Sunday and the party of parties. The institution, the legend, the GMF Club.

But because the Berlinale was in town – or from some inexplicable reason the GMF club this time was not in the Weekend but once in kreuzbergers Watergate.


— Slot beginning —
Moment… Berlinale???? Where exactly were all the invitations to one or the other Berlin Aftershow Party? Somehow I have, I believe, times to talk to my postman… There h

at that yourself bagged the countless VIP cards and is itself entlanggeschlendert the red carpet. Also – somewhere should a postman should be seen on the Red Carpet, had my VIP_Karten.
—Insertion end —

Also, because Hollywood had not thought of myself, went there on weekends to GMF and not even a tiny VIP shuttle have asked the makers of the Berlinale available. An unparalleled impudence. We were allowed, No words needed to drive, and – much worse – Search parking and hinstöckeln, rather than exit directly in front of Watergate on the red carpet. Such a there was not but anyway, because there was only one club- and not film premiere.


I thought it was the way a successful premiere. The Watergate like pretty good to me. On two (In contrast to the Weekend) directly above the other floors there are two dance floors, there is enough seating and rest areas. A larger and a smaller dance floor, could use the GMF principle Pop Floor and House floor great. For this, the Watergate is located directly on the river Spree with a great view of the water, the Oberbaumbruecke and Hamburg-economic Flück pieces of universal. The view is great and hardly needs from the rooftop of the hide Weekend. I think in the summer could be a beach club feeling.

Overall I can say, me that the Watergate really liked. It's nice and wanted something less fancy as the Weekend – and I like happy. From me the GMF could migrate to, like there often… Anonyme Ohren, sometimes when I hear something more, also mentioned, that this would even considered… Also Bob Young, You have my blessing – not that he needs my blessing, but I note only once wollts.


This Sunday it was the way well filled. Whether that was now working, that everyone wanted to see times, this is the club, or whether perhaps there was more to the Boogie Pimps, the sonicated the House Floor, I will not predict. Ivch himself knew the Boogie Pimps have only the name of and have to admit that Saturday's not particularly changed, because I prefer listening Cecile Celsius on the Popfloor…. This is the way I already noticed a few times, that the Good should use some work on their repertoire. There are some songs, appearing with her again. Sometimes even twice in the evening.. hmmmm great songs though, But it surely has a few more in their suitcase… Unless you're called Nina Queer and the double song “All I Want for Christmas” is, I think that's borderline. Nevertheless, it has great music and brought the dance floor and sweat me.

Christel Cokes

But this evening I noticed again, how small the scene but is always 3.400.000 Berlin plum surroundings and you meet again and again the same few hundred people. But many of them are really true indeed like – otherwise you would not even go more – and without making a few people a night would be boring such.


Cafe Fatal @ SO36

Actually we wanted on Sunday between 22 and 23 meet with a girl at times over a few things to schnacken. But we had placed our specially this week Ausgehtag to Sunday – more to one extremely early Sunday.


From this it was but then nothing and so we sat for four ready for the evening with Janka. The four of us, were the Janka, Sheila I and Renate. Renate is a 54 Year-old lady in the prime of life with a spirit of a twenty year old tranny informed, the message had loaned us this evening as party escort. Nice to be with new people from time to time.


Now, it was as I said before by our standards a little tight after the Sandman as something we 11 Janka's apartment in direction GMF left. 23:00 and GMF? This is about as sensible as to 23 Clock to go to the nearest shopping mall – and about as well-filled… In addition, the GMF was aushäusig year at Watergate in Kreuzberg. Thus, there was anyway not very clear, how many party-goers this time would probably come.

Zoe Delay @ Cafe Fatal

Whether the early time we decided, not to visit the GMF and make a stop in the bush…. But which had not yet, So someone came up with the idea to SO36 to Cafe Fatal to go. According to the Cafe Fatal Renate is a fun party with dance classes at the beginning and the chance to hit the dance floor. ..Moreover, it was a Straight Party, said they.

Okay, It was danced, much is revealed ever, but most men with men and women with women. Achja und Janka mit Männern 😉 und wir.. and so on and so forth.

Janka Kroft

The audience at the Cafe Fatal would otherwise can not be mixed. From young girls to men in Renate's age pretty much everything was in order and represented on the dance floor. But what is a woman in her prime, which is not so with old junk from, but rather flirts with the boys vegetables. Whether female or male. Namely because it has such a great unique stitch, making the acquaintance.

Renate like to forget namely “accidentally” the small price tag of – really snazzy – Blouse, abzumachen and then it hangs around outside. The result is then the masses of nice girls and boys they appeal to you to rectify this mishap – so getting this week. Eggs, there you can see the 54 Years of life experience by Renate.


When we wanted to alleviate the exhaustion of the first evening on the sidelines came Princess Hans ins SO36. Princess with Hans we had to do so far only virtually via Email. I had some time ago in an article written about Wigstöckel, that I can assign to a transgender person as Princess Hans hardly. But it turned out, that the Hans would also not at all and much prefer he himself is. He is in all cases – a class all its own and a really nice person. We chatted with him for a while until it finally was late enough to just 1-2 Move kilometers into the GMF.


Conclusion: Nix besondere of Fatal Cafe, but a nice change.