Teddy Award Verleihung

Teddy Award Verlehung 2010

teddy awards berlin

Last night in Berlin at the station of the Teddy Award – better given the Teddy Awards, and like every year there was also the queer society of Berlin and the Republic of the jack in the hand. Was little difference from the last few years, I sent along the catch this time. This year I had a press accreditation, the guaranteed me the entrance to the teddies and again at the press counter posed the question, if I was sure Press, I would look like guest list default… I was.

Teddy Award Berlin

A really nice casserole, which there under the motto “Thy name is man” gathered at the teddy bears. Größere und kleinere Prominenz wie Romy Haag, Hella mad or Georg Uecker, Wolfgang Joop und so weiter dazu Politprominenz wie Claudia Roth oder Klaus Wowereit. …Mr Westerwelle has not be seen, but was solely with the button “Gays against Guido” present, whose display has incidentally created on the video screen a round of applause, was only slightly smaller, than, could take some of the winners. The teddy is just a political event during the Berlinale.


As was already written the motto of this year teddies “Thy name is man” und dieses zur Ehrung Rio Tourss, of this year 60 Jahre alt geworden wäre und der wohl der erste bekannte deutschhe Sänger war, who outed himself. To the glory of playing for the first time since 20 Years Sharam back together two songs. For most of the guests there was probably the song with Adel Tawil I & I mention first of all, I found a lot of moving the first song, to the pieces with a first 14 Old singer who came so close to Rio Reiser, how well it can only. This was great as a broken fan.


Doch eigentlich sind die Teddy Awards ja ein queerer Filmpreis und so geht es um Filme, to which I can unfortunately say little, I have not seen them all – I have to change next year- Zumal der Siegessäulen Award in Form einer Goldelse sogar nach Berlin ging und für den Film “Postcard to Daddy” was awarded…

siegessäulen award @ teddy Awards

Unfortunately, I do not know otherwise, the countries from which the films are, but probably some countries are again, can use a movie, who got the rennommiertesten queer film award. The teddy is just a statement.


Daher beispielsweise auch die Aktion gegen die geplanten Anti Homosexualität Gesetze in Uganda und die eindringlichen Erklärungen von Amnesty International und die Frage, Why development aid is not linked also to the non-enforcement of such laws… Would not be so stupid, or?

teddy award ceremony

For his life's work was honored Werner Schroeter. Unfortunately, this particular ceremony dragged on so long and so tough, that would have been good at it and likes to create their own life's work. Does not matter, wenn an anderer Stelle solch großartige Laudatorenwie eine Indische Drama Queen oder solch ein Auftritt Von Joey Arias geschehen.

joey Arias @ Teddy Awards

Rio Tours – My name is man

Today is 10. January 2010, and that means I'm a day late, for a small blog veneration of Rio Reiser. No matter.


Yesterday before 60 Rio Reiser years is born, which means, that much of the early deceased Ralph Christian Möbius, yesterday 60 Years old would have been. This is also the reason, why Rio Reiser is on suddenly on everyone's lips.


Even though I could never see him live, I have always been a fan, call several purchased Boards of Rio Reiser and stones of clay shards of my own and can not help, a little help, to see my elected domicile in Berlin-Kreuzberg in a political light, Rio Reiser, whose reputation has certainly helped to shape much of.

As a gay artist, he was never so truly in mind, but rather, because I did not find it important. What it certainly was, as I can see at the moment, because his name is currently surfaced in Berlin gay cultural scene from the waters of oblivion.


So is the Teddy Ward 2010 not for nothing under the sign “My name is man”, because that Rio Reiser is honored and the Gala “the first time the band Sharam without their front man on stage.” Although I think, they would have to Myfest few years ago in Kreuzberg ever, nevertheless it's a great gesture of Teddy Award makers and the band.


As if that was not enough, currently takes place in the gay Berlin museum exhibition “Rio Tours: Alone among heterosexuals” instead, which will also remember him.


I'm not sure, but after all, what I read so, I could imagine, that these awards would overwhelm him rather than lots of light make him happy, but you will not even notice it, in this respect. It celebrates.


Damage, live I'll never get him to face, but the CD Live in Seelenbinderhalle is probably with the best, What has produced the German music history. And who still want to Rio Reiser's see live, der kommt so nah beverage, as if Selig front husband Jan Plewka Rio Reiser sings.