Pepper total Gaga

Mrs. Pepper dräht in a circle and the wheel


The Girl in a Hot Rod Party is now known to be a yes Rockabillyparty with great tunnel and corresponding thereto music from a period of just over 50 Years. In this small habitat amidst Loication, also Autoschrauber (course of Hot Rods) could beherbigen, has kept this music and other sounds rarely found there in.. This evening somehow.


However, this was not due to Hot Wire, Although not the classic songs brought to the stage, but gave more rock than roll songs to the best of Cheap Trick or Billy Idol, However, this more clearly than roll because rock. Billy Idol with rock'n'roll guitar and double bass. If that knew the old high lip puller. He would certainly smile… Also Hot Wire passten zum Motto der Girl in A Hot Rod.


How bdei but the girl in A Hot Rod as common practice and tradition, occurs there ever a burlesque dancer on. That evening, the Calida del Sol should be… …But could not, and so apparently jumped out of hand woman Pepper a, man im der Queen Calavera nachtsagt, they do there always ruin everything… So, strictly speaking, says Eve Champagne,, However, the stage there is not always leave, as she found it…


No matter Pepper destroyed this time except for a glass of nothing, which could be related to that, the ceiling in the Roadrunners Paradise hangs a few inches higher than the Queen.. And yet Mrs. Pepper destroyed something short and zar the typical Girl in A Hot Rod music mix. And this totally Gaga.


On the one with Lady Gaga, the other with an appearance, describe these four letters also perfectly correct. As a Tasmanian Devil (Taz) they turned over the stage and through this, went to a glass breakage, a chair broke the legs and not just anyone – and every woman – was lucky, not to be in range of your devices… The first question after this appearance was: “What has since taken?” The first answer was: “Do not know, but I want the same”…. Rather the appearance of Control – just totally Gaga .- and unusual for a girl in A Hot Rod Party.


Speaking of unusual. A visitor to the GIAHR took me probably something unusual and asked me, because what leads me to a Rockabilly Party. People?, music?, Sheila?, Dani? Unfortunately, I asked – pretty perplexed – not, what would dorthinführen him because, because according to Dani, I looked more like this party, he… …even though I didn't have a pin cushion in my hair 😉

Definitely a nice evening, Later the walls of the club should have International

Punk Clothing

My Site of Style. At least the last weekend Punk Clothing.

punk clothing

Sheila has even called me once something disrespectful as turncoat or something like that, I adjust myself because usually fashion event of default, we're visiting. This can be paint on a fetish party, 50he'll be at a rock'n'roll party for years, Burlkesque be on a corresponding thereto party or even a little black dress, when it comes to Felix or so.

Since I never had a style THE, representing myself and am generally open, I just always find myself in the, which seems to me just fittest – and very important – I like also likes best. Soetwas ist okay. This is roughly, such as music pieces of different styles of music to like.

A friend ago 16 Years, once said the sentence, I was thinking about and I made a habit of me also:

“I took a long time to realize, I like other music must, without betraying myself”

Yes and thank Heinke, just as it is. Everywhere… I then heard a melange of punk, Rock, Punk Rock, Speedfolk and slightly folky or English Gothic-inspired music and devilish pretty much everything else. Electronic Music. House, Techno, Pop, Hit or or or the time it was all nothing for me. Actually COULD at that time be nothing for me, although I really liked one or the other… Internally at least. Heinke brought me with these words unintentionally to rethink and since then wear, hear, I'm doing what I like and do not, what I or anyone aufzwänge me. No self-betrayal by their own conventions issued more.

punk clothing - burlesque clothing

I like that but still have some preferences, is of course. And these are musically still faster, like dirty guitar music. In this respect my outfit much more than an adaptation to a party on Friday was at the Fashion Rock Night. It was actually an expression of myself.

The clothing

Short Jacket, Short skirt, with eyelets, Buckles, Bags and lots of zippers. To go fashion-punk and rock bonds without the last path, having to wear torn nylons and Alpha Rangers or change my hair color in other colors. That was all already there…. except for the ripped tights (previously only unintentionally)

Das Shirt:

The colors were appropriate, Print the agreed. CBGB. Those afflicted ew York club legend as the nucleus of the punk, Punk Rockund the New Wave applies. Not for nothing the Ramones played there, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Patti Smith, or Blondie their first gigs. That there is an Amplified shirt was randomly, was inadvertently.

The colors: Red / Black – White / black striped

Although a former colleague at the jacket rather thought of a circus and others have brought the collection in conjunction with Beeteljuice, is it like red / black or. Remain white / black stripes, the colors of punk. Times with Scottish plaid, mal mit Leoapplikationen, refined times with English colors, it remains in these colors.


Die Buttons…
When she's not hanging on this jacket, then decorate my normal leather jacket and I want to explain briefly.

The crossed out cross
signaled the band logo by Bad Religion, one of my All-Time Favourites band. With all the fast but melodic guitar music I love music and have a great mixture together with the Ramones and Bad Religion – Like me in the last few years, I've also learned one or the other fast rock'n'roll or psychobilly band. One never learns from.


Kreuzberg's Skull
My adopted home in my adopted home. When I went the first time by the Orange Street I wuste, if I want to live in Berlin, then here. Near the SO36 and the only St. Pauli Fanshop in Berlin since my home. There is real Iroquois in the wild and much of the past to breathe. But I will also go once a year before the first of May like my car away. And I'm wearing a skull, is not THE one, for that is this here:


The St. Pauli Button
The St. Pauli logo with the coat of arms of Hamburg Hammerburg my signal to a Soccer Team, on the other my home and last but not least my politics. Better than with this little coat of arms, you can not combine these three things. Yes, I'm one of the few drags, making something out of Football, at least for this special club and I am from Hamburg, even though I like to live in Berlin.


Adam Ant & High Heels
Adam Ant is partly responsible for my taste in music and high heels because, that there is Zoe and I'm generally in Berlin. Do not know, how old I was, when my cousin bequeathed me his old singles. Among other things, Adam Ant with stand & Deliver. Crazy music by a crazy singer with a really extravagant style of clothing. Horny. I heard this disc up and down. And that a pair of black high heels were the beginning of all, I wrote before..


Dita Von Teese.
Do I say something to Dita? Appearance, Fashion, Style, Attitude. One of the most beautiful women in the world. An ideal of beauty and Sheila even if their performance was not really particularly embodies more than anyone but the burlesque theme.


…and what does all this mean? Nix!
I now only wear something like this? No of course not, because as I said, I can wear, hear and make, I just like it and be true to yourself me.

Deichking: Elvis Imitator vom Dorf

If a shock hits the Music
Drei rooting Sas Ter


I'm not a gigantic TV- film or showers but now and then I listen to good advice and then watch me, will one or the other movie. Of course I know, that there is only one movie since the moment, the must-see – Avatar. However, I just looked a tip from Olli and is Deichking.

there was a picture here

What may well come out of a movie, in dem Bela B, Fettes Brot, Lotto King Karl, Torfrock Klaus Büchner and even play as some other? Really a music movie and some Nordic. So a Nordic film music.

And so Deichking Fiete Hansen is about a slightly goofy painter in Lebberwuss, somewhere in the north German plain, except where farmers, Sheep and tractors is little.

hier stand mal ein BildWeil seine heimliche Liebste Susanne ihre Rock’n’Roll Musiksammlung verkaufen muss und er mit seinem Geld herzensgut dieser erwirbt kommt er das erste Mal mit Rock’N’Roll in Berührung. Among other things, the person on the cover, he did not know yet: Elvis Presley. A music beat on the back of his head, throwing him completely off track. So far only knew Fiete, that he has somehow gone, But now he knows, what is its purpose. He is an Elvis impersonator….

Unfortunately, he does not live in the village but at least behind the village and its community thinks of a crazy farmers, are in the hemed painters suit and yellow rubber boots with guitar Elvis songs for the sheep umm best, precious little to nothing. Also, the presence in the church is rather wrong, as he brings him cheering crowds.

there was a picture here

So, if the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then the prophet has just come to the mountain. In Fiete matures so the decision as Elvis to America – of course, to go to Memphis and to let the village reality behind.

Until then Fiete Hansen experienced but still so few.

there was a picture here

Ein cooler Low Budget Film, but the is very awesome and a laugh, can be surrendered to Fremdschämen and compassion. Completely talent-free all, but funny

Beatles Museum on the Reeperbahn

Beatles Museum – Beatlemania


I'm a huge Beatles fan since ancient times, I'm sure I ever told and that the Beatles were successful and great in Hamburg St. Pauli on the Reeperbahn, should any half-interested music lovers to be clear.


Noch heute erinnert eine kleine Gedenktafel neben dem Kaiserkeller an die Rock’N’Roll Years der Fab Four. Since last year, there is also a square corner Beatles Reeperbahn / Grosse Freiheit Hamburg, and since this year has even a Beatles Museum, that Beatlemania is called and can be fully recommended by me.

It is much bigger than I thought. Over time, many interesting memorabilia have collected together, so that the entire former Erotic Art Museum was filled with the entire creation of the Beatles. The Music, Albums, Pictures, Instruments, Merchandise, as well as many interviews and anecdotes will delight any Beatles fan. For myself, the visit to the Beatles museum even produced goosebumps.


The entire museum is divided into time periods, es beginnt mit den Hamburger Rock’N’Roll Jahren geht über die ersten LPs mit eigenen Songs, über die Abbey Road Studio Years, shows in their own worlds St. Pepper Alben, das White Album oder das Yellow Submarine Album. It will be shown, as it was a completely furnished in Beatles merchandising youth room might have looked like, and we learn the background to the Let It Be Naked disc.


Impressed me most was a film of the first ever stadium concert of a music group before then 50.000 People, where one feels completely centered pötzlich. Before a, behind and next to a freak people out. You can not really explain, but believe me, against this Musical Sound- and video experience are Dolby Surround and THX Spielkram.


One of the most amazing but I found the story, The Beatles Drum lettering, However, the really interesting probably only a hamburger on…. So you can find on the Reeperbahn in pretty much every major establishment at least a painted pinup. They were all painted by Erwin Ross, the “Rubens the Reeperbahn” and also the world-famous legs at the entrance of the cuts are from him. This all white in Hamburg every child. Is almost unknown, however,, that Erwin Ross also developed the Beatles and lettering painted on the drums of Pete Best.


When you stand in front of the entire work of this band in the Beatles Museum, that in just 10 Years has arisen between formation and dissolution, then you can not get around, to think about the following:

“Bands of today will die”

I really need once again to the Beatles Museum, then not only with a mobile phone as a camera