Punk & Rockabilly Flohmarkt

Punk & Rockabilly flea market in Wild at Heart


Every few months there in Wild At Heart no rockabilly or punk music and none of the allmonatlichen Burlesqueschows. However, some, what exactly this circle of interested people a day in this club Performs. a punk & Rockabilly Flohmarkt.


Do not know, whether it is unique in the world, But in Germany there will certainly be no second. Rockabilly clothes, Punklederjacken, all kinds of accessories and music from everything so with guitars in the fields of Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Punk, Hardcore and related musical styles has to do. So just, what is otherwise so musical in Wild At Heart romps

DSC00158For example, I bought a CD for Horrorpops 4 €, two items later give this CD for läpprige 1,50 € awarded find. Annoying! But what the hell. Hilft ja nix.

DSC00159Always nice again, this little flea market, on which it actually is only beautiful things and especially not traders – because that sucks in most flea markets in Berlin massively.
DSC00165 DSC00164 DSC00163 DSC00162 DSC00161

Vintage, burlesque and 50s hairstyles video shoot I

Vintage, Retro und 50er Jahre Frisuren Videoshooting


It is just awful, I'm easy to nothing and am constantly stressed and often not even to sleep let alone to blog home. I just sit in the ICE train to Cologne and angry about the lousy – do you mean: not available – Internet connectivity, which forces me to open Wordpad and there hereinzutippen.

50er frisurenThe last last week was therefore not in the character of the bloggers boredom but rather the sign of over-exertion of another project.


Some may have already seen the page, who after a keyword to Rockabilly, Pinup, Vintage or Burlesque clothing searches, other hand, can be almost certain that in this page – at least in the Google search results – has already run once on de road. But I've noticed, that many people find this site also, although they are not looking for clothes, but after hairstyles. “Vintage Hair Style”, Burlesque Frisuren”, “Rockabilly Frisuren”, “Pin Up Frisuren” and and and.

vintage Frisuren

The page will be found on various hair types – good – , All thing about this contains zero ( 0 ) Content – stupid -. So I eventually came up with the idea, make sure to let Rockabilly Hairstyles How To Videos. Good, I Olli and his photo studio (my hamburger apartment) know. So I had a few minutes, the commitment, olli hairstyles that would be the video shoot here.

vintage hairstyling

I was thinking of a girl, a makeup artist and a camera in photo studio Ollis…. But not so with Olli…. It was then slightly larger. For a girl, two, from a video camera, three HD video cameras, from the studio was a studio outing in a 50s house of friends and made a make-up artist, two, from an appointment, two weekends and a pick up and a total of four people were sometimes more than 10 People in the apartment. Somehow everything was always so professional, except for the clothes on the images for the relevant post and the respective credits of the video.


Still Tuesday of last week I heard of plans, For example, to shoot the video with a velvet corset burlesque hairstyles and stockings. S-T-O-P which really is impossible, So I sat Tuesday night against two clock at night a couple times and put the wheels in motion four emails to Sammy of Redcat7, Unlike Diana von Buy, Mario of Rockabilly Clothing and Silvie of Jungbluth Design in Hamburg from nice times and asked to, if anyone would be willing to give a little clothing. For a vintage, Burlesque and Rockabilly hairstyles shooting just fits no Streetwaer a `la Khujo. Without much hope, I came Wednesday at tomorrow 10 Clock for work and found in my mailbox three commitments from all but Jungbluth. Wow. I had not expected. But that was the only work going on.


Just try to give two girls a full selection of three great online shops by pointing, they would have to decide quickly. I do not know, how many emails I got Saturday with ideas and changes and so. At the end I had to decide there and then but was still a lot later than the day before. …Now it was said to be hoped, the postman rings three times and everything arrives in Hamburg. For safety and for the record I've brought four outfits, so we had massive selection of just six planned videos. Meine Inventurliste am Shootingtag, gave the following:

burlesque Haare

Redcat 7

Black satin petticoat
Corset Federn Braun
Corset drag springs Brown
Hals Band Braun
Slip black sequins
Slip without Pailettenschwarz
Corset ferdern green
2x green arm warmers
Headdress green corset
Headdress white rose
2x kopfschmuck rose rot
Pencilrock blau root mit bommel
Pencilrock bles Weiss / rot
Taillenkorsett blau weiss / rot
Blue collar white / red
Carmentop Weiss/rot
Pencilrock blau / rot
Collar blue / red
Carmentop blau / rot
Worker Jeans blau
Shirt Red / White


Ars Vivendi / Rockabilly-Clothing.de

2x Nahtnylons III
2x Nahtnylons IV
2x Nahtnylons In
Vintage Heartbreaker Dress Black / White
Lucky thirteen vintage black dress
Pony Girl Dress Leo / red
Heartbreaker dresses roses / weiss
Army Kleid Ponymädchen
Army Gürtel Ponymädchen
Army boats pony girls
Petticoat Bettie Page Clothing
Bettie Page black suspenders


Buy Unlike

Retro dresses Dixifried rat
Retro Pinup Couture black dress
Cherrykleid Pinup Couture schwarz
Leokleid Deadly Dames black
Black patent-leather belt

Kleiderschrank Zoe

Swingkleid Collectif rot/weiss Punkte
Cycles Pinup Couture rot / leo
Cycles Pinup Couture Leo
Jungbluth carmentop black / leo
Jungbluth Pencil Skirt black / lei
Jungbluth Corset Leo
Kiss me deadly Slip
Kiss me Deadly BH
Kiss Me deadly shapewear
Lascana Shapewear
cheap leokorsage
Tie Minizylinder
Mini Top Hat black
Red flower
Flower red / burgundy
Blume rose

Plus a large travel bag in my shoe closet.

A Wonderful Selection, Nightmare prison only, dass die Mädels nicht meine Größe haben und ich eh alles zurückgeben muss 🙂

Still great and I thank all three labels and shops very. And, without already edited images, or one of the first 4 To have seen videos, it seems to me, than would have been worth.

burlesque frisur

We will proceed on Saturday.

Cry Babies & Rubinia @ GIAHR

Last Friday, I'm clearly in the sun come home, So strictly speaking this Saturday and there was already quite advanced and nine clock. So I was already arranged around nine in the bed and at the time already for the next evening for Girl In A Hot Rod.

cry babies

Off to bed and sleep, sleep, sleep… I woke up then to actually 17:56…., So just had time, to breakfast a Johnny Rotten Burger and a mojito in the Tiki Heart, before I actually had to get ready again. I am somehow mentally deficient, or?

No matter, I was agreed, and a woman can not even wait… Well, at least not for too long. Acute pain styling has then led to, I met Dani only against a clock, but also with your time was a Arschlochund not previously completed.


But what is it, when we arrived were the Cry Babies just started and there was still a lot of time, listening to this band Allstar Berlin clubs. With Trinity from Bassy on vocals and Wolfgang from White Trash on drums…. I had already seen the Cry Babies on the Swing Royal in Hamburg and it was really good… In this respect quite a basic, The Girl In A Hot Rod to visit.


But besides the band at this party there is indeed still a burlesque performance. This time by an artist, I did not know bisdato. “The Rubinia”. You should perform even not so long, but had a great idea and looked great. However, why they came to the stage already with an open corset? Suspected, so that the opening is faster… Because they have to work again turn, but otherwise it was very nice.


For us, then, was the evening at Roadrunners Paradise already two forty-five to an end and, unlike the day before my car already partte against three clock in front of my apartment…

Imelday May auf dem Rock'n'Roll Allnighter

Imelday May in Berlin

Imelda May @ berlin

Am Wochenenende stand Berlin im Rock’n’Roll. Firstly, a new edition of the Hot Rod Decadence was held at Roadrunners Paradise, zum anderen gab es aber im Palaus am Funkturm einen Rock’n’Roll Allnighter, on the next rather strange-looking bands like the teach Toya and Ulli and the gray cells, but also really good bands like the Cool Cats, the Hamburgern Boppin’ B occurred – and above all give Imelda May.


It was a strange event, dieser Rock’n’Roll Allnighter im Palais am Funkturm. One could imagine, that in the past there 40 Years, especially a modified – the Alter des Publikums. The building, the ball-like arrangement of the tables, the Environment. Everything was very together Oldscool. Old-fashioned one could also call it.

Rock N Roll Berlin

When we entered the huge lofty hall of the Palais, themselves struggling newcomer Peggy Sugarhill straight against the incredibly poor acoustic conditions of this porch from. If you are not staying right in front of the small stage, Hall brought this unfortunately only an inaudible Soundbrei concluded. Too bad for the bands and artists, which played over there… Although I've noticed also not much of Peggy Sugarhill, so that has yet been sufficient, to wish her a better acoustics.

Peggy Sugarhill Zoe Delay Sheila Wolf

Better acoustics were actually in the great hall of the Palais, in which a long time had the Cool Cats are not particularly struggle, to bring the audience to dance toch dance affine. It was nice, view, as the circle skirts and petticoats turned through the hall. And I'm pretty sure, I had already represented these two at least three times in my blog. Again and again, great to look at, when they step on the gas.

Rockabilly Berlin

Actually, the majority of the audience waited in on Imelda May, Although the belated, but then about 45 Minutes wowed the audience. Even if they had obviously expected a slightly different ambience and audience, let them not show it and pulled through the show with a smile.

Imelda May

The audience thanked with applause and hung on her every word. Great music and a great voice, had to cut back on this evening but for the most part behind their band, which was mixed but relatively noisy. This however did not detract from the experience, because there was a lot of fun and her band was really good, professional and well-supported.


While front the audience glued to their lips, danced back and were again swinging circle skirts and petticoats. Here, however, showed an age gap, because as Imelda May appeared on the stage was rather the younger half of the audience, the older retired Meanwhile back at the long tables or to the anteroom, also dorthin, where the younger crowd remained for the most part while the other bands. So be it. Imelda May was pretty great.


After the show we wanted to but then the following bands no longer exist, because we wanted the quickest way – do you mean about the detour to Janka – in Richtung Roadrunners Paradise fahren um dort unseren persönlichen Rock’n’Roll Allnighter nach Imelda May mit dem Ray Collins Hot Club zu vervollständigen.


Unfortunately, the Hot Rod Decadence was so well attended, that we – and many other – unfortunately had to reject. There was-not even for Sheila – possible, hereinzuquatschen us, so we only stayed, to all the great pre 60 Classic Cars vorbeizustöckeln and absolutely not going into my grand return to the Goya Seat Ibiza and thus once again to travel to West Berlin.

imelda may bilder

Palais An Funkturm (West)
Roadrunners Paradise (East)
Goya (West)…

It should not be the last time, I crossed the long no longer visible within the Berlin border this evening… But more on that tomorrow.

zoe delay drag queen