Underground Catwalk Berlin 2013

Underground Catwalk Berlin 2013
or # UC2013Berlin

DSC04906a valuable part of the Berlin Fashion Week has for many years also the Underground Catwalk, which is always a little bit modified. There used to be a train, last year there were two trains.

DSC04933This year was different.
Instead of one or two rented and closed off subway trains, this year was all publicly. Instead of the invited guests and the photographer were allowed this time everyone in the subway, of bought a ticket and the various teams found, because that was a little tricky.

DSC04885Between Alexanderplatz and Frankfurter Allee commuted each of 6 teams 12 different designers in different trains, got out and into other trains again and enjoyed the knowing visitor and marveled normal commuters and tourists. Unfortunately, we knew then but never actually show where the teams are located just.

DSC04939In return, the makers of thought Rockstar Models from, that under #UC2013Berlin should always be tweeted, when divided into tight teams. Actually a nice idea, but not as good as feasible in the Berlin underground, since there is no cell phone reception… …London would be for an idea, there gibts in the subway a WLAN …

DSC04913Susi Sue mit dem Twitter Hashtag an sehr prominenter Stelle 😉

After a short time, but I found the first team of Slacks Fashion accompanied by Binca and Yoran, which I followed shortly, got out with them and let them go back, while I waited for the next troop… The next force a designer, ran my path was then, however, – the team of Slacks Fashion … schon wieder 🙂

DSC04944Fortunately, this time accompanied by Susi Sue by Rockstar Models, the plan a little more than I did and much more reception at the various stations. Together we then began the way through the underground and found really all different teams in the near future and some people, the way your actual interrupted by the trains between the two stations to follow.

DSC04920Particularly a tourist group of young girls out there are doing, that the models actually brought applause and whistles sometimes to perform and poses, because before and after many have thought, this is a typical fashion show, and one must look as unconcerned, but just this small way through the girls squad has brought them to smile. Since then really had fun also all. Models, uninvolved visitors, Photographers and give these girls squad.

DSC04927By the designers themselves liked me best Topvintage, an online shop from the Netherlands with great 50s outfits. 6 wonderful dresses with 6 customs Models.

DSC04916The second force, appealed to me was the very SinWeaver, translucent bar, a Berlin label, I did not know bisdato. …The first view was “okay, online, simple portable, elegant but not exciting”… But look closer when I had to admit, that the creations were anything but boring. For example, a skirt made of ropes, but as I said only what you saw, if you looked closer. A little frivolous – auf den zweiten Blick 😉

DSC04921Slacks Fashion however disappointed me a little. Slacks makes great burlesque corsets and gorgeous creations but showed “only” Chains and jewels of models with nylon suits. Amazingly, Slacks got it but a corresponding media content from….

DSC04908Lazo Oleg's creations were as usual “specifically”. Not necessarily wearable but so, that they should not be missing in a Underground Catwalk, but they make the “underground” from, even when the usual suspects latex, Gothic or burlesque labels were missing this year.

DSC04898Not great but lacked the after-show party in the Sage, which was great as always. Spanned, to chat with nice people, six es Moon Diamond, Oleg, Mile, Lauren or my old Maria rbeitskollegin (I unfortunately did not recognize directly). However, this was not the ordinary enjoyment of Amaretto Sour, -Cranberry, und-Ginger Ale… I hope at least.

DSC04949Moon Diamond

But the great thing is also, that you can still get to know many other nice people.. Although I barely know who was who, but a Heath, an Nathalie, Tanja and a mainly a Nadin !! Without E !! wie sie betonte 😉 Nette Menschen im Sage.


At later time then the pool at Sage has been used excessively. Among other things, one of Ferdinand Prinz von Anhalt, I did not know, but they showed me to my question: “One must know the?” to understand with a shaky hand “neeeee not really” okay, ich kenne ihn nicht 😉

DSC04953Sometime after 3 clock I went home, So it must have been a really nice evening, in which I chatted great. As always great. If Berlin is now still puts Wi-Fi in the subway, it gets even better.


Crazy at Underground Catwalk

The week was hard, I'm kind of always only to 3 Clock to come home and I'm not to blog. strictly speaking, not even to sift Photos. That should change today actually not, because that one comes to blogging on a CSD Cologne weekend is almost excluded. …actually. Indeed, there are three things, that can change the.

Cold, Rain and time. and all together. It is pouring down with rain, is cold and I collect only rider to 19:00 one. So I'm sitting in the hotel and have much much much time. zum Beispiel für den Underground Catwalk 🙂

Well, the Underground Catwalk…. Even if a bird has caught me in the ear, that it might have been the last of its kind, he is still one of the coolest events in the Berlin Fashion Week..

…I write as since mid 5 Years about the underground catwalk, I think therefore I need – no longer perform all around it, therefore shortly:

moving subway, coole menschen, Underground Mode, kein berlin Fashionweek Chic

Amazingly, the have actually noticed but probably not all, because I wondered at before the departure of the amount – for the Underground Catwalk – untypical guests, were more likely attributable to the Fashion Week fashion dolls sector, as an Underground Catwalk.

Apparently promised this event “coole Streetwear” in the eyes of so many. …strange, because if the Underground Catwalk is not a safe, then a fashion show for cool streetwear. Cool ja, Streetwear … um neee

Who looks at the history of the event, will soon discover, dass Latex, Burlesque, something gothic and slightly, that is probably best described as “Strange” call always leaves a large part of the fashion represented here and this should not shock….

And for untrained eyes could actually be one or the other slightly shocking in this fashion show – I mean it is supposed to actually give people, get the heart fluttering in a garter stockings and even then not get over the above, if it was then also made of latex as in a Savage Wear outfit.

Savage Wear

Or the two silver and gold “Christmas tree decorations” I would call it times. strange creations, the more poorly covered with two men rather than only clothing the bells. I was not even really great, but still interesting and different.

Anders was the clothing of Michaela Schäfer, I, although in the morning at Lena Hoschek already seen – did not recognize… After all, you believe me, I have not seen not only for reasons of image, since I have generally never anyone, with whom I have not talked. And I've never been with Michaela Schäfer… No matter, Your wig outfit was also a featured creation…

As Oleg Lazos creations to his words, according to Spiegel Online that the sexual Russia should re-mirror. Lot of kitsch, much red and very sexy… And to be honest, does not have the legs Models… wow. However, what I found shocking, what the male model, that – rote Nylons gekleidet – was unshaven thigh… For me, though already, aber eigentlich nicht wirklich schockierend.

At least not against the crazies, the later of Redcat 7 in the Ring the subway were thrown. As Sammy has come up with the idea, To let Mrs. Pepper and Eve Champagne float along on chains through the subway, I do not know, but it had its effect. Although probably no one has looked at the clothes but the two were probably the most-scanned photo object.

Overall, I found the Underground Catwalk class again. And what can I say, the after-show party at the Sage, it was then also… We'll see, ob es noch einen weiteren Underground Catwalk geben wird oder was sich Alex von Rockstar Models für die sommer-Fashionweek so einfallen lässt 🙂

Iron Fist & Swatch @ Fashion Rock Night

Iron Fist & Swatch @ Fashion Rock Night


Cherished Events you should not miss. So zum Beispiel die Fashion Rock Night im rahmen der Berlin Fashionweek. Which have been around for some years and it was always great. Of course runways, attract more celebrities and runways that are more hyped, but hardly “truer”


The Fashion Rock Night Namely, even the common people purchase a card. So also are actually people, who are interested and not only invited guests, make the ideal of press images…. Okay, the course, but it is also a lot of other nice people.


Add to that the fact, that the music not only comes from the band, but they are real and live is presented on the stage and as the name “Fashion Rock Night” already says, is more guitar-heavy and thus my taste basically ever meet.


So already, the band was able to Crutch, which was entirely unknown to me bisdato, convince some extent. But it was actually not just about the music, but also to the fashion, which was shown alongside the music of Crutch. Mode von Iron Fist.


Okay, Iron Fist has been known for some years as a fire of great high heels… but almost imperceptibly Iron Fist has in the meantime developed into a serious full-fashion label, what they showed this evening. At first I thought “and necess, not a label, that colorful printed t-shirts to sell as the latest hype”…


This is due to, since you can buy Ed Hardy on the Grabbeltischen the nation and looks at the people, there just buy their clothes. But Iron Fist is more than the umpteenth t-shirt hawkers. As found in the collection shown some dresses, I would hang me directly into the wardrobe without flinching…


…But please, especially, if I mitbekomme the associated high heels equal, for dress and shoes were quite matched – and about the great shoes from Iron Fist one need hardly lose a word. Great. Beautifully accompanied with suitable music by Crutch…


But since we're on the subject of fashion, Moderateshot urine Bonnie Strange pulled her own small fashion show by the night… Approximately five appearances between acts, before and after, and in any case five outfits here, least two of which can be considered quite sensational. As one of the two ox-brothers servant has really caught a sweet fiancee. one must recognize that envy, even if the term IT Girl always baffled me a little.


No IT Girl is definitely Mimi Müller-Westernhagen but actually a serious artist. Even she knew I – Crutch as not previously, but could well imagine, and feared that the name was not by accident a “of professional singing daughter”, but that only took a few notes about this deal down prejudice to quickly evaporate. Empty Stimme, great music and a better appearance than the dad.


Oh: Appearance! There was also a second fashion show with the girls and boys of Rockstar Models at Fashion Rock Night… Swatch. And, exactly, these plastic watches, which were in vogue when I was so… I guess times 12 or so was… So long ago. Even if it is the brand got very quiet, Swatch watches are still produced. Still in plastic and even more colorful than most other watch manufacturers.


This is somewhat reminiscent of Meat Loaf, the always does the same, but every decade once again captures the spirit of the time and again comes to the fore. So similar like the one with his Swatch. Once in between Swatch has exposed, als G-Shocks Mode waren. No one knows more, Swatch as a brand is still a giant-term… And set this evening with plain colored clothes and flashlights in the limelight.


Overall, it must be said, that the two shows at the Fashion Rock Night were pretty good, both bands met my taste and I would definitely still Bonnie Strange also in other outfits will be shown. But instead it was once to experience a great after-show party.

Fashion Rock Night 2011

Fashion Rock Night


The last week was really hard with Fashion Week and the Bread and Butter, to a not entirely healthy body, and of course normal working. This has led to me this weekend to, I against 20 Clock fell into bed and only 16 Hours later woke up…


Before – speak Thursday – but then was still the Fashion Rock Night in the boiler house to. So off from work, get ready, Camera, Accreditation and second battery packed up and off to KulturBrauerei, so I'm about as New… There then arrived I realized, that although I had ne camera and more than enough power, my memory card but unfortunately stuck in the company in the computer…. So there I was in a fashion show and was able to photograph or film nix. Goofy – and extremely unsatisfactory!


Because before I did not want to be there all night ill-tempered, I went back on the road soon, to get a memory card. From home. Move seen, whether or not aufhätte Media Markt… 15 Minutes late… Mist… So on, to determine, “no memory card at home”. In the company I would have triggered alarm, last chance of the central station.. But here, I missed the opening times to 15 Minutes…. Fuck Fuck.


Something like, or something similar happened to me even now relatively common, but it was the first time in what felt like decades, that I have a problem with time, Working, Money could solve or somehow otherwise. Around this time, there is simply no memory cards in Berlin. That hurts.


So I returned, still missed the first – Iron Fist – And filmed show from now with Iphone and photographed with internal memory in VGA mode… Serious, everything… However, it was then still quite nice. The second show of Elfcraft with musical support of oomph! was pretty good… I wondered still, how to present a fashion show silver jewelry imRahmen properly, I have to say, This worked wonderfully.


The show was good, the music and also the after show then a fortiori. Massenhaft nette Leute, with whom you can feel free to talk and well. A great event, from my camera has finally has made all sorts of pictures in VGA. Respect, the evening was still really nice.


I later chatted for a while with two stylishly dressed girls, I did not know, only to find out, that this is by Dynamite Betty La Belle Donna handelte. The latter I really wanted to see from time to time at Queen Calavera, but whenever I was there, were other girls on.