Red Carpet and Red Tie Pretzel

The red carpet to honor the leader musicals

Flag pretzel and pretzel napkin

Once again it was a red carpet rolled out in front of the Admiral's Palace and when that happens, Gremierenzeit is then at the Admiral Palace. The gala premiere of probably the most eagerly anticipated musical of the year. The Producers – Springtime for Hitler. The Musical, that purports to produce a flop and that it has been successfully submitted to the musical yet arrived after a stopover in Vienna there, back where it belongs in Berlin.

The best headgear of the evening

Already Harald Schmidt said:

The Producers in Berlin, there is coming together, what belongs together – Today, there have tickets for the Fuehrer.

Now, I do not know if it's the box, but we sat in the VIP box Wowi. A gay mayor of Berlin in his chair and then even in such a piece… Adolf bones turn in his grave. Hopefully with a lot of pain and suffering.


But it was supposed to be an enjoyable evening, which started a bit slow for us. So somehow found themselves under “S” as Sheila still under “The” Wolf as expected and only the cards Trouble Counter could help us, to come to the popular and highly anticipated tickets, is the only way we could get into the idea and – which is almost as important and also next to the red carpet… with the other stars and starlets.

Tim Fischer

The Wowereit was there and Wolfgang Joop, Cinema Bizarre again and Romy Haag, the singer of the Prince with a St. Pauli Cap, Tim Fischer, many people, I did not know, they were all great but quite important, dazu massig net Personen, which we run on every other party on the road and one of the most blasphemous tongues Germany. Oliver Kalkofe, which also left no slouch and to stand for a photo available.

Romy Haag

So I like the, So we stiffened with Prosecco on ice, ner ner pretzel pretzel in the arm and bandage on his arm by the masses, languages ​​and those times with this and looking forward to the musical, whose imminent start of this time was not announced with bells but by air raid siren.

As a reporter asked on the red carpet still: Can we laugh about Hitler? Man kann, you have and who goes in this musical, is also, aber dazu kommen wir morgen 🙂

Ah sieh an, Joop in the background I also photographed

Romy Haag in Berlin

If Romy Haag Berlin VERZAUBERTE.

I'm more a person, trying, Never expect too much and therefore often surprised once can positively. That's what happened this Monday in the voles on the Romy Haag concert.


And I must confess, I was just very cautious, Sheila asked me, if I would come in with the voles to Romy Haag… Although the name I had heard before, But apart from the status as Germany's most famous transsexual and liaison with David Bowie before after all 33 Years is absolutely nothing occurred to me to you. ..Also Eine Person, before the 30 Years angebändelt with NEM Star. That would be about as, as if Katie Price starts singing and 20 Years occurs….. So I thought at least. I had even – I must admit disrespectful names – as “Omi Haag” or “Kaffe Haag” zurechtgelegt und muss nun kräftig zurückrudern. I rarely mistaken as.

Nundenn it surely has to my generation, because at that time, as Roy Hague Berlin with David Bowie made uncertain and Udo Lindenberg Auf Tour ging, I was just born… When I my musical socialization learned then was not just the music of their en vouge and never reached me so. So my previous opinion.


You have to admit sometimes, if you made a mistake. Romy Haag is an admirable personality with a strong aura and a great voice, I would never have expected her. For this purpose it looks fabulous…. I previously did not know any of their songs, the whole thing did not diminish, because they sang their own songs alongside many of music history, of whom I knew many. Sweet Dreams example, With the best will in which I did not miss Annie Lennox or at the end of My Way by Frank Sinatra. In between songs of Brecht, Although I can not confirm because of ignorance, However, I have no reason to doubt their words. Ultimately, she sang many songs of their own, some of which, such as the “Berlin” Song were just great.


I had goosebumps several times in this concert and this is usually a very good indicator, me that a concert, Move music or a voice. In this case, probably all three was the trigger. Is fixed, I was very pleasantly surprised and quite excited. Romy Haag is indeed a great artist. And obviously she sang with other great artists and artists, told how their anecdotes between songs. Eartha Kitt, Grace Jones, Marianne Faithfull and certainly many other stars crossed their paths duet. So if Romy Haag Berlin once again enchanted with their presence, I'm definitely back.

Apropos of gewesen. Overall, one could say, that Sheila and I pushed the average age down rather, but that did nothing. For this, some celebrities were present. For example, we came to a photo Lilo Wanders, again to a nice conversation with Gabi Decker oh and Ades Zabel was also a man there and greeted us with the words “Hach such an effort”.. No matter, He has definitely paid off.

By the way, I learned something really important in this concert. So Romy Haag sang in one piece “Jesus was a transvestite and came from Peru”…. These are things, not told in the Bible. 🙂