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Olivia Jones

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My second contribution to Stars and Starlets from the large scene is probably Germany's largest dedicated drag queen and that's just Olivia Jones.

Hardly anyone will dispute, that there is probably no one in Germany, of your water can range in terms of awareness. Even if it is not the most important drag in some Enklarven Germany like Berlin, yet it is the only, that really did it, Germany continued to come to prominence.

Olivia Jones is omnipresent. She writes for the Colorful blog, is at Sat.1, RTL and various other TV stations to see, she was with Wife Swap to see, at Celebrity ludo, she moved in with Big Brother, she campaigned for Senseo and New, they did a campaign for PETA, moderated, Galas and shows, and has been a guest on so few movie premieres. Medial there is hardly anyone alo, can you reach the water.

Even if it is a spoof, said Oliver Kalkofe ridiculed not every, but. Something like that is in my opinion more likely to see an accolade because precipitation.


This leads them tourists about your neighborhood, the Reeperbahn, sings with malice Idol Udo Lindenberg, ever occurs in the Hamburg state election as mayor candidate in order to mobilize against the right and hosted great parties.

Here is a picture as, its use me 1.200 € has cost, because I did not have the rights.

Olivia Royal Chicken Club Parties are legendary, even if they hamburg unfortunately their Lost party venue and has now untriebig touring Germany, obviously without the Hamburg flair to achieve but. It should be already happened, Hamburg that girls had tears of joy in the eyes, as the newsletter of Olivia Jones came, that a Royal Chicken Club in Hamburg was again. I myself have been through quite a few parties with her – and it was mostly Class.

Greater awareness has Olivia Jones from now 10 Years 1997 reached, as they to Miami “Miss Drag Queen Of The world” was chosen. Because this honor is awarded only once a year can begin to develop, what this honor means. The Throne, she has at least been held in Germany.

Now there are certainly some in Berlin Drags, shaking it, in Hamburg ist Valery Pearl entered in their footsteps and Tatjana Taft is also not to forget, But in Germany there is only a German drag queen and that's Olivia Jones.


ciao Byblos, hello Dracula

And what is with the Royal Chicken Club?

Once again Olivia Jones…. I had read in the Morgenpost? The Byblos was sold and there is now no longer.

So had to drag queen Olivia Jones with its series Royal Chicken Club Feien the preliminary final on Friday at Byblos. Soon there will only occasionally be specials.

How now final? End, from, finished? This is not fair. And I do not want to admit. Hopefully searches for and finds the good soon a new location

The Happening & Royal Chicken Club

This weekend was a party weekend.

Royal Chicken Club

Once again had Olivia Jones loaded for Royal Chicken Club and I pulled it again there. So I was unfortunately one of the few guests that evening. I came into the club and took place in front of crowds firstonce no crowds. Although not a gaping void, so there were quite a void.

Royal Chicken Club
Olivia Jones

The first path led me to the ladies' room as always nachzuschminken around and briefly schnacken with the nice lady toilet and there take a lollipop. She asked, where Leyla would roam….. hmmm. was not from Cologne?

I: “Now, will be safe in Cologne”
They: “Like so many this weekend”
I: “Oh, it is indeed CSD”

So Now we have the base of the Yawning Void: 40% Loss due to the Cologne Pride and more 10% Shrinkage due to the “castrated” Love Parade in Berlin.
Missing mass + Known missing = Missing Power

Quite Honest, this Royal Chicken Club was boring. No matter, the next will surely get better

The Happening

Done on my list is missing the Happening at Schmidts Tivoli and since this month was the rare constellation, that the second Friday and Saturday to the third one and the same weekend fell on Saturday, the path led me again to the neighborhood.

However, not only my path led to the neighborhood but also thousands of leather-clad bikers on their Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Hamburg Harley Days shifted to the Reeprbahn. But as almost always: No special attention. Only two younger guys thought:

Hey that's ne wig

Achnee, You do not say what

The matter was eaten. Have to pay off to Schmidt's happening to and for the second time in one weekend admission…. You ought to know but Berlin… So you can not go on like this…

Gehts not. At least for :Valery Pearl:s Pearls of the Night versprach mir Valery in Zukunft Free Admission. In, I say it out thanks!
Full course it was not happening at, but there were some nice encounters.

Da war der typ, the front of said sink

He: The here but the ladies room
I: I'm here most just wrong, as you!
He: I'm dead right, aber bei Dir bin ich mir da nicht so sicher 😉

Somehow this is always the same parties on such… both toilets seem to be common knowledge.

Funny, was also the Cologne, who had fled from the CSD in Cologne to fret then, dass es so learn war, because in turn were all in Cologne or Hamburg at the Love Parade.

The Happening Tivoli
Valery on Dispensing of Short directly from the bottle

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2006.07.02 Pearls of the Night

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Chicken Royal

Chicken Royal? Such a title sounds kind of Hamburger Royal TS. What is meant is the Royal Chicken Club, to Olivia Jones This month has brought back to Byblos.

And if this party instead find, I'm, as was the last month there.

Towards 0:00 I left my apartment and teetered to the car, to see, like the neighbor peered at me from the window. I looked back, he tried to hide behind the wall between its two windows, but that did not work more. And I did not care more drum… Maybe I should tell him, that one can only hide behind curtains, when the window having. 😉

Unlike last time, I found myself again this time with a “Have fun and waved through without entering” I love the.

Slowly one seems to recognize me again , after all, I spoke to three people, who knew me. Apparently was the less to me than the last Royal Chicken Club a month ago. They asked me where that is because this time “my friend from last time” was. Well, so they probably thought Leyla? We are actually probably noticed.
Unfortunately, I had no idea… Probably somewhere in Cologne?? Who should know more write me.

Otherwise, you told me, “I would have competition”. Two great girls foresighted.

Chicken Royal Club

It then turned out, that this two really great foresighted :Drag Queens: were, were probably involved extra than GoGos. I'm jealous, but that is not in competition but in a different league. I mean, a football club in the second division does not want to indeed compete with the Champions' League places. (…though indeed St. Pauli beat this year in the Cup Werder Bremen). While I admired the girls, watched the great rest of the Publikkums but rather to the man, the two were still there. I admit to, his abs were great, but the two drags were rather my case.

The Seaways travel won this time by the way the girl in yellow / white on stage.

Chicken Royal

Wie Meinte Olivia Jones?

You're not about heterosexual?
Well here we are tolerant

So it was again a nice evening, even if I knew anyone this time. So girls in a month is again a Royal Chicken Club, Who is? Btw. I just noticed that my flash is really good. Normally, it is of course a lot darker than it appears in the photos

Chicken Royal

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