AJ & The Queen

Okay, on 10. January 2020 we all need to look again Netflix, because (apparently today) Netflix has a “AJ & The Queen” asked trailer into the net.

I’m a Drag Queen on a cross-country tour.

Okay, at what this reminds me now?

Ru Paul as “The Queen”, in a (not pink) Camper full of drag stuff and clothes, (apparently) because a child by the (not Australian) Outback (for mother?) frightened drives, while some experienced and rednecks in dress. To Lola's “Kinky Boots” Windows occurs, a little like Pray Tell speaks and acts and talks as well as otherwise scolds at Drag Race..


A newfangled version of Priscilla Queen of the Desert is seasoned with something Kinky Boots, Pose and NEM big blow on top?

Sounds a not completely wrong, But although not entirely for something new. It will be interesting

Ru Pauls Drag Race Germany

God came down and took “Good day Germany” said. So, strictly speaking, not God but the goddess and has than this Ru Paul announced, that Drag Race actually comes to Germany.

drag race germany

The birds have caught it from time to time of any trees, but there were always meaningless rumors, which is to come, the American mega successful Drag Race format to Germany. but you could see the original broadcasts in Germany only through proxies and otherwise we were probably not as in focus. Now, finally, it is so far.

Ru Pauls Drag Race Germany kommt und wird sicher mörder-erfolgreich.

The ladies can apply and if I interpret the on the Facebook page as properly, then Germany should first, give second and third Guard of drag queens probably in the video messages from the jack in the hand. you must be very excited.

drag race

In another contribution I once put a euro on Barbie Breakout. I still believe, a) that Barbie will be there and they b) certainly has a good chance… let's say 50 Cent 😉

I'm afraid times, it will hardly be moderated by Ru Paul herself… Holt please please a good jury!

Wedding photos at Drag Race

It is always interesting times again, to look for America, because there still runs Ru Paul's Drag Race in the second version. Class just because there was just an exciting episode with wedding photos and wedding dresses.

dragrace1Photo credit: PoliteInPublic.com

Yeah again the trannies, standing on ball and wedding gowns… Nothing new. When Ru is, however, a little different, because each of the Drags took on both roles a Photo. The groom in tuxedo or suit and, on the other hand, the role of the happy bride all in white.

dragrace2Photo credit: PoliteInPublic.com

But where it was very different wedding photos as. I like those double images and've tried so long ago sometimes. The battle for the credit card. Not the prettiest picture, I think I have to Olli and Martin bizeiten again to ask such a picture. With a little more preparation than we had at that time.


Photo credit: PoliteInPublic.com

lle brides you can incidentally here Quote.

RuPauls Giftschrank

As RuPul was somehow still different

There are things, had a really always clear although you never really thought about it. Furthermore, there are things, after which they wanted to ask anyway, not so exactly.

It is clear, that no drag queen as the person on the scene appears, which it is, when she already makes a couple of years. Mostly the own style is not yet quite found and in most cases the emery technical skills initially not really pronounced. Actually perfectly logical and perfectly understandable.

However, I was puzzled briefly, that even Ru Paul has not come about as the glamor drag queen in the world, which it has been for many years. Who would have thought. Ru Paul once owned a significant factor and a trash punk attitude. Surprising – but do not see again. At least I had not somehow expected.