RuPaul Drag Race II

Start of the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race


Two days in a row, an article on RuPaul was not actually planned from my side, but sometimes it has to be even, just because RuPauls Drag Race has started. Unfortunately, just like the last time in America and unfortunately blocked again in Germany.

Does not matter, since you already will notice, so what happened there, if one uses the Internet, plus it is not hard, to watch via a proxy from the USA 🙂 It doesn't matter. The preview for the second season of RuPauls Drag Race is out and one finds again this year 12 Drag Diven, applying for RuPauls heritage.

Even though I've never understood, really why every year a music superstar, Top Model, a super drag queen must be sought, Drag Race is certainly the most exciting and interesting of these casting formats. What the Queens have shown there the last year, was all worth honoring.

Whether one this year can still see in the second season of Timm RuPauls Drag Race, where the sender has yet filed for bankruptcy, written in the stars, but otherwise you look like the following 12 Forward divas.

Mystique Summers Madison


Tyra Sanchez
Jessica Wild


Morgan McMichaels

Sonique Atl

Nicole Paige Brooks

Pandora Boxx


Sahara Davenport

Shangela TheDebutantess

A whole lot of interesting Drags, the RuPaul has been excavated, or, who have registered to audition for RuPaul. It will be interesting

Fashion tips from a drag queen

Ru Paul is among the writers


Trades Ru Paul started, to write and it is a book called “Workin’ It! RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Style,” came out of it. Okay, okay, Drag queen there is No.1 in the world fashion and styling tips. Why not also, Who else should be.

Of course, should a top 10 List is not missing and so I've made off times RuPauls Ru dimentären Top 10 Cooperate tips for a happier Fashion Lifetranslatedo in an amateurish way.


1. Choose your color – Something magical can happen, if you try out different colors, while you look in the mirror.

2. Know your feet. Meet a variety of shoe brands. Some just do not fit to your foot shape.

3. If you will attract it and it feels wrong – then it is wrong. Take it off!

4. If you dresst you to please other people you have lost you yourself.

5. If you are wearing completely white, always wear a black bra and black panties.

6. If you need to buy something trendy, buy the cheapest. It's not worth it, spend much money on a trend, is forgotten tomorrow.

7. Each needs the gay life. Somebody, says: “Schatzig, this look is not your!”

8. “Scrunch boots” make legs appear short. Do not wear boots, shorten your legs.

9. Enjoy the gift of size. Do not give up heels, so that your date feels greater, that does not work. Your size is not the problem, exceeding his ego.

10. Never pull your heels from, and wear them running barefoot through the area. It looks trashy.

Who does not believe my translation and top on Ru's 10 once again wants to make its own rhyme, Let the here look. If I have made mistakes, I am also on the way Verbesseruzngen.

But there are great reviews on Amazon for RuPaul's Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Style:

“A glorious book from one of my all time favorite icons of glamour! I can’t get enough of RuPaul’s humorous wit, fabulous advice, positive words of wisdom, and the encouraging messages he offers to people like me who dare to be different!” (Dita Von Teese )

“If she says it AND it’s in print, it must be true!” (DEBBIE HARRY )

“RuPaul drags out the inner QUEEN in us all!” (TORI SPELLING )

International Drag Day

Have you seen them, Hurdles that gut zurechtgemachter Drag Queens, are today gstöckelt to thousands through all the important cities of the world – and of course before or. have not stopped in Berlin? No?

Then you're definitely the masses with the posters “Hail The Drag” and the signs “I see a drag queen, The Sun is Rising” noticed positive? Not???

I must confess, me, however, that today not a single drag queen went on the way…


And yet today was the “International Drag Day”, who has written on the rainbow flags have the following meaning:

International Drag Day is a day where all around the world on every gay scene we take this opportunity to celebrate and thank the drag artists that add so much to gay life and culture. This is the reason I launched this concept. I saw that there was no such day or event on an international platform in which we celebrated drag artists.

….A-Ha. So firstonce this day celebriert this blog anyway, even without dragging Day Drag Artists and secondly probably pretty much anyone interested. So the Corner Berlin seems to have at least not participated in the International Drag Day, and the only chance in Berlin today is likely to meet a drag queen probably be at Chantal's House of Shame. This, however, is not because of any special day, but simply because Thursday. As simple as that.

Also: Drag the International Day I seems to be a Rohkrepierer, which may also be because, is that at least I have not really developed, what is actually there or who pursued an interest… I'm generally more skeptical and think, that the only promotion “Media Partners” ist… As Viral Kompagne not at all been so stupid as institutionalized day in the pants umm the dress.

Btw. I knew indeed like, whether the images of Dame Edna, RuPaul and Kinky Boots should be on the flyer… the third lady who is it on the flyer?

RuPauls Giftschrank

As RuPul was somehow still different

There are things, had a really always clear although you never really thought about it. Furthermore, there are things, after which they wanted to ask anyway, not so exactly.

It is clear, that no drag queen as the person on the scene appears, which it is, when she already makes a couple of years. Mostly the own style is not yet quite found and in most cases the emery technical skills initially not really pronounced. Actually perfectly logical and perfectly understandable.

However, I was puzzled briefly, that even Ru Paul has not come about as the glamor drag queen in the world, which it has been for many years. Who would have thought. Ru Paul once owned a significant factor and a trash punk attitude. Surprising – but do not see again. At least I had not somehow expected.