NPD gay, Lesbians and trannies

I've been thinking for a while, if I made the following video of the NPD 2007 should actually post, ultimately because I'm still doing that also advertise the NPD, although now I really put it on the very last value. Nevertheless, we have some choices this year, just as the state election in Saxony….


And that is precisely the state, where Mr. Jürgen Gansel sitting in parliament or. may be from time to time and can really put its crude slogans in the world. Directed against Jews then, Negro, Muslims oh yeah and in this case just against gays, Lesbians and of course against trannies.

If it were not so wtzig, yes it would be so sad, what Jürgen Gansel can abseiern as NPD as Member of Parliament, but I feel this short video with the topic “No equality of gays and lesbians” actually more than satire and ridicule, seriously in any way. Unfortunately, the NPD has then 9,2 % get and it actually gets several opportunities to…. At the moment, the NPD is at Polls 5 % and I think 5,01 % the best outcome….

Then sit the types with the smallest possible occupation and the niedrichstmöglichen opportunities in the parliament and one can nevertheless times, they just “not” have done. Otherwise shown, unfortunately, always, that right-wing parties in parliament after they were not, enter with a higher percentage and then the more they are getting really annoying. Nevertheless, even at this video, regards it as satire, you think your part and go to the election.