Underground Catwalk Berlin 2013

Underground Catwalk Berlin 2013
or # UC2013Berlin

DSC04906a valuable part of the Berlin Fashion Week has for many years also the Underground Catwalk, which is always a little bit modified. There used to be a train, last year there were two trains.

DSC04933This year was different.
Instead of one or two rented and closed off subway trains, this year was all publicly. Instead of the invited guests and the photographer were allowed this time everyone in the subway, of bought a ticket and the various teams found, because that was a little tricky.

DSC04885Between Alexanderplatz and Frankfurter Allee commuted each of 6 teams 12 different designers in different trains, got out and into other trains again and enjoyed the knowing visitor and marveled normal commuters and tourists. Unfortunately, we knew then but never actually show where the teams are located just.

DSC04939In return, the makers of thought Rockstar Models from, that under #UC2013Berlin should always be tweeted, when divided into tight teams. Actually a nice idea, but not as good as feasible in the Berlin underground, since there is no cell phone reception… …London would be for an idea, there gibts in the subway a WLAN …

DSC04913Susi Sue mit dem Twitter Hashtag an sehr prominenter Stelle 😉

After a short time, but I found the first team of Slacks Fashion accompanied by Binca and Yoran, which I followed shortly, got out with them and let them go back, while I waited for the next troop… The next force a designer, ran my path was then, however, – the team of Slacks Fashion … schon wieder 🙂

DSC04944Fortunately, this time accompanied by Susi Sue by Rockstar Models, the plan a little more than I did and much more reception at the various stations. Together we then began the way through the underground and found really all different teams in the near future and some people, the way your actual interrupted by the trains between the two stations to follow.

DSC04920Particularly a tourist group of young girls out there are doing, that the models actually brought applause and whistles sometimes to perform and poses, because before and after many have thought, this is a typical fashion show, and one must look as unconcerned, but just this small way through the girls squad has brought them to smile. Since then really had fun also all. Models, uninvolved visitors, Photographers and give these girls squad.

DSC04927By the designers themselves liked me best Topvintage, an online shop from the Netherlands with great 50s outfits. 6 wonderful dresses with 6 customs Models.

DSC04916The second force, appealed to me was the very SinWeaver, translucent bar, a Berlin label, I did not know bisdato. …The first view was “okay, online, simple portable, elegant but not exciting”… But look closer when I had to admit, that the creations were anything but boring. For example, a skirt made of ropes, but as I said only what you saw, if you looked closer. A little frivolous – auf den zweiten Blick 😉

DSC04921Slacks Fashion however disappointed me a little. Slacks makes great burlesque corsets and gorgeous creations but showed “only” Chains and jewels of models with nylon suits. Amazingly, Slacks got it but a corresponding media content from….

DSC04908Lazo Oleg's creations were as usual “specifically”. Not necessarily wearable but so, that they should not be missing in a Underground Catwalk, but they make the “underground” from, even when the usual suspects latex, Gothic or burlesque labels were missing this year.

DSC04898Not great but lacked the after-show party in the Sage, which was great as always. Spanned, to chat with nice people, six es Moon Diamond, Oleg, Mile, Lauren or my old Maria rbeitskollegin (I unfortunately did not recognize directly). However, this was not the ordinary enjoyment of Amaretto Sour, -Cranberry, und-Ginger Ale… I hope at least.

DSC04949Moon Diamond

But the great thing is also, that you can still get to know many other nice people.. Although I barely know who was who, but a Heath, an Nathalie, Tanja and a mainly a Nadin !! Without E !! wie sie betonte 😉 Nette Menschen im Sage.


At later time then the pool at Sage has been used excessively. Among other things, one of Ferdinand Prinz von Anhalt, I did not know, but they showed me to my question: “One must know the?” to understand with a shaky hand “neeeee not really” okay, ich kenne ihn nicht 😉

DSC04953Sometime after 3 clock I went home, So it must have been a really nice evening, in which I chatted great. As always great. If Berlin is now still puts Wi-Fi in the subway, it gets even better.


Aftershow Party im Sage


Die Aftershow des Underground Catwalk traditionally takes the Sage Club instead. So this time. Only something was different, I meant to remember, that in general this event fell on a Thursday, and thus on the weekly rock @ Sage, This time, however, the after-show party was on a Wednesday and times could actually start from an empty house.

Far from. The time this took place two trains full of visitors and the amount handed models also, to the Sage (of course not the whole) good fill. The first plus point for a successful after-show party. The second are free drinks, present in amount ausreichernder (Although champagne was from fixed), but there was really nothing to complain about it. Grosses More.


The third advantage are nice people and also Here. All good. Regal Betty und ob Diana, Lexi, Carina oder Cati, Oleg…. After the Underground Catwalk show had, as always, a group of visitors, you do not want to miss and you can hardly find anywhere, except just once here at Sage…

Before the announcement but it was also something, a sponsors wall, before you allow photographs – with eggs Swatch on arm… Swatch? What was that again? Oh, this a long time ago really really famous Swiss watch brand. How could such a fire actually so grandiose against the wall go to the mountain? I once watched and Swatch has just 5.000 Fans auf Facebook… When you consider, that you have to become a fan, to see these photos, can be thought about in, how many people are there voluntarily become a fan. I at least had me immediately developed fan'ed… …also the images were lit really miserabelst.

280096_204465552932871_141067779272649_509675_7384039_o (1)

Fan but I'm known as Hamburger shoot to the Bermuda Triangle 20 Flight Rock, Cobra Bar und King Calavera … und vom Queen Skull, the bouncer was the last time a little difficult so I hired and with Andrea (no, not the brown-haired Berliner from Bavaria and also no, not the blonde Bavarian from Hamburg, but from the black-haired Hamburg, … anywhere from Hamburg, not in any case) disappeared in just three aforementioned bars…

But now no matter, because I talked to Sage with Sven, the – CEO to speak – Queen Calaveras des über Hamburg, the Hamburg Mountain, the Hans Albers Platz, Tranny bars in the jewelry street, Burlesque artists from the Queen Calavera and so many other things. This resulted in a new Facebook friend, and especially a business card with a phone number, future visits should be run without problems bouncer. A successful networking contact.


Another I made two years ago. …Buy Unlike Diana with whom I had a long conversation about online stores and affiliate systems… A low return rate and a few good ideas… Auch dieser Kontakt könnte sich gut auswairken mit etwas Glück und wenn meine Idee eine gute war 🙂

Also benefited screened again all of my “I always make it to the bar – and if she is still so full”-Arts. No matter when I was just front, getting the message came from someone behind me. “And then 5 Vodka Dose” “for me then …” Well for nice people like and were there en mass.

I was disappointed but Cati… In almost youthful – at least completely wrinkle-free age, the lady do not feel like going out but prefer vercouchkartoffelt at home with friend. Where will we end up with today's no-longer-quite-young… A mystery to me something, I mean, I'm older by half… ja genau :((((((


Dark Friday @ KitKat

In the early dawn, sometime around four we left the K17, sat in the car and drove towards Sage, Strictly speaking, in the direction of KitKat. There should be this evening the Dark Friday and thus are a friend of Daniela behind the mixing desk, which should have a very positive impact on the admission and drinks their situation.

dark friday kitkat

But before entering the love of God – In this case, the doorman of the KitKat – set the inlet… And that should make it difficult. Not necessarily for me and Dani, but for her buddy, the gedreistete with jeans inlet to want to KitKat and therefore the dress code contradicted himself. “Jeans with no inlet”…. Goofy. He could even take off, a cloth over it would be possible, he would get even provided… Not so with Mrs. Zühlke.

I do not know, what she told the doorman and the lady at the cash register so everything, but I believe the two were happy, as they then him – mit Jeans – and this fury was let in peace. The lady at the checkout said then, “what is missing in him she has – it is a bomb” pointing to the already mentioned as offensive excerpt, but could also have meant the explosive force, they – Once ignited – can develop.


So much trouble for nothing. For the KitKat or. the Dark Friday was extremely emptied, when we came. Hardly any people on the dance floor, fortunately no nudes and no copulating couple on the mattresses. Obviously attracts a Dark Friday is not familiar to me so far, the audience KitKat. That makes it not necessarily worse.

So I could umm times the “interesting” Pictures, which sparkled in the black light undisturbed opportunity to see and licentious dancing on the dance floor – without anyone had the problem of my hair in his face. However, an empty Kitkat with the almost pitch dark electro fasted state is nothing, I need to have weekly. If I want to go there again before I drive my car home and get drunk – maybe then I can feel my feet less, which began sometime around seven clock or to hurt so. I wimp.

dark friday

The evening ended with a fourth to aufgegabelten very sweet girl in a Turkish restaurant with Turkish pizza, and chicken kebabs and discussions around Berlin, various Berlin bars, Districts and dominance of different people on this evening… This breakfast made me shake my head more than once.. and ask me whether the time, why I did not like Sunglasses… I was then about nine in bed