Laptops condones

Buy cheap laptops at Saturn.

New equipment needs of the blogger – at least, if the old makes the bending…. Friday night when I got home and they usually turned on my laptop, teamed … nix!

Nix is ​​all about the ultimate, what I expect from my laptop. He has to begin to whir, of me, to air and the screen has to tackle, until I hear the typical Windows melody. All this does not happen but e. Felt not the first time and not the other eight hundred seventy-three times, I tried, turn on my laptop.

I felt like the evil fairy, where small children have to go to bed without supper. For me that meant without the Internet and go to bed without blogging.

This goes a day well, more than that a day without my laptop and thus without internet my internet addiction gene, however, does not hold out, So I went to Media Markt and frightened about what prices, the so-imagined for laptops and what kind of mess things you should get it there.

I even thought briefly it, to buy me a EeePC, aber auch der lag bei 399 für ein 10″ Screen and below are also a netbook is not really usable. Luckily I did not buy it, but went again to the Saturn, of which I knew, that there are often times exhibits for great products. Maybe even find some great laptops since cheaper than you would expect elsewhere.

There were some, For example, a R509 by Samsung for 475 So at least € 18,50 € cheaper, showed itself as the most advantageous offer at least 70 € has cheaper the laptop itself recognized as Saturn… Yes exactly excellent. I laufte it, and took it with him.

It is faster, more, equipped with more memory, blacker and cheaper than my laptop latztes. I think I made a very good bargain. I just quickly took a new, so without blogging and internet then it's just not. I can not vostellen many better investments than a laptop me.

Life must go on like this. Hilft ja nix.

Digital Cameras, Berlin and my nerves

The Transgender party in Berlin was at the door, I was invited, I was a free place to sleep and even a place on the guest list advised. Party, still free to? I would not be me, if I would reject the.

I had many days after nerve finally able to convince Annabelle, come along and I even found three riders on the Carpool. So the whole thing should be no obstacle, and after my Reeperbahn stroll on Wednesday Berlin would now have to be prepared for us.

The bag was packed and everything was prepared to face 19:00 pick up right after work fix the occupants and possible break. A Berlin Trans-party so you would not have to wait. There was only one problem. My digital camera which broke. Did nothing more. Neither a peep nor image.

My thoughts were as follows:

With this digital camera it all started. When I bought it about two years ago, I saw, I look like shit. I bought wig, better clothes and started my makeup. The purchase of this camera was sort of the birth of Zoe.

Should this be an omen?

I should also herald the end of Zoe at the end of this camera? Is now all over?


But this idea was (of course) quickly rejected and dismissed as nonsense large. Instead, the idea took

I desperately need a new digital camera. – Today

So I asked Annabelle and two colleagues in your opinion, to digital cameras, and about what I would probably do so… My mind was whirling of focal length, Iso settings megapixel – Terms and some useful information and unnnützen more.

However, when I arrived at Saturn in the lunch break, I relied completely on consultants and went to Short time with a Pentax Optio 50L and 2 few batterys wieder in the Firm, or rather to my car, to try them equal.


Oh dear, Camera not working. – Na suuupa!

Okay, the Problem, about 20 Minutes before the meeting 19:00 Made final, just purely to Saturn, Converted digital camera, and from the central station. (at least that was my plan)


Instead, it worked only up to the Part “just purely to Saturn”. The seller, however, insisted, try the camera…

First he came up with a couple of batteries… Outcome: Camera not working
Then he came out with a second pair of batteries… Outcome: Camera also did not work.
Then he took another memory card… Outcome: Camera work … ????

As now???

Then he tried another digital camera and a second and a third with my card…. All of them did not run. So it was on a map, for perhaps 15 € instead of which I now have a camera for almost 10 times the price I bought. toll!!!

Oh, I needed a new card now, So caught camera, Map and packed off to Checkout. After all, I had only about. one minute the way to the central station… Arriving at the checkout I realized, with the statement that I:

This camera I bought lunch today, but was broken – Here is the Bon, I have this memory card but still pay…

should have no problems. – The cashier looked at as different and meant.

Cashier: How? You do not have ownership document?

I: Ownership document, nö, why? Here the Bon, paid lunch today, the seller knows me, That can not be that hard.??

Cashier: No, it's not as, because you need time to go to my colleagues back there and fix the.

I: Hi I am using this digital camera came in, because it was broken….

He: How? You do not have ownership document…?

Somehow I seemed as if I had a DéjaVu

I: No, but here Bon… blablabla

He: No, that is not so, I need to call my colleagues, so they play back the tape. They wait so long please

I then waited at least approximately 20 Minutes, where I phoned all my passengers and I had to put off all my passengers.

Finally after a long time finally came the redemptive call, I could actually go.

Super, but now fixed – – – but where is my park chip???

I then tried some more 5 Minutes, I was finally able to rid, to pick up with my great but actually completely absurd new digital camera my waiting passengers.

Now it has a good: I now have a functioning 5 Megapixel camera around the other working but slightly older 5 To photograph megapixel camera for Ebay Auction.


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