Madonna Mania @ Schwuz

Things change.

maybe not that Madonna Mania but definitely we on the Madonna Mania – or in general in nightlife.

At some point I came to Berlin – almost exclusively because of the nightlife.

The first visits to Berlin and especially the first visit back then to the Irrenhouse opened up a new world for me, that magically attracted me and then ultimately drove me to move.

For years I spent weekend after weekend at various parties in the capital. In Schwuz, Irrenhouse, Propaganda and again and again on the Madonna Mania.

The latter still exist and still exist in Schwuz. However, that itself is no longer this strange basement hole on Mehringdamm but today a sterile building with a charm somewhere between bunker and large disco.

The Irrenhouse is still there too – but also no longer in the basement of the birthday club but in the much larger music and peace. Both have lost their charm for me – but maybe I just grew out of it.

In any case, there was a queer party in Music and Peace that weekend and we decided, as to stop by. That in front of the gate, that the long line of non-existent but possible guests regulates one, was a lock, I couldn't see it like that and overcame it with swift feet….

Not knowing, but then found out from the doorman, that the lockdown had a valid reason and that was the people – including me – before things, that could fall from the roof to protect…

I took that and thought: “ja ja red du man”

But then it showed, that there is something to it, because later came a lot of police time, quite a bit of fire brigade with handcart to bring something important to the part of the roof.

….in fact, I just got away with my life.

But in war and peace it showed, that we not only “escaped”, but also came too early, because the shop was empty when we came and only filled slowly and we were bored and awful… at least with good music.

When it slowly got full, However, we had to make our way to the Schwuz to Madonnamania, because Sheila really wanted to see Epiphany Get Paid and her Lady Gaga performance.

Okay Schwuz also… In contrast to the previous party, there was a queue here and in today's Schwuz the time-honored law applies:

Snakes do not count in fumbling

overruled for some unknown reason. How could that happen?? Standing in front of the club in the cold… Not mine. I don't have to have that. But why did we want to go in?.

To Stella Destroy to see, and Biggy Blonde and Kaey and to hear Madonna and other divas…. Some things just never change. probably they were already there as the first Madonnamania before 15 Years started 🙂

No matter, we were there mainly for the performances… and especially for those of Epiphany. Lady Gaga sang herself… Great looking – but not very inspiring. Sung a little thin. But that may also be because of that, that she later sang a Madonna Gaga medley with Kaey and Kaey showed a lot more voice…

Anyway, the performances were over and so was our lust… The evening was boring, or we're too old, or both … 🙂

Clean Bandit @ Schwuz

Es geschehen noch Zeichen und Wunder, ich gehe ins Schwuz und bin nicht nach einer halben Stunde gelangweilt – and especially: Ich zahle EintrittFrevel.

clean bandit

Okay, es war auch kein normaler Schwuz Besuch sondern das gestrige Konzert von Clean Bandit, der mich ins Schwuz gehen liess. Kurzfristig wurde ich gefragt, if I would like, come along, die Karte einer Freundin von Jasmin sei frei und vielleicht hÀtte ich ja LustIch hörte mal eben bei Deezer rein, was denn Clean Bandit so sei und beschloss: Sounds good, ich komme mit ins Schwuz.

Jasmin nach zu urteilen erwartet sie Clean Bandit ab mindestens dem nĂ€chsten Jahr in großen Hallendaher schön, sie in einem kleinen Laden wie dem Schwuz gesehen zu haben vor der großartigen alles illuminierenden Discokugel.

clean bandit schwuz

Ich wollte ein schönes Bild des Clean Bandit Schriftzuges ĂŒber der EingangstĂŒr des Schwuz machen und wurde von den TĂŒrstehern zurechtgewiesen, dass ich bitte achte, dass sie darauf nicht zu sehen sind. Angst vor einem bekannten Gayclub als TĂŒrsteher zu stehen?

schwuz clean bandit

Erstaunlicherweise ist ein großer Anteil des Publikums vermutlich auch sonst öfter im Schwuza anzutreffen, wobei das verhĂ€ltnis derer 65% L-Tunes, 35% Rest sein dĂŒrfte. The fact is, Clean Bandit schienen absolut zu Recht im Schwuz gewesen zu sein

Ich erwartete selber nicht wirklich viel – ( achtung nicht zu verwechseln mit wirklich nicht viel 😉 ) einen netten Abend mit netter Musik ohne GedrĂ€nge in etwa Reihe vier, wurde aber ĂŒberrascht, dass mir die Musik viel besser gefiel, als ich von der gehörten Platte erwartete. Clean Bandit sind trotz der großen Elektronik-Anteile eine wirkliche und vor allem wirklich gute Live-Band. Zwei wirklich gute SĂ€ngerinnen, Bass Schlagzeug, E-Kontrabass und Geige sowie allerhand Elektronik ergaben sehr stimmige Musik und eine durchaus mitreissende AtmosphĂ€re mit ohne Ende 90er KlĂ€ngen.

clean bandit at schwuz

Vor allem das vorletzte StĂŒck vorm Haupttitel riss mich miteigentlich nur ein Cover brachten sie – – wirklich echt und ich wunderte mich, wieso das Lied so viele der Zuschauer kennenvermutlich vom 48sten Remix 😉


Wippen, Dancing, Have fun. Ich bin ja immer dafĂŒr, neue Musik kennenzulernen und Clean Bandit haben mir gefallen. This 20 € waren sehr gut angelegt.

Jasmin hatte allerdings grĂ¶ĂŸere Probleme, mehr als diese 20 € am merchandise Stand auszugebennehme ich jetzt das T-Shirt oder doch das andere T-Shirt oder die Vinyl Plattegibt es eigentlich auch Poster? Auch ich glaube ich nehme das graue T-Shirtoder doch die Vinyl.. or – ach ich kann mich nicht entscheiden


Drag Queens, Shemales, Queens Schwuz

schwuzActually, I almost never look at me the newsletter of Schwuz, but this time it seemed to be interesting. He promised a panel discussion

Superstructure in petticoats. The man in dress
If the fagot a dying phenomenon?
Panel Discussion: High-gloss vs.. Courtyard, Political vs.. Glamour, Mainstream vs.. Underground – If the dead fagot?

on the 20th anniversary of the death of Melitta Sundström, Pepsi Boston and JĂŒrgen Baldiga should be thought of the fags, the Berlin have moved in the 80s politically. Moreover, it should be looked forward: What is and exposes the fagot today?

Should discuss Jurassica Parka, Toni transit and Moritz from the Kingz of Berlin, Charlet Crackhouse, Patsy l'Amour laLove, Gloria Viagra, Kaey, Barbie Breakout and Vera Titanic. Charlet was not there, instead Margot Schlönzke came on stage, would fit much better on this topic.


So everything was so, what the complex scene so will bear on stage. The typical drag queens, Queens, Shemales, Kaey with a transsexual, Drag kings and everything in between. It was so exciting – or at least interesting.

It is clear, that it alone in defining the terms transvestite, Tunte, Drag Queen with nine people probably 25 Are definitions and it showed pretty quickly. There were also some Einspieler of this Popkicker-guests, should explain these concepts times… Amazingly interesting and extremely different answers came out of there with.

I think, that these terms are anyway always pure self-definition. The transitions are flowing, but how to be perceived or known by other, it has one anyway no real interpretive

A Barbie Breakout does not see himself as a fag and would probably be referred to by virtually no one so. Sure she's a drag queen. Gloria Viagra however can be both a fagot, go through such as a drag queen, Margot a Schlönzke may be a fagot, a travesty warhorse 😉 , but if she wants, they may also at any time be a drag queen… And if you ask a Tatjana Taft, there anyway just in Berlin “Shemales”. So who cares, what exactly who is? And if it already in such a small “Community” are as many opinions, how is that an outsider can understand – and actually, it is also completely irrelevant. Everyone is, he just plays for themselves or want to be.

Einspieler a score of beautiful popkicker: “I'm not a tranny, I'm a normal person” 🙂

The general consensus was, that fagot always something political in itself has, which does not mean just, that a political man in general is a fag in drag, as you can see even with Barbie for some time.

This also quoted Ru Paul, which said something to the “when I open my with my long eyelashes, it is a political statement” … since it is also because no matter, whether one is straight or glamor tranny gives extra schangelig. Amazingly, in other words, also said that, for example, in a patriarchal Kaey for the world, it is such political, if a man wears women's clothes. I feel consensus.

Surely this is more of the lowest type of policy, yeah, but in my opinion this is absolutely correct. However, I would still point to accept a, the still captures the visibility into. Surely there is another act of, to put on a dress for example Schwuz or so still go out into the public…

It also said many in the closing words “it would have to be put on the road much more – whether out shopping or at Karstadt mouth or anywhere else… But when I think about, Who do outside the Mehringdamm, Gayparties, CSDs and CSD street party already “unbooked” 've seen, then there would be some at themselves take. Except Kaey, the yes now lives as a woman and Gloria, I've seen the ladies not particularly in public…

But it turned out again, that it is always difficult, to have as many guests as extroverted in a heap, the converse that is intrinsically- and independently. Since then needs it more than microphones are present and interfere with the presenters then really only the Schlagaustauchsch.. Although both Mr. moderators were pretty good.

The ladies were also agreed with the drinks – Too little and constantly all.
“Barbie You wanted to say something?”
“No, I wave only after alcohol”

In this sense,.

That was probably the last time in the old Schwuz, so now the soon disappears towards Neukölln and Mehringdamm turn back. shame really. Will they then take the Melitta Sundström picture with them from the dance floor??

Schwuz pm Grand Prix and Mc Donalds

Everyone wants something different than normal.

Kaey do the No Angels

After Ed Hardy Party in Felix, the us was just too full we thought, what else we could do so. But a Blu Victory Column or were not at hand, and we also knew, what was going on at the weekend – namely nothing…. except just at the Grand Prix Party Schwuz, but the – had now been converted long after the count in a perfectly ordinary bump Party.


Consequently, it was also full as a normal party Schwuz: Good but not fully filled up long. Was at the controls as well as the last weekend in Irrenhouse Polla Disaster behind the controls, after their Time of suffering seems rather to be back on the mound. The Great.


Otherwise, there was dancing in the Mehringdamm Connect

s working towards NOCN Trixi from Today around, since I had last seen her also changed somehow looked. I do not know if it was the hair or what exactly it was, but I thought she looked better, than the last time, where I saw.

Oh and Kora van Tastisch, who pointed me out, and that they Margot Schlönzke the entire weekend, the AHA would inhabit and the best of 5 Years of joint travesty will perform… …Now I can not say, exactly what that means, This A) I've never seen except at the two points counting on one stage together, and b) I was five years ago, just a bad picture on the internet…. Still, I'm sure, it is worthwhile. Start each way 20:00…


I would suggest, To go Sunday, because the two did not get it on the Reihge, To date the flyer properly, Therefore, only insiders know, Schlönzke-newsletter readers and readers of my blog, that Sunday is any notion. So it could be a private performance 😉

But back to that night. So we were Schwuz andn it was like actually getting Schwuz nice. I was thirsty so I went to the bar and ordered a Pepsi Boston and Sheila, who had followed me a caipirinha, I wanted to spend their sponten… Occasionally they always …. just not today.

So after I ordered, thought they, want to be just a white wine.. Was not so easily, the bartender to make that clear. Also: Pepsi Boston pour moi and a white wine for the lady next to me, please DO NOT caipirinha. Then also went smoothly, But Sheila looked at me like a car when I got to the cocktail… Then looked like a car on the cocktail and asked me, wass that was….. Now ein Pepsi Boston, I actually always drink. Some old queens have held Schwuz still a certain raison d'etre.

big Sister is watching you.

A cocktail in honor of Pepsi fagot Schwuz Boston, which is served not in vain in the Pepsi Boston Lounge Schwuz. Very tasty. She believed me, but did not try… Sheila had to be sick this evening.

Not so sick, but, and three more to go to our regular McDonalds in Skarlitzer road to our typical end-of-drag-night fast food order… and it passed amazing things. Actually, just little things, but there seems hinterzustecken a system.


Janka, normally eats at McDonalds Chicken Mc Nuggets with much much sauce, but something she has ridden, To order a salad this weekend… Because something is not right… I'm not sure, what it sit. Is it maybe too thick? Her bacon rolls may… I could not see anything appropriate materials, but otherwise can not be explained, Janka made on why a healthy… They did not really long but also by the. noticed it but irgendwan, that my pack was still intact and some mayonnaise fried potatoes were still there. So they just stuffed a pack of three mayonnaise with fries to himself. …So that nothing but the weight loss..

Woman “Now I eat healthy” Kroft

That is how the person, the times stood before me and in about once ordered the whole map – And a Coke LIGHT.. *KopfschĂŒttel

I must, however, tend to increase, I have but even with barely enough tape bacon to the body with adhesive tape and only a unwomanly Cleavage added to get, So instead of my apple turnover prefer the Chicken Mc thing for me with fries and mayo… who ate then as mentioned Janka and I won the McDonald's Sweepstakes – and frame OHL – a apple bag… So it was, as always, – and long bright, So from home.

…Somehow too late – or too early or something else was, because I was Sunday whacked and completely finished..