3 Years Jurassica Parka Latenight @ BKA Theater

New Year's Eve is almost over and everyone has probably already pounded their resolutions into the trash can. I even have four this year, all of which are still valid.

One is: to blog again. It will probably be the first to prove unsuccessful, just like 2017 and 2016 and…. for many years – unfortunately.

So be it, this is my attempt. And it's about Jurassic's parka, or their three years – Latenight-Show “Sequins always work”. This time Sheila was invited as one of the show acts, so I thought about it, if I should maybe watch the show….. But my desire wasn't that big, because somehow I didn't want to be alone and actually didn't really know, what I should actually expect at Jurassica's Late Night Show.

I live on the internet and social media is one of my main focuses, I have to admit though, that the oeuvre of the tranny and drag culture has left me completely uninterested. So I have never seen one of the many little Jurassica films and so far only knew them personally, but not on stage.

So when I had already made up my mind, that I don't know what to expect and the whole thing isn't really that important to me.. So I had already made up my mind, Spending the evening in bed with Netflix, I looked in Facebook and saw Jacky looking for a companion. Okay, as a couple is better than alone. So yes.

And I was not disappointed. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised, because it was a very entertaining event and Jurassica is really eloquent, Quick-witted and can make great grimaces 🙂 Especially when she tries with a clamp in her mouth, Terms to say, which one can hardly guess with her.

Bob Bahn

Do not know, how one should and could recognize Rharbarber Barbara from it, that must have been clearly faked 😉 But even if you could almost tell. Her Bob Bahn was clearly ambiguous and never undetectable. Although it didn't help much, that it got louder instead of clearer. Great fun, like the whole show.

The funny star guest was the very heterosexual Mateo Jaschik from Culcha Candela, who made every fun and even put a second hair on his head in the second half. A cool guy, who also had a lot to tell.

For example about Bushido & Dieter Bohlen in particular and about music and casting shows in general, Jade Pearl Baker and Ryan Stecken also had something to say about them, when they got their turn in the show program.

Jade Pearl Baker with The Voice this year and Ryan Stecken with various appearances on DSDS – and apparently appearances at something like that 50% from Jurassicas Latenight. So to speak, whenever there is no better show act to be found – as Jurassica says.

Well, I've seen Sheila's number one time or another. I'm looking forward to the new number. I'll also run into it.

Fangirl Jacky and Weinhaus Jacky in one picture.

And when it is already there, Jade can also do two appearances.

For me the highlight was the music comedy duo “Kaiser and Plain” the week ahead with their program “Love in times of so-so” in BKA in Berlin occur. After only two numbers I know say, that the two are absolutely worth it. Hin da, I'll check it out on Thursday. Virginia Plain, what a cool bogus meant in the most positive sense.

Should I wear my red sequin dress there?? After all, it is known in the BKA:

Sequins always work.

And when I'm already at the BKA and then around half-way 4 the line in front of Mustafa's vegetable kebab is barely there <= 10 People is, I have to try it out, what is so amazing about this kebab stand, that people queue up for hours.

Honestly: I don't have the slightest idea.

I couldn't see any particular difference to other of the better kebab shops in the capital, where I only have one or two people in line at most. You don't need that any more than curry 36 close miss.


Queer Burlesque Festival – Sheila's five and[something]umpteenth birthday

Queer Burlesque Festival – Sheila's five and[something]umpteenth birthday


Ohgott, what should I do with this blog post? How should one get from such an event? 10 – 12 choose pictures, without dropping important things under the table? I already feel completely overwhelmed at the beginning of this article.


But from the beginning: Sheila's birthday was on Saturday, her fifth birthday[something]and around this, which they just open 10 Years Sheila Wolf indicated to celebrate appropriately, she gave herself a festival without further ado, dem Queer Burlesque Festival.


In fact, it was the third edition of this festival, that she aligned with Maria Psycho, but were the other two editions class, so one can certainly give this edition the title upper class. This time it was padded and not spilled.
DSC01890Sheila called – and everyone came. At least as far as the artists were concerned:


I call that a lineup – worthy of a festival and indeed a queer burlesque festival, because this evening offered everything, what one can imagine from an entertaining evening on Berlin's stages

DSC01958Classic burlesque, Freakiges Burlesque, Boylesque, Freaks, Musicians, and a bit of everything. Probably a hundred other artists would have agreed to Sheila, if such an evening just had a lot more hours. (Well and the budget would have postponed even more artists)

DSC01985Amazingly, I didn't see a lot of faces in the audience, that I would have expected. Damage – but it cannot have been due to the lack of advertising, because you couldn't get past the Queer Burlesque Festival in the last weekends, besides, it was actually everywhere “Tip of the day”

DSC01945Although I have long believed, that such a tip of the day, as well as advertising in the usual suspicious magazines is of no use – except a fair amount of cash outflow. I would be interested in that, whether anyone else sees it.

2014_03_15 queerburlequefest

What should I say about the performances on stage. Some, what I've already seen, such as Sandy Beach or Marlene from Steenvag, Rosebutt and Natasha Enquist, so I let them fall under the table for a moment.

DSC02099-001Likewise Felix Räuber, I just didn't know and Natalie Tineo, the only one of the Sinderellas, which not only looks great but can also sing really well… 6 are away, there is still enough fabric left.


For example the gentlemen, who recently did not win the Tassle Contest at Gin Palace, but got stuck with Sheila, that she invited him directly. A killer body and a trained classical voice, exciting and – otherwise.


or Ruda Puda, which I had actually never seen on stage, which, however, brought two top drag performances to the stage – and Sheila another small cylinder from her own collection. Some time ago I wrote an article about Ruda Puda, when Ru Pauls Drag Race Germany should start.


Obviously, really, what some people said – a stillborn child, therefore my article never went live, but I will hereby make up for that. Hocus Pocus, the The article is online and can be read here – And to admire Ruda's great make-ups. (See under Barbie)


…or Piglet Johnson, ein uh – yes it is what actually? A magician? Hmmmmjaaaa if you take it so precisely, although his sorcery does not exist in the sense of Copperfield, that you don't know, how something happens, but you know exactly, what is happening and he puts a smile on your face.


..oder Scotty the Blue Bunny, one as the name suggests, blue rabbit, a terribly big blue rabbit with big balloons, a big blue pompon, a big carrot and a big gay sign. Probably Bugs Bunny's biggest nightmare.



….or the Briefs, which I am just now at their great premiere in the Tipi at the Chancellery have marveled. The boys were also on stage and played two numbers for the best, which are not to be seen in your actual show.


Especially Captain Kidd won the hearts of the ladies present with his hula hoop number. Hula Hoop, you've seen everything before, but does nothing, because not with such bodies and mostly by women.

DSC02135The third stroke of the letters, Dallas Dellaforce, I actually saw it at the premiere, but it's worth it, to look at the number again, because she is great, for some in the audience in the tipi, Was it a bit disturbing 🙂 But that's not a bad thing.


But if I had to take out a number – should one force me to do something like that, then the best number in my eyes would have been Clea Cutthroat. The lady is amazing – so completely insane.


The number really had it all, a story, Funny, can and a lot of mess on stage. But the stage was something of hers, when she entered. Great Cinema – and as I said, a very big mess, which she herself brought back to life.


what can you say, the lineup was great cinema and the party was like that, that most artists did not immediately pack their suitcases and go home, as is usually the case after such events, but mingled with the audience and celebrated Sheila's birthday.

DSC01853Janka and I went home sometime after four, not to try before, Regina, the one from Vienna who was in the country to visit the Misfit Bar across from my apartment – but she weakened – must be made up for.

DSC02193Oh one more, there was a big raffle and Corinna gave me seven tickets for administration, of which no less than 5!!!! Won lots. Unfortunately, only the first two lots were awarded a prize, the other three lots were torn up and other winners were drawn 🙂 Common – but very understandable 🙂


So the third Queer Burlesque Festival was great and should be hard to top. Great cinema and Happy Birthday Sheila for her fifth and * cough * thirtieth birthday.


Oh, one picture is still missing, with thanks to Krizzi With the k!

zoe delay

Cirque Musical & La Fete Fatale

Cirque Musical & The Fatal Feast

Thx to Peter Groth

Thx to Peter Groth

Yesterday day was once again an issue of great La Fête Fatale, this time in the show by spies, Agents and all kinds of Super Heroes. I am none of those things. At least not normally. But I bought a matching outfit, that will most likely come tomorrow… Was ist deaf, da Party gestern war….


This outfit question in your mind, I then decided yesterday also quite spontaneously on the phone, third Cirque Musical to accompany the second time. Nette Electro-Swing Music, nice performers and artists, and generally nice people at this party.


I only had real problems with the name… Pustefish Swingboppers, went da nor. But how the hell are you talking Cap ou toi tois (or something like that) from. My two years of school French have had to keep my head The m'apelle Zoe, my one exchange in a small town near Brest have let me keep two to three piggish things and words… None of this helped me. Fortunately, I met a girl, that French studied to become a teacher and was able to train professionally… Then worked quite well, (she said at least)

My baby belongs to me

My baby belongs to me

A really nice, small party series. Since there is no denying. Because a lot more people should know about. When I am against 3 Clock opened towards Bassy, the party was still in full swing. But I wanted to at least drop by again and over “Hello” say.


Of course I missed the shows there and Sheila on stage, but since I had to be indicated by. Many nice people but were nevertheless still there. And so I talked with all the Superheroe-Spy Agent and asked many, many people who they were for so.


So traf ich “The intellectual Man”, but the would just go incognito, Therefore, one would not even watch it, I met or “The nameless assistant Girl of Aeon Flux”.. The however, there are, in contrast to incognito untewegsen intellectuals really. und mit The nameless assistant girl of Aeon Flux (TnagoAF) I chatted for a while then about comic superheroes (where I had not really contribute much) and the question, actually why all superheroes wear high heels, but if everyone knows, that this is a fast movement but rather detrimental.


I really got me actually look at Aeon Flux for the first time asked, but this carries all sorts of high, as indeed for Catwoman and probably every other superhero of this and all other worlds. TnagoAF and I agreed then more or less on, that they would just drawn by men. That makes sense.


TnagoAF then was, incidentally, the lady, the always, if I wanted to go with the argument “Wait a minute” equivalent to a very great song made sure, that when I came home, already the misfit bar had closed over. It could be because, concluded that these early times, or it, it simply 20 ago 7 was…pooh. Today I feel slightly whacked in the rest. Fortunately, tomorrow is the weekend. 🙂

2. QUEER // BURLESQUE // RIOT @ Clash – what a great sauce

2. QUEER // BURLESQUE // RIOT featuring CORA FROST & GERT Thumser // QueerRiotClub vs. QueerBurlesqueFest


What a great weekend. Am Freitag die Cirque Musical, on Saturday then the QueerBurlesqueFest with tons of great artists will Coleur on stage. A great festival and a great sauce.


The very first festival a few months ago was really great. Times other people than the usual burlesque events in the great Clash Mehringdamm and not as in 2070 at Wittenberg Platz and also artists other than those, one has seen so many times…


And even those who were there that night with new numbers at the start. Very great. It started with a really sweet and as always great number of Rosie Riot, the blond half of the great Les Femmes brute


So far, so gut, so normal, known as. Aber an diesem Abend gab es eine wahre Armada an tollen Künstlern, es folgte dann nämlich etwas bislang ungesehenes, eine Boylesque Nummer, die begeisterte. Ein netter Typ zeigte seine Bauchmuskeln. Clear! Diese aber nicht etwa durch ein Fitnesstudio gestählt, sondern durch Aktobatik. Flick Flacks, Saltis; Handstand und mehr – achja und nebenbei natürlich ausziehen. So fesselt selbst mich eine Boylesque Nummer.


And captivating it came in literally on with Bana Banal, which should have at least a Munich Burlesque price or cleared as. She wowed the audience already with the first notes of music. Lullaby by The Cure… Something like that comes in Clash naturally good at. Arachnophobia to a number in which they stretched their webs spiders DC – for example, my – in series 0 located sitting on the boxes – Neck… Please do not pull.

me banal[HTML2]

But that should not be the only time, in which I was involved in the stage performance, and it was only, that is me with beer, Beschüttete water or milk… Own fault, I am also in series 0. Something you should know numbers but actually after many astray House. Series 1 living dangerously – row 0 is lost. ..That was the way the milk…

DSC05456But what we were not taking anything for a good picture and the right place for a video – on the way, well-lit stage in the purchase. Finally a stage, which was not dipped in red. Thank you!

In, has bisserl rot gab es cap, for example, these two, whose names I have not noticed, their number but definitely was fun. Maybe I can have someone help.


….should follow the main act of actually Cory Frost and Gerd Thumser. Unfortunately, Cora Frost could not due to illness, therefore sent her slightly androgynous brother Peter Frost… When I think not know better, I would say, who was once a woman. A drag king, so to speak, and mastered the appearance, like it better woman would not frost can do.


But a terrible macho, this Mr. Frost. But he gave the evening, he is bi. In fact, even bi bi bi bi and therefore not welcome in the government section of Mr Putin… Why do I say this? In, because you have to say it again and again – and since then there came a number of Kalinka Miss Popalina… But this is not from Prague??? I was.. So the Popalina, not Kalinka


In the next lady was clearly the origin, the Sandy Beach, comes where the Beach almost at the very widest in Germany. Müchen. Seen on the dirndl and still to some extent filled beer mugs, which were less full at a later date, instead, I then had some more beer on me and around me. But they dropped the steins since. as well as Sheila previously her gloves. I became BurlesqueFest lost property office.. Steins? Clear, the woman in dirndl.

DSC05491 [HTML5]

The fake blood the next artist I have fortunately not gotten. But what it's all about, I can show you, unfortunately, not, because GEMA has unfortunately not allowed, but that has everything to an end, As I said when, the Clash has taken the building on the Wittenberg Platz, the – ja genau – Gema is today. 😉

DSC05500Then came the real main attraction of the evening for me, the greatest number in a weissgot in great numbers not poor Saturday night. Clea Cutthroad with a rousing number of different pieces. Unfortunately, I had already put away my camera to the end of the number… But you should see the video until the end… Must.. Great great great – and wet at the end in series 0.



…After that everything was clear anyway. It followed then another extremely Hairy Mary

DSC05517Champagne and Sparkles with her Bibo

DSC05524-001And do not forget Strawberry KaeyK with the only Trans-chest this evening – and with something as much total chest as the rest of the ladies on this evening together.

DSC05538Followed somewhat? Oh yes, the big raffle, at the birthday – Maren – Janka – Giltzer (or something like that) actually also pulled my lot – by the way, actually completely random and unabgesprochen. To command only to certain producers complying hanky-panky, Janka did not know my number. but still they moved. Telepathy may 🙂


All in all it was one of the best evenings show, that I can remember, a great mix of great Burlesque, Queers, Freaks, Music and Trash. Honestly since, the London Burlesque Festival with their Twisted Carbaret Laying times chopped. Since I've shaken his head, yesterday I grinned.

DSC05539Sorry for the infinitely long blog post. almost certainly the longest ever, boar had nothing deserves to fall under the table.

As a total contrast program then I'm still Esther, a friend drove to Adagio and realized, that the bartender knew me no more, nor the last time free champagne donated.. I was probably there with the wrong company… Impudence. Nevertheless, I have not long got so many compliments, the 2 1/2 Hours at the Adagio… a thoroughly enjoyable weekend