The dresser Vox with me

Actually, I've no prior, to publish it here, because I do not know really, what should I expect, but since I'm generally pretty scared Freed – some might say I Wish Freed, So here an announcement.

die einrichter vox zoe delay

Tomorrow – So today – I'll most likely be seen at Vox, because there is a new episode of The dresser shown and one of the four people I will be there.

Looking into my apartment filed for “And” I was recently asked, if I would put myself and my apartment probably available – do you mean – whether something is set up. I looked at the bulb nights at the ceiling and said to.


I would expect my skin for makeup three days in a row after three days and would curse the women's shoe manufacturer in the world in high heels, I had not considered at the time, as well as some other things, but we leave the.

Is fixed, I have gotten with Steven Schneider the coolest of the four setter, and he had some really great ideas.

old shoe cabinet!
Foto (6)

Also, who wants to see, Steven from what my old shoe cabinet (see above) conjured, I heeled over the cobblestones of the flea market on Wall Park and Janka and Sheila have what to do with the whole story, Just look at the once so pure from 14:00 with VOX… in the dresser.

Queerboot 2010

Queerboot 2010


okay, So I had Vic, Polly and let Fräulen Hagen persuasive evidence, to put myself on a Saturday night for Investors, should start at the boat, the Queer. At an event with about 150 Trans is the chance, that more than 200 come, anyway unlikely. In this respect, it is useful, Sell ​​tickets in advance and the well was going so well, that all tickets were gone. It came then as many girls, that the investor was really well filled.


And not only the, but also the queer boat itself and even this had to be enlarged this year probably. According to Pricilla there are probably still a, that is slightly larger, otherwise probably have to go sometime more queer boats in a row.. or adjacent.. or so.


But then this could indeed next boating no other Botte more passengers there and look so wonderfully confused, when a boat full of women Spree closer, and this has turned into a boat full of trannies. Only were the people on the bridges and along the banks, which surprises me again and again, why have all the cameras here. I do not always like cameras, when I roam through Berlin.


That has, of course, on the boat while cameras, Needless to say, because it is supposed eventually everything will be documented, which, however, have made quite a few this evening and in the age of Facebook. In this respect, there are tons of photos from this party… But it also had to be made more videos.


For example, the appearance of Mataina Ah, How Sweet, the something zippy, many light freaky was asked, so comb am Ende der Song ” I have nothing” out. what was that? I have nothing except sleep, eat, Breathing and fucking.. and many “no I have not's” The last word was shouted Sheila, Janka and I asked, so far do not be surprised about the video.


The next appearance of Chiara blast furnace, in the song were less freaky than the outfit. Lady Gaga Poker Face was really already often heard, but their nylon scraps outfit was really something different and in fact very freaky. The performance was exciting all times, just as in the background began a large fireworks, However, that probably had a reason other than that queer boat.


But that should not be self-evident statements, so folgte Dana Regyonal, for although I do not know, what song was that, but the effects of the light and the artificial fog were definitely also worth seeing, Dana is also a beautician and I still have much time for a visit or other exfoliating session. The last is a long time ago


The whole thing was topped off by a rousing version of Is not No Cure For The Summertime Blues by Mataina, with tons of air guitar used by Chiara and Dana. Kam gut an, and indeed the whole trip was well received. In fact, it was so good to, that the gathered crowd thirsting for more, and thus an encore was demanded. What will, Will. However modified a little of Mataina. But just listen yourself.


The rest of the trip was the party-goers crowd with music from turntable (shall maintain hot vinyl and not CD's) and there was much dancing and talking. It's also really always nice, Denise and Kerstin, Polly, Sammy, Jessi and wasweissichwen still see her again and to talk. That would even go elsewhere, to auf dem Queerboot, but is a good way.


Now in this fourth trip it is also amazing that the weather once again starred completely. I can not imagine öchte, as the lower deck would be filled, if it had rained. But it has not. And so one can only conclude, that all the guests were very enthusiastic, to have taken the route to Berlin for Queer boot up and I guess, that the majority will be the next time to Bort. Plus still further, at least, if there is still more pleasure steamer Spree.


To the after-party at the Queer Boot Adagio were Janka, Sheila and I then no longer there, because it took us to Goya. As far as I can read, we have not missed anything, at least there, so all kinds of girls complained about it but there, it is too full and too stuffy and many other people would have looked funny.


Now, in my eyes all this is not surprising, because the Adagio is a disco, and there is virtually fill and Stickigkeitn supplied free.. UDN as far as the eye. Now 200 Trannies in a heap will be sure always eyed critically. In every disco in the world. No matter, point of the evening so no one has to join in, and as I said, the rest had been regarded by all sides as great.


Who the hell is this Las Vegas?

Blitzheirats Wedding Chapel
Straight people sad – Shemales shemales get married in a mental house
and yet in so many other memorable Irrenhouse.

Las Vegas Heiratskapelle

A memorable Irrenhouse took place once again on Saturday… Now the Mad House is actually always in some way memorable. So this time, of course,. Funny, it was definitely. Nina Queer has let their sick fantasy, brought the already so funny things like tail-memory or in an asylum Wurstbar House. This time should come out something blasphemous. A small wedding chapel in Irrenhouse.

Nina Queer & Baby JaneNina and Baby Jane did not marry. I believe.

Brigitte married there in a ceremony, which in its brief, the Blitzheiratselvisse in Las Vegas for sheer emotion “Always on my mind” would allow intone. Probably the saddest song Elvis… No matter. Brigitte married there as a nun of Nina Grace, everything you came to the altar. Men and men, Men and women, Shemales and men, Shemale and women, Shemales and trannies, Shemales and Iphones and at least one Heterosexual Couple, what is actually in a mental house already own a blasphemy.


I married my iphone. Janka married to Sheila and Stella went to the Mormon and married the half astray House. At least I've seen them at least twice before the altar, and I was not long before, it was certainly more often… And only God Nina weiss, whether it has achieved the distinction dates from three to half past three?


Okay, mislead the House was therefore a little church… but really just a smidgen, drum you could see even in the show ecclesiastical robes, as for example in Mataina Ah how sweet, which probably remained in their childhood in Catholic boarding school at Bishop Mixa and reported in its issue of. By the way, will be the attentive visitor Irrenhouse not escaped, Mataina reported that even before the scandal of abuse… I at least knew the number already.


But not the other numbers and they were absolutely worth seeing and filmenswert… Although I'm not sure, whether Nina Queer feels the same. Their first number together with Stella DeStroy, brought them namely to, rabidly to show up against my camera. Together they brought Peter Maffay number “The” as a punk rock song “I” on the stage. This versprizten and they verspuckten beer.


Now I'm used to it, that the girls on stage rumsauen, But not only that Nina spat into the crowd, but absolutely 100% on my camera lens I must be viewed as an attack on press freedom. In dictate ions they smashed camera lens, House in the asylum they spit them out. But after a short cleaning it could go.


For example with Mataina and Biggy van Blond, I've not seen on the stage of Irrenhouse. Together they brought the inevitable Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. If I had to bet a title, I would have taken him.


A beautiful number, the props go to this song probably at Sherry Vine and Peppermint, because their telephone parody is probably unbeatable. By Mataina and Biggy. And who has not seen the video of Sherry and Peppermint, should make up for it necessarily. Also: Look at. Immediately


After we had cleared so that we come to lertzten – and for me the best piece of yesterday evening. The Stella has once again delivered with the memories of youth “The Sign”. Boh I had not heard in a while and I find, stella has the great umgesetztund thereby reveal a lot of secrets. To know the whole House for misleading for, Nina is a small… a very small…


Btw. Klein: unexpected by me, came to this House astray Pricilla Lay and Denise Van De Hoven also. However, as men. Pooh Pooh. This is the way I noticed, that Denise is quite small, even tiny… But that was certainly his own attitude. Drags, as men come to the nut house, result is absolutely small and insignificant from home. This affects onto Erscheinunbgsbild… And as you can see on the mood… Man(n) must wait to snakes and will not vorranging served at the bar and generally being ignored by every. Such is life. Well, who does not want stöckeln, must feel.


The thought is probably also the Kofferboys, standing that evening as a suitcase girls behind the controls. Kiss makeup with the two faces of known each, but when Drags go but then again is something else. A groß0es praise from me to the two. Das sollten sie öfters machen 🙂

the kofferboys

Was there anything else? And, the bar in the smoking room, was overcrowded, I did not even have to welcome the two Tresenfeen properly, that went so far, that there was enough in the hectic even for words. Nothing I was pushed out of the Becks Lemon in a hand, received my voucher and taken care of the next guest. Man versteht mich ohne Worte 🙂


what can I say. Astray House was once again class. And on to the next time.

Rocka Bella und rockabillies

Rockabellas not drink caipirinhas – at least not in 20 Flight Rock

A visit to the Queen Calavera Hamburg visit Sheila and me, but not yet completed should be. I had to urgently still leading you into a bar, you would definitely like, the only place, I can think of, where you can meet pretty sure Rockabellas and Rockabillies in Hamburg. It's about the 20 Flight Rock, where I was aufgetranst shortly before Christmas and as much type a long time ago.

The second course, no one knows, but the former is noticed. Ais we came in I noticed the sweet Nädel, the last time I talked for a while more or less directly in the arm. Directly recognized… So she was not the only, Lili Lunatic, we still know, could also remind, me once in 20 To have seen Flight Rock. Unfortunately, I could not remember them, but certainly the next time – without their huge Locke and without the streak pattern Lili.

And, certainly, because Lili has come very close to me – with her cigarette… *Emery, Kokel * There was a big hole in my brand new Falcon seam tights, which was very much matching the costume and not really cheap. But they promised me, anzukokeln not even my spare tights and so it was okay for me and it was awarded with a drink and forget… I contented myself with a Coke, because I wanted to go.

Speaking of drinks: Sheila looked in vain for a caipirinha on the map… Well Pech gehabt, in 20 Flight Rock also need to take Berlin Rockabellas be content with ordinary drinks. Cocktails not available here. …But other drinks, such as “20 Flight Rock Specials” that is exactly what, I can not say, but that it has many percents, I could clearly see in a short glass sipping Sheila. But she liked it. Completely unlike the Mexicans, outputted us. Mexicans in Hamburg knows each and every bar leads him… Sheila does not know him. Korn, Tomato juice, Tabasco, Salt, Pepper, Taki Taki and give a fiery mix, the Hamburg-wide from the Steppenwolf in the valley road notoriety has reached, but is probably not yet come to Berlin. Nundenn Sheila was just as red as the drink and took a fast train from her gereichten beer Pulle….

But he seemed to have tasted their, Because a short time later we were given a new round and while we were toasting with Sambucca, sheila preferred to take a Mexican 🙂 But nice, 2x has been invited by hamburger Rockabellas. Nur Eve Champagne, the meanwhile joined us did not want to communicate then drink. “Today, no booze” Eve said and took a long sip from her Vodka Lemon… *frowning thoughtfully * ** …Since liquor is probably a matter of definition :). As another quote from her is entirely a matter of definition.

I find, Men need to have chest hair, unless they are women….

After I leave the bag, I had to admit, that was the quote of the evening for me.

We had lots of fun in 20 flight Rock, even if you told us, that Berlin “here” would not welcome… This, however, is meant as a joke to her and it was only, that our reputation was ahead of us again. He knew it from the Internet.. Our reputation precedes us once again 🙂

The whole evening was great.