Adrian Amnesia transformation

When searching for information on Sparkle I came across an old friend, whose blog I've also followed a time. Amnesia Sparkles or indeed Adrian Acosta.

Everyone probably knows the dove movies and possibly the counterfeit movies to the Dove advertising. Ultimately, computer manipulations are there so still made.

But this must not be the shows Adrian Acosta, of turns in his fictional character Amnesia Sparkles.

[youtube] = Fhfvjkodpwc[/youtube]




Almost more interesting than this, but I find the fact Makeoverfilmchen, that Adrian quite naturally occurs with a man beside his fictional character, it was just the beginning of this makeover movies or in photo shoots, showing him alongside Amnesia on an image or ultimately in duet, if both together endless love sing.

Something like that I already knew from Mary and Georg Preusse.

Most Drags one knows only her female role. I mean, if you do not know them personally just, who knows then already, as a Olivia Jones, one :Nina Queer: or a :Gloria Viagra: would look like as a man.

Although I'm pretty sure, I would recognize the women as men now, however 100 percent sure you can probably only be, when one has recognized them – and they were then actually.

But there should be careful, little to address embarrassing than a man, one has clearly identified as a drag – and then it just is not a drag… Believe me calm.

Now I would recognize Amnesia Sparkles.



..and a question for my knowledgeable readers… In this Gallery the penultimate photo… Is not the Sherry Vine?

Wigstöckel or Sparkle or just yet Wigstock?

From the book “The Diva is a man” I have learned, that the world's largest transgender festival could Wigstock was. Woodstock Wigs just. A-ha, as we have learned something then yes again.


I do not want to appear nörgelich yes, But when I look at their website, then the last Wigstock was 2005. When I think about then, look at the calendar and read there in October, I think that will take place no more Wigstock this year. For the second year without? ….Then, I dare to say, that it has somehow there ausgewigstockt.

[youtube] = aBtKChyhf4Y[/youtube]

Damage, like I had just made up my mind, to go there once.

But there are a small offshoot in Berlin, which Wigstöckel call and be at least the largest transgender event in Europe, according to the above book.


Now I must confess, zwarWigstöckel that I already know of her name but not more. Wigstöckel with plenary meetings and open stages and had something for me hippie students with moderate impact, However, I did not think so far, that there could be a lot out of it – especially since I let myself be guided through the net and yes even here yet nowhere, where there are transgender could not find anything about it.

[youtube] = 6T2kXe4azvI[/youtube]

How can something Trangender United International its, when it is not even known all through Germany.

Well, but if I go through the galleries to Wigstöckel as, I think there still so many Berliners face. Maybe it's just more Trangender UnitedBerlin?

Also, I thought so far, that Sparkle is the largest European Transgender Festival.


Since we the British are actually at all one to two years ahead of, would not surprise me, when Sparkle was actually the larger festival. at least the logo is but a lot of professional web presence and their current term also.

[youtube] = P7yYYkZDnOk[/youtube]

Perhaps it is simply because, that the main UK bloggers are involved there apparently… Wenn Joanna, Becky and report about Siobhan, it may well be, that outsiders consider it as valuable, without knowing, what ice is actually.

I probably will not know until, what is important, when I visited all these festivals.

But was first weekend off Wigstöckel.