STARZ – Greatest Ladyboy Show on Samui

Starz Carbaret – Ko Samui

…and, I'm back for a long time, but there still lacked a contribution

Starz Carbaret

Actually Samui should only be relaxation. Eating, sleep, Drinking, doze, eat, sleep and so on. Instead “working” I then yet again.


So I drove by yesterday and Lamai Beach on a time I saw – more out of the corner of my eye a blonde… That alone is already in Thailand rather something special.

Starz Koh Samui

But more caught my attention. The blonde had flowing hair and was surprisingly large, this slim, dressed handsome and sexy relatively… My first thought: As a Janka is in clothing of Kitana…


…Yes I had to stop by again and find, that the blonde combined with more Janka and Kitana, because the lady was just no real. I thought so, but somehow the same… I stood in front of STARZ Carbaret. And there were a few other drags or ladyboys, as well say here. I was then a flyer into their hands.


The flyer promises:
STARZ – Greatest Ladyboy Show on Samui.

How can I pass up the…. And so I sit tense today armed with my camera on a good seat and watch time, what the girls have to Samui as it. Nach England, Miami, Havana and of course Germany is now off Thailand, something to show.


I'm excited. Hart is in any case already, that the waiter made- (not inside) running around in Tütüt and not long hair bows in. The poor men… but no matter

lady Boy Show Thailand

15 Drags showed a really good Schow all the divas, so that one knows from the pop and soul history and massive drag queens. Gwen, Kylie, Whitney, Madonna, Christina, Eve and and and and of course Abba. Each class with choreography and costumes.


Well, in Thailand and the cutters are so cheap and because you can tailor the right costumes ever… The Lady, I found on the roadside in front of Starz, then came the way, actually as Kylie in pink showgirl outfit on stage… So once more a Janka.


what can I say, I have amused myself during the Starz Carbaret show and I'm always amazed, how the same songs are interpreted in different countries…


btw. Whitney from the Starz could not really compete with Melli…