Impressions of St. Pauli

I was on all kinds of weekend St. Paul and I used to go visit home town for an extended neighborhood stroll. That reminds me a few more or less bizarre motives are noticed, I can accommodate only meaningful in its own post.

Abraham Lincoln

Cross over at Queen Calavera Peggy Sue's is a mostly full to breaking music bar with many, mostly good-humored people. The bar is located just above the road and in good weather the large front window is open and ensures, dass man Atmen cane. In this window front then got a type, of something – let's say skurill – was dressed.

My first thought was “Abraham Lincoln”. How easy you do see an association with a cylinder and a beard. Although Abraham Lincoln was most certainly dressed a little more and was its cylinders rather black and not green… And I suppose, his beard was real.. And he probably wore Adidas shoes? Hmm rather not… So hmm to Peggy Sue's was a nearly unclothed type with cylinder and Beard and celebrated… Wild!

Fritz Kola

Anyone who reads my blog, also the white, I'm always again, somewhere if I find a store in Berlin, Fritz Kola sold. It reminds me a little of Hamburg – and it tastes good.. Now the two makers of Fritz Kola are on St. Pauli allgegenwertig, but they have brought it on really really many pubs signs.

They are also compared to the Peggy Sue's seen in real large-format cross on the wall. Now that's a cool advertising. Unfortunately, this advertising”poster” meanwhile deteriorated really badly. My first thought was “cool” My second thought “photograph”, My third thought was. That would be a picture, for Matt Wagner “bad corners”.

..Here I was unfortunately completely unconsciously, I just its Üble Ecke No. 3 had found new and immortalized. Although I find, it has become even a little worse. But even if this corner is bad. Fritz Kola remains solitary class.

Smoking and Non smoking

What was it in pubs and bars, which only have one room and a certain size must not exceed I think still be smoked… On the St.Pauli are apparently almost all bars, because actually be smoked anywhere. Only at one point I found a reference, that “here” just should not be smoked. However, this notice also said only, that should be BEHIND the door just smoked.

But that has not many people interested, except this one girl with brown skin tanning and the hydrogen Dyed hair at the fact nothing was real and a muscle-bound types had on their side. Ohmann. People running around there. Have gone really behind the door to smoke..

Btw. the typical St. To glue Pauli image with Gaffa tape is actually a crime in itself, or?

Miniskirt needs.

We know it's Ladies' Night in all of Germany. Women get in free or cheaper pure and drinks can be bought cheaper. The men then pulls back clean, the dense and massive drink, the Hucke leave money in the store.

So even thought the owner of this shop, write a glass of sparkling wine for ladies proFlyer for Free and also a “Back control” makes. For ladies with mini skirt then receive a champagne fo €. It seems quite different opinions about the prefix “Mini” to give, for surely no coincidence that word is underlined.

Something really good idea. So the jellyfish stay away from the store and one may hope, that most of the women wear mini, die es sich leisten können 😉

Justice D.A.N.C.E – Art Brut Hamburg

I have used from time to time my visits to Berlin to, to indicate music, the've heard before, and is rarely played by radio stations in Hamburg. However, the last time a long time ago and so I have now once again on two bands indicate, which presumably are understandable, but I had not been.

Here in Berlin I keep hearing these two names – but I'll bet, that they would not play again this time in Hamburg – and if they, it speaks only for, that the songs are really great.

Justice – D.A.N.C.E

cool, I do not know who are Justice, But a children's choir and beats like Daft Punk have swept me right from the first listen. Electronic Music, the going and fully clean skin. horny.

[youtube] = foQVq2lGMs[/youtube]

Art Brut – St. Pauli

Art Brut I will not mention here, because they are particularly great, but because once again have a little Lokalcolorid in this blog. Actually, the guys are more for the song Direct Hit known, but a song of St:Pauli's and especially from the text line “Pank Roc is nict tot.” consists, must simply be featured by me. Erstrecht moderately cool if the radio host had to complain about, any band that cross mountain called a song and art breeding just St.Pauli. Whether probably because the next band is now a title with the name “Schwabing” would bring out.

Pfff St.Pauli and Kreuzberg with Schwabing compare…

[youtube] = MB05ba9-xI[/youtube]

Expeditions into the T-kingdom

Subcultures: Students, Transsexual and 60s Soul listeners.

Eventually it gets boring everywhere, it was us in the Un-Schlagbar tedious, because I still could find little to the overall theme and also we wanted to further.

Firstly, Claudia was + 1 put on the guest list of the recently opened new Foo Club on Hamburger Berg and finally waited Unisex Gold Party for our appearance.

Well now I'm curious, what happens, when heading out with you…

claudia said, and did not want me right gleuben, that little would happen to nothing… Okay okay, we both wore no glasses, what the number of detected eyes can shrink to a minimum, but it just happened really little.

Sometime around 23 Clock we searched and found the Foo Club to determine, that this first order 0:00 opens the newly renovated doors. To fewer jobs in Hamburg, you can spend an hour better than on the Hamburg Mountain. We moved into our first subculture therefore an object of study, die barbarabar.


The Barbarabar is one of the typical music venues on the Hamburg Mountain and is oddly next to the Foo Club. It is populated, Like most shops in this street, primarily by students or persons, the students were at least times.

Tuesdays through audio cassettes of the three question marks, on the bar TVs run, or Heidi Barbapapa, Wednesdays and one Thursday foosball swing. All in all, a urfreundlicher shop. Even to us, Claudia had to admit the, that you really did not give us too much attention.

However, I would be a little less observance of the types have liked, who asked me, if I had to sell cocaine. (somehow amplifies the feeling as my drags are all drug dealers). No matter, that Claudia had something to marvel at, I dragged it to the other side into the second stress subculture object of study, Villa Sundries.

From the villa Sundries there is fortunately no photo, and when, then it could be of an average fast food hardly differ. A Boring Store, the non-deuschsprachiger popular meeting transsexuals, arguing that there, klönend clamoring and waiting for sex and free and hope.

Then sitting at the bar, the crowd of losers, just hope that it, to afford the, but are unwilling or skillfully, or would not even rangelassen then. I was nowhere figured the whole evening in any case in such detail or observed, as here. …What does the tranny heir and why is it a woman here?.. The villa Sundries is actually one of the shops, where woman should visit the men's room, because this is uniquely clean.

We had definitely made quickly and moved now in the Foo club was generally pleasant.


The club was called Foo already Crazy Cat and doubtless had been x-other name. Eventually, I was once the Combine family in the store and it was really funny. now he was new to Foo aufgamcht and club wear than the masses. Unfortunately, the masses were not. We were on the guest list purely free and talked about one and a half hours with a DJ on God, the world, Music, Subcultures, Mods and Northern Soul.

As a sometime around 2 It was clear, that there are no other visitors would now join us, we went to the Golden Cut to Unisex Party, to see times, whether there would be time to grace the door for me.

The rent?

The Matt Wagner Back of the Reeperbahn Blog is one of my favorite blogs, I've already written a couple of times. I'm doing me so quite often on this small of pubs, Pubs, Discs, Shops crowded grounds around.

Not knowing is all the way explained, that the area around the Reeperbahn is far from being a hotbed of vice and not on every corner whores or Table Dance shed. You can wonderful celebrations, go downhill any pubs or listen to live music, without coming into contact with the sex.


No matter, Matt today at a somewhat older post I noticed: The rent

It deals with the whores, available in the Davidstrasse. These are all great looking girls (He called it one million U.S. dollars Babies) are like a string of pearls from the Herbert Street up to the Reeperbahn. With a hard hierarchy determines, was where (especially earlier) may be.

These girls are definitely the better spell counter, on any defensiveness the right answer and win EVERY really any conversation, that can come about. Therefore, the only way, to escape them, simply go his way stoically, most, yet “No Thanks”, “No Thanks”, “No Thanks” babbling.

The initiates know this in advance and simply switch before the street, But never one to let a conversation. Is very vulnerable to(n) at any rate,when traveling alone. If you are traveling as a couple, The situation changes dramatically. Either one is air (if the second person is female) or you are not only at risk, but downright lost, when both men are. Then an amazing collegiality of a bitch should be noted, then the second to grab and take both men to speak in a headlock.


As already said, Insiders know the, but are powerless. I had a friend, already lived several years in the neighborhood, and thus every night, sometimes more than once in the evening went to the ladies at the Hans Albers Platz on the road and was approached last for years every time. Well after about the thousandth time, the last man has such a solid coat, that he did not care – surprised it has it already indess.

Matt Wagner but has a secret recipe discovered.
Toilet paper!


Toilet paper helps. In fact, the large pack of the local Penny, some as St. Pauli residents identifies and so obtained a sparing with the whores.

As it was already in the pickup or something like the Galaxy St.Pauli:

This writes the Guide “Hitchhiker's Guide to St.Pauli” about the importance of toilet paper:

Toilet paper is just about the most useful, what the hitchhiker can have on St.Pauli. Partly it has great practical value – you can wrap it around you for warmth, when the morning is flown at seven clock from the Windjammer; Man cane es im Rochinsky use, when once again there is the ancestral toilet paper from; you can use it as a serving, if the doner just purchased screams but after more than a napkin, and can clog toilet so that any desired (Unfortunately, a popular game); you can bind it to his face, to protect themselves against harmful gases or to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Plapperkäfers of Traal (a maddening stupid cattle, it assumes, if you do not see it, it can not see you too – daft as a brush, but very, very voracious); at risk can be Towel swing as a distress signal, and of course dry so, if it is still clean enough.

However, what is more important: Toilet paper has an immense psychological value. For example, if a whore (= Whore streetwalker, Prostitute) finds out, that a pickup toilet paper has in itself, for they will be automatically, he is also in possession toothbrush, Face cloth, Soap, Cookie Jar, Bottle, Compass, Map, Ball of string, Insect Repellent, Rain gear, Spacesuit and especially a registration certificate issued on residents St.Pauli. And the whore is then appreciate the hitchhiker not look and let him go unmolested. The whore thinks naturally, that a man, who lives in St. Pauli, leads a hard life, in the dreckigsten Shop kommt, About fighting against terrible powers, finally breaks through to its target and still carries himself with toilet paper, just a man must be, who deserves it, to be allowed to pass unmolested..

Well, it was about a hitchhiker in the towel, but somehow I could not establish a connection of thoughts towel toilet paper. Both come before at least in the bathroom and protects both obvious.

Although I believe, that Matt may have helped a lot more including the small paragraph: However, the lack of interest Koberer by my companion à ¢ € â € œ Ms. Have been Columbo à ¢ € â € œ favors, you do not know.” As already said, with one woman is(n) Air.

…Myself, however, came from reading the thought, that there is another way, completely unmolested as a man and even more on the MÃ ¤ males whores get past. If Transe gekleidet.

How do I even wrote last week à about just my way down this street:

Led the way for us by over the David Street and the local Strassenstrich. Anyone who believes, that one must be careful there, wrong. I do not remember to have received more compliments on less meters. From “â € œschà ¶ s slender legs” über “â € REW öTAPE these shoes I can not even run” Kamen nur nets root, like the way this time on the Reeperbahn not everywhere”¦

Also Matt. you do not have so many circumstances (Women, Klopapier etc.) some color to the face, a more feminine appearance undsowohl whores and Koberer leave you in peace in the future