Gaypride 2009 Hamburg Photos

Gaypride 2009 Hamburg Photos

CSD Hamburg
in CC 2.0 by King.Jabe

I myself am not yet so far, but that will come. Here, in any case, find all links, I as the Gaypride Hamburg 2009 could find.. Oh and if you know more links, nur her damit 🙂

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Ritchys Tagebuch


Quiddje Hamburg


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Abendblatt Pictures Gallerie
(Hello Evening Gazette, why are you doing a 98er Gaypride Galleries, but only if you 40 Inserting pictures from this year. Olivia Jones was not there this year, Ortwin Runde's been an eternity, no longer mayor and Tatjana Taft's indeed great to see, but she was only guarantees an outfit and not the three to…

Oh, I should refer to the Flickr group Gaypride Hamburg point out, where love may be posted more pictures of.


Myfest Kreuzberg

Myfest Kreuzberg, one of the reasons why I live here.


In Hamburg, my absolute favorite festival of the harbor birthday was. I feverishly every year already days and weeks previously pointed out, and i loved it, there to wander from music stage music stage and see new music and well-known. I am particularly enthusiastic always the underground stages in the Bernhard Nocht Strasse, Punk bands, Sound Systems, Reggae, Hip Hop and everything just not sponsored by a major beer manufacturer or radio station. This music is somehow more real, and visitors are also exciting.

a little pirate with soundproof headphones before Trinkteufel stage

In Berlin there are similar, only without port and without Becks stages. The Myfest Kreuzberg. Already last year I was there – mostly at the stage Coretex – and generally quite enthusiastic. I know otherwise no street party, where so many different people and styles of music in such a mass meet.

Already last year I was on 1. Mai um 12 Clock from “Germany must die” aroused, because the revolutionary 1. May day demo starts on the square in front of my apartment. The Slime with but seems to be a ritual, because this year they woke me up again with Slime to me then to explain, that “the system has to go” and only the Communist world revolution would help us… na denn. That she has shown in the past.

Nundenn, los gings nerve did, the big stage on the Oranienplatz made before a whole lot of sound checks then it really took off. As I said with musical styles, as they could not be more different. On stage just struggled a wannabe gangster rapper before his few gangster rappers friends and some visitors from throughout 50 Meters punks “Greek wine danced played by a brass band…

For me it was the reason to get up and at night to visit the Myfest Kreuzberg, vollzufressen me and to move from one stage to the next – and there were many stages. Gangster rapper, Brass bands, Rhythm Congo, Songwriter, Soul votes, Human Beatboxes, Reggae Soundsystems, House DJ’s, Turkish folklore, Hardcorebands, Punk bands, Skabands, Hip-Hopper, Folk bands. I forgot what? Certainly 12 Platforms + various places for music without stage. Great for someone like me.

At dinner it was similar, you think a country we certainly got them something to eat – somewhere. The interesting thing Myfest Kreuzberg but the little commercial painting. Of course, the bands cost money, but they were not sponsored by a drinks manufacturer, there were no external provider but every shop has contributed his contribution to Myfest. And all this had quite a political reference to the left of the center-right. So i like it.

Multicultural food

Amazing also, I've actually seen all day until the evening hours on the Myfest no police, even, as the notorious “18 Uhr Demo” moved peacefully through Myfest

I Marx did not simply

As I said, the Myfest Kreuzberg is one of the reasons, why I like living here.

Queer media stage @ Motzstrassenfest

Queer media platform


It's been several months ago, as called me on the highway somewhere between Hamburg and Berlin a ringtone to my phone. Despite my passengers I picked it up.

Margot was off Schlönzke, who asked me, if I could imagine, on the Motzstrassenfest in Berlin two hours on the “Queer media”-Stage to take over moderation – and if I would ever feel like it. Wenn ja, they would contact my Manuela, the pass that organized there.

Two visitors to the street festival

Generally, I can always imagine firstonce almost everything and clear, I would make the. Also for fame, Honor and a small catering Yellow Ribbon, that one can in the VIP area (respectful VIP only, VIP superduperdoppel not the fact there are still). Even though I've never done this before – Why not. So a few days later reported Manuela and we talked the whole from.


Since then I have not heard hartte and actually thought, all had been dealt with – but had not, I saw, I of the program 16. lesbian gay city festival got into the hands stood quite clear under the Queer Media Kit.

“On Saturday Tima moderate the divine and Zoe Delay”

… a few days later also called Manuela again and it was clear, I would moderate. Moderation in this case meant nothing by the way, than two hours, some artists- and to cancel, of which I had unfortunately heard only in the variety, I got the program booklet in hand and googled.

The first “Artist” were there still really easy, I already knew before, I knew, what to do so I could pronounce it AND. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Daphne Baakel and their nun, the two songs warbled and gave their blessing to the street festival.


It continued with Gilda Gay, not only two but all five songs were live, with its own voice to the best. …Your website and the bird, I asked previously, told me, that they would rather belong to the younger ranks around Schwuz and the AHA and would like to make Cher – so it happened. Cher was her first song to the four – parts as separate pieces should follow. Gilda told me before that, I would not wait, they would then come to the stage, when the music would begin… But they seemed to have forgotten, because the music started and she did not…. Until they constantly and rather rushed entered the stage… 🙂 Bei manchen Drags wünscht man sich ja, but rather that they would sing playback, Gilda, however, was good to hear.

[youtube] = YodcEjCrzu4[/youtube]

Actually, this should be a Daniel Soltwedel occur, which was, however ill. Short jumped a singer, who gave a hit to the best, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten. Erkannt hätte ich ihn aber auch vermutlich eher nicht. Sagte ich eben, Drags that some should not sing live? That strikes some singers….

Also be skipped is also Chicago Rose, between the various appointments in the City Festival short or just gave a number to the best and was already on the way to the next appointment. Thus it has the stage, me and the audience before a long idle- and lesson in “Moderation to bridge time and space to chattering like crazy” saved.


It was followed by Edeltraut P. und Tara o’Hara, both Kieztherapeutinnen, an Oriental dancer and the rock band Peter & Friends. Then the nightmare was also closed again and I take on the way to the semi-VIP area at a nice Becks Ice and a few noodles to me. I think, I have handled it really well. Weitere Anfragen bitte hier 😉


BTW. who tomorrow 15:00 has nothing to do, I jump up on a stage in this Dalli Dalli rate team. Knowledge is not there to help, too much knowledge is a hindrance… And mal sehen. if I can score as.


Carnival of Cultures 2008

Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin
[youtube] = v0A8FQaOFxo[/youtube]

It's Pentecost, is (finally) class weather, it's a long weekend and there are tons of great events in the city.

While my estimated Mitbloggerin Sheila However, the German Fetish Ball 2008 has been sought as Highlite, as has my assessment from last year not changed particularly. And the states, that me 50 € admission for an evening event, especially the lives of the guests, is too expensive.

Carnival of Cultures images
in CC 2.0 by Jonas K

But I also have to say, that the German Fetish Ball in comparison to previous year 5 € has become cheaper. …there should be a few other visitors have bitched? No matter. Also 50 Euros are for me such an event, where I've actually just a fashion victim and had no real interest in fetish attitudes, too expensive.

On the other hand, there are still events this weekend, which are more favorable.

On the one – No this is mainly the Carnival of Cultures.

Bilder Karneval der kulturen 2008
in CC 2.0 by Gertrud K.

For the 12. Time is 2008 celebrate the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin. For four days, a great street festival in Berlin and various actions are kept busy and the highlight is the street parade on 11. Mai sein, then that certainly could be considered a dress rehearsal for the CSD… In fact, he is even more colorful and different

2008 Carnival of Cultures images
in CC 2.0 by Gertrud K


When you are moving around 4.500 Stakeholders from across 80 Countries expected, to a completely different influences their- and bring: Monks without heads, Death and the Devil, Ships of Fools, Swiss sheep flocks and samba dancing stilt walkers and much.

Great way, is also the background, why there is the carnival of cultures:

The “Carnival of Cultures” developed against the backdrop of the growing internationalism of Berlin and as a consequence of increased immigration of people from all regions of the world.

The cosmopolitan city of Berlin is now ethnically, religiously and culturally influenced heterogeneous and has moved to the reunification of Germany in the center of international interest, also as a symbol of the way to a united Europe. Sign of rising nationalism and racism are registered seismographic exactly, but also clear partisanship for a society built on tolerance and acceptance.

As a city with the highest number of foreigners (as. 450.000) in Germany, Berlin has the role of a “Integration Workshop”. However, integration can only succeed, when cultural diversity, mutual respect and tolerance are actually experienced and experienced.

berlin Karneval der Kulturen 2008 pictures
in CC 2.0 by Gertrud K

In this sense,:
The organizers expect 1.3 Million visitors during the four days. But in this weather, maybe you could come to a few. So check it out at the street festival or parade, of the 11. May keep the Herrmannplatz Mehringdamm….

Let's see, if I get to the street festival, but then Carnival of Cultures 2008 Be sure to find pictures in my blog.