I am proud of my neighborhood

When I moved to Berlin, and chose me Kreuzberg, had mainly the reason, that my apartment,
a) I liked quickly
b) I liked better than the other three
c) it was only a few hundred meters from my former work.

the great Orange Street to the first St. Pauli Fanshop berlin fit to, Kreuzberg past also.

In short,I immediately felt at home in Kreuzberg and I do not think, that there is a better neighborhood in Berlin. I like my neighborhood, is still cool despite gentrifizierungstendenzen. I have now seen again only in the general election, the result of which I liked very much in Kreuzberg – and certainly in my constituency.

In my own local Red / Green had an absolute majority and not even needed to the SPD. Together with it would be even 78% … In addition, the CDU reached, FDP, AFP, NPD and the Republicans TOGETHER 9,0 % and thus exactly the same as the pirates and “The Party”.

What more can you want more of his polling station… Maybe a green direct candidates: and his name is Hans-Christian Ströbele 🙂

Thank Kreuzberg, Thank polling station 310

federal election kreuzberg

Mieten-Stop Demo Berlin


Gloria Viagra is well known as a politically and post everything in the area is important and wssenswert on Facebook. Sometimes these posts are also. For example, you appear to call for large rents Stop Demo:

…the weather is beautiful..
where you can meet ..?

…I had heard of it and I loose – just as loose also considered, to go there, but then very loose – also forget, Gloria's post but actually brought me to, my ass soar towards the subway Herrmanplatz take, then actually mitzulaufen straight home to Oranienplatz.

No one has the intention to build a wall To displace poor

Somehow I think it's so difficult, turning up there, if I'm actually part of the problem itself. Only for understanding, I am a relatively well-paid man, has changed his sometime, that Berlin is great and that Kreuzberg is still great. I have just moved into an apartment in Kreuzberg at Oranienplatz and pay more rent, making sure, than the long-established residents of my house. I am thus increasing the rent index. I can also afford some Mietsteigerungsrunden so I'm complicity, if my neighbors eventually can no longer afford the rent.

The golden piece of shit is probably (also) me… but when are drawn to actually okay?

After all, I'm not talking Swabian, does not mention any stroller through Berlin and also do not buy organic, sondern may Berlin as, such as Berlin is NOW. Nevertheless, I am the problem, even if I am of the opinion, Berlin also return some.

Insulation and 85% Rent increases, according to Flyers

But also as a problem, I can draw attention to the problem and it was only by the presence at the demonstration or this blog post, because it mch as I said went to Neukölln to attend the demo.


I came from de metro and stumbled once on information stands of the Left, Green and some further linka resettled parties and associations. I was angry and was inclined to look after of the FDP and the CDU, the – just before the election – wanted to determine somewhere attention to themselves. Political parties had lost absolutely nothing in my eyes.

It is believed an election promise, regardless of which party.
Not Künast

Really happy I was therefore made, as the organizers repeatedly collusion all political associations the right, accompany this demo with their flags and even went so far, that it confers any Demoinstranten the right. The standard-bearers “thereby to assist, take down their flags”. Even celebrities have lost nothing at the beginning of the train. Applause from the crowd and applause from me. Applause also for, these people – without flag – nevertheless glad to welcome at the demonstration.

If I pick a politician's statements, then it.
No demo without Hans-Christian Stroebele and his bike.

I have no idea, whether besides Mr. Ströbele (and his bike), I salute to any such demonstration Prominent people let down any parties to, accompany this demo, but that really did a lot of people. The world spoke of 1.000, The Berliner Morgenpost of 2.500, also dan the police 2.500 ud the organizers of 6000… I tend to take a number, which is close to the number of operators, for I have let the train pass by again from the beginning to almost the end of me and it was really, really many.

The initial demo is not visible

One must also make a huge compliment to the organizers, to mobilize so many people, and to organize gleichzetig such a good demo. The train was not in any circumstances indiscriminately through Neukölln and Kreuzberg, but directly to various current foci over, shown and explained.

The demo does not end well

The houses were then in GSW, the entmietet and rots, Houses, be redeveloped luxury, Voids, which no longer exist soon, a town house, which has about three times the square or the CarLoft, that was protected to this day by the police and their dogs – Incidentally, the only point, to convert the spill, the mood was dangerous. Because it was pretty good all the way.

The CarLoft. Outgrowths perfect folly.
protected by armored men in green and their dogs

This does not mean, that people were not mad. I heard a few calls from people, which were themselves entmietet, who had to move because of rent increases or in some other way were very dissatisfied… And it was really a cross section of the tenants of these neighborhoods and not a typical left-demo.

GSW can rot the building, to take off the last tenants

Okay, there were also autonomous, People of the DKP or make other comic, but these were clearly outnumbered. I also had the feeling, as if this was actually a demo, which is enlarged to the connector. Very well. Even if there were some strange looks bon balconies, but most were very impressed by the demo and show this also.


I was also surprised, how many Kiez, Tenants, Aid initiatives are. A lot! Good, that they exist, damage, that there must be they.

So kudos to all, who were there and the organizers, just a note, the next on a Sunday, it also occurs in the read newspapers on Monday…


The Chancellor of Duel

I'm sure no political tranny but quite politically interested and knowledgeable and with a relatively clear partiality, which has one or the other surely have guessed… I could also say: I do not live in vain in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Now is precisely the election campaign in full swing, which can be seen also at the forest of signs along the roads, I like to watch. When that poster is where, which have been embellished with spray cans and where posters are around completely undsinnig. In addition, one finds reference to the Posters coalition options, you knew before or not at all. In fact, I must Sheila statement, that the choice of advertising is boring, but rather contradict.


Even as she wrote this entry, I had to contradict mentally, I had just four days before the above election poster by Hans-Christian Stroebele with the words “It must look like an election poster” getwitpic’t. One of the coolest election posters, I have ever seen and is probably the only politician Ströbele, I concede such a poster. Moreover, it is right in front of my apartment.

And as it is said in Kreuzberg and Green stands next to a fixed: Kreuzberg is red. To see which is also on the election posters, the FDP and the CDU are hard to see here, instead appear here election posters of parties, which is believed to be extinct for a long time, such as DKP. So there are, for example, lampposts, which are colored red extremely. It shows clearly, higher, more left.

dkp-linke-spd-wahlplakatganz links (DKP)
very left (The Left)
something left (SPD)

One of the very few FDP election posters but then I was also convinced, that FDP left maybe is not such a coalition option completely excluded, even if all would say no, of course, immediately, want both the left and the FDP, but actually the same: a fair wage for fair work. Because of Mr. Westerwelle and Mr. Lafontaine should have a little talk about a collaboration… Although I believe, that somehow my back, the other, as it stands…

2-arbeit-muss-sich-lohnenActually, they both want the same

Anyway it's fun times to look, what the left wants, and so comes as extraordinary results. The fact really want just the opposite, what is expected of you. In fact, the Left is the only party, occurs for the all-encompassing tax increases for everyone. She does, however, quite smart and clever and not really on a poster, you have to take just two together here. Firstly request the party “Wealth for all” a few lampposts later “wealth tax” demand. …One need only define wealth something different and oomph. Steuererhöhungen für alle 🙂

1-reichtum-fur-alle-reichtum-besteuernTaxing wealth and wealth for all
more taxes for all

But in one I have to agree with Sheila, the slogans are in themselves not really exciting. It is interesting, however, then it. For example, the only true duel Chancellor. Steinmeier takes the anyway, no one from the Chancellor. It is different with Helga Zepp-Larouge. She's chancellor Angela Merkel and competes against, Chancellor of the amptierende. Although the release has the power to Star Wars umm force. Zepp-Larouge allrings has the recipe. But what exactly do they have the power and the recipe, that it does not really tell.

3-wir-haben-die-kraftChancellor Duel: Force against panacea

But to be honest, Angela Merkel is really no more be expected of tenure, when one sees, she has since undergone. Now Angela Merkel had never even opportunities in Germany investigated the supermodel or how the show is still called, but in Hamburg election poster has surfaced, that really tells of their current state. Probably can be explained by the election poster, I have found beio Matt Wagner also explain, why they do not actually appear in this campaign. Let's see if they can get ready Chancellor duel inside their makeup for tomorrow again…


by Matt Wagner

Interestingly, they are, the election posters, But somehow help with the elections in the election decision not really. You need on the back end just yet Wahlomat to help.

green harm through select green?

If politicians do not respond to emails, then there is the most secure of too much work as part of a coming election or unpopular truths? I guess, that my question is thus a “And” be answered and will therefore in the general election against my convictions as a green voters and choose tactically.

What I asked as direct candidates, let me open times…

Moin XXX,

I've got a question. I've been thinking a lot lately about the subject first-second vote for me as the right to vote in Kreuzberg was always clear, To choose Ströbele and to support other direct candidates morally. However, I wonder now, I'm not so wrong.

In other words, a little provocative and:

Does not harm the green than one party, one green Directly selects candidates?

Four years ago the SPD in Hamburg more direct mandates reached as percentages and thus reached an overhang mandate. The Green would in itself (unlikely event) two selected Green direct candidates probably jump out no overhang mandate. So the party I did not really help, or?

On the other side (at least for now) the prediction so close, that a seat in parliament in addition the non-black-yellow camp quite the Green could offer the possibility of (black-yellow-green), (red-yellow-green), (red-red-green) shape.

If black-yellow reaches the majority everything should be clear yes, if that does not work – and it was by a, maybe even two direct mandates of the SPD – then there is no party, a better position than the Green.

In this respect the question:

Is not it wrong my first vote as a green voters a green To give directly candidate?

best regards