Eurovision Song Contest Vorspiel

Holland and Greece
or: who has the door in the trans dorm not completed.

a real SuperZandy

It was Saturday, a third still do so, and it was a mad house Saturday and therefore like any misleading House-Saturday a must.

But actually the Mad House is always more or less the same. A little after two in the morning Clock, is nachdem, how much time to let the girls hear the theme tune of the Muppet Show and Nina Queer enters the stage, said Stella Destroy, Mataina Ah How Sweet and Gloria Viagra or Melli Magic and according to most 3-4 Appearances is an end to the great trans show.


For years, that's actually been with the same name and when times occur Ades or Biggi, it's actually been a very entertaining show especially…. That often times great grand numbers are shown on stage, I will not argue, but there name and length of the show on stage in the asylum house but rather unpredictably. This time it was different.


Nina and Stella were indeed set, but otherwise there were large “Shemales on stage” House in a mental game this time really unexpected from- and substitutions. By Sheila show I ever did before some I already had another person on the stage, however, not expected.

DSC01299I did not at that Nina has such beautiful legs

But it only started once almost as expected with Nina, which came in a wide dress on the stage wearing a big black glasses, let them assign the same unique umm Nina Nana Muskouri, which was supported by Stella Muskouri and welcomed both together at night and in the basement of the sunshine… But where I think, that it should have acted earlier to spotlight and the two probably had too much ouzo, to welcome the sunshine. Well always something new…


How exactly following, as the number was something really new – or actually it felt just new, There were quite a few people, who sang live on stage in the asylum House, indess the song was certainly not seen but a new cracker and the person has to have frequently at parties, but rather behind the controls. It was SuperZandy, in the years, Berlin never know that I was on the stage. I find great SuperZandy. Beautiful, to have seen them live… Hopefully this was not a one-time appearance…


It was definitely not with Sheila, whose number I've seen for the third time and the second time that evening. Kaum aus dem Roadrunners Paradise raus, they jumped on Nina's stage, not inadvertently, Notably, however, not been announced. Maybe you have to pay have repeatedly been on stage in the asylum House.

DSC01343no photos please

It was followed by Hauherrin himself with Ke $ ha Tik Tik Tok, dem Song, to which they themselves most at the Echo on stage dufte, but was not, or hardly captured by cameras. Here in their own home they could themselves be the focus and choose the company itself, that were then already trannies number 4 and 5 on the stage, Nina spoke of there being mass instead of class….


Mass it was, and that's why there was the same one more show, again in the context of Euro Visions. The Dutch contribution Schalla La Alli sound I'm in love or something like that, definitely in Dutch and the ladies on stage talking to the unwritten law astray House, states that, something must be poured into the public… but rather something that is normally liquid and no cheese cubes… Who actually poured cheese cubes into the audience :).


With this performance, but a question has been resolved, I had already set myself the whole evening… Tons of trannies were this evening on the internet and almost all of them I did not. The resolution was the Schallalischallala drag on stage, which probably had a birthday and asked all her friends, gedresst to come to the birthday party in Geburtstagskub. They came in vast quantities.


It is the realization, that an asylum House Party without Melli, Mataina und Gloria statt finden kann. Who would have thought.

And who would have thought, that we could seduce Siren at a McDonalds visit – and that Sheila herself wanted this event to the event.


Probably better New Year's Eve party

The International Club is a bit like, known as the chocolates from Forrest Gump. Man weiss man bekommt.


So actually, you know it already, because the Club International is just the biggest gay party in Berlin. Ein Pop Floor, a House floor and massive partying people. Only the level meters on the celebration hit at this party every now and again from different degrees… If hot, times is at Kino International's boring and time the mood is great. On weekends, the level of violent hit.


It was a bit of an early New Year's party or at least mood, which, unfortunately, it is usually not reached on the New Year's Eve parties. Who knows?, maybe it will be different this year, depending, when Bob Youngs GMF Moscow reopened the cafe and celebrate to the International Club and the Mad House. That should be the melting pot of New Year's Eve and the last weekend of the International Club has already celebrated once before.


It may have been related to the emergence or end with the great lineup of Stella DeStroy, Biggy van Blond and SuperZandy, perhaps even with the snow cannon to Mariah Carey's Christmas cracker or with the advent of high drag this evening. But really matter, what it was, the atmosphere was the best for many evenings there.


This evening but also drags were there en masse, little berlin drag, which was not in civil or fumble the go. Ule if known, unknown, ever seen or not seen, they celebrated the International Club this evening. For example, a girl, bisdato that I knew only as a man and I have of course not recognized again.


I'm usually known for it yes, have to be recognized as a man hardly a drag. I think except Gloria, Olivia Gina and I have almost always looked goofy and understood nothing – this time it was the other way around, a man in drag – and I have failed in this direction. But I was taken aback, when I saw, with whom she was there… Once again, look closer and. “Yep erkannt”. Only the 14 cm heels, I would not have taken, the time to make simply no fun. Nevertheless, a lot of respect. Only the name I will not write this time, as male name and female image not wantonly must be shown together.


By the way, I have found again, that an evening can work in AI very well with a homeopathic dose of alcohol. Aloha Mango and Redbull Cola can actually be enough

Cockerparty and Kofferboys

We Fahrn now to Cockerparty, We fahrn now to Cockerparty, We fahrn now to Cockerparty, We fahrn now to Cockerparty?

This everlasting never-ending set of Janka and Stella could not avoid really long, So we left the magnificent La Fete Fatale by the WMF and visit the Cockerparty…


… and in WMF was not really fully, so we only briefly SuperZandy welcomed and said goodbye again from the WMF…. However, only in the garden, where the majority of the guests at this evening cocktails and nice discussions. So nice discussions, that you accused me, I drank Sabbelwasser. I had not, however,, But I chatted with two South Africans, are completely random landed in WMF.


Actually, they were the World Championships in Athletics in Berlin, but they saw people and heard music, so they ended up at this party, only lit tle wonder, that it obviously is a gay party. That was the two but to say the least matter and we talked for a while about Athletics, yes I also operate my welfare for many years… Today I jog and was not even aware of me again. And when not necessarily aware of, I had Sunday, Monday or have to run today… But nevertheless: Shame on me. It would be good for me actually.


But I have not exactly taken even a decent pair of running shoes. 1000 Pumps and no decent pair of running shoes Strange.

And why am I writing all? Well exactly taken mainly, Login to post these few pictures, especially because the picture with the Kofferboys I find great and should not be deprived. Red, Lila, Un green signal colors, Kiss between two made-Kofferboys in black and behind a red background. Color class and lonely, according to Sheila we are even capable RGB. And of course to very many other things also capable.


Gossip Girl Stella Destroy

Gossip Girls, something in the air, and an error in the image.


Third Saturday of the month and thus a misleading House-Saturday. But somehow this weekend “only” House and misleading because the mad house so until two to Trans show is really interesting, we had to let us come before anything else. A meal at Sage Restaurant, to the morning but I'm only.
Today is the firstonce Irrenhoue and it brought one of the best performances on the stage this time with Stella and Destroy Heavy Cross by Gossip, I have ever seen in a mental house, is that really useful.



In general, the House was misled this time something weird, somehow the people were there this time boisterous than usual, such as floating any drugs – So more than usual – in air… about excoriated unit is generally yes firstonce a good target for a pary. This SuperZandy with one of the best DJ personalities of the city…, which transformed the actual House floor in a magnificent pop-Floor. I usually do not stay too long on the House Floor, but this time reached Zandy me with the music perfectly and I even danced, which seldom, but may have something to do with the drugs listed above.

Gossip GirlsTrans casserole – Pour over it just cheese

And it met all. Stella as deep as it was possible with a cut back, Mataina, Zandy, we, Transform an entire casserole. How Janka recognized quite correctly. Just pour cheese over it yet and we have a Trans casserole…. How true, how true. And would have melted, because it was hot again in Irrenhouse, where I had to find, that there ausliegenden flyers in their variety and not the, what they once were. Somehow less stiff.


And as it is in hot temperatures as, So you need something to drink from the bar to recognize there, that something was different… So then it was also the first set, I heard “Hello – Ashna is the way to the other bar”… “ääääh anyway because I get something to drink?” I was… and even just the right order without. Good, if one is a regular guest. But I was later persuaded, instead of my Becks Lemon once but to try a wheat Schöfferhofer, However, half of which then remained in the asylum House. Next time then again Becks Lemon. You should stay with the, what you like and what has been proven.

102_0120Find the error in this picture.

So probably thought Nina Queer, many people looked at Deko Behrendt buy bananas. That meant two oranges in her hair and the hip bananas – not for the first time, was known as. Does not matter, because the number is so good, and was not long moved from their. Consequently, you should not complain. But some of it was really exciting to Stella Show. The song ever anyway with his speed- and volume change was great by light changes even more impressive, Black, Strobe, Torch. Made pretty great.


However, as the current favorite song seemingly all drag queens “Fuck U!” von Lily Allen. I like always, when several drags on stage, and even if signs with messages as well as many balloons have occurred in the auditorium have frequently, missed this but the purpose is not. Even not, when the audience goes along well, and did it again this time.

Karla Gerfeld, Modeschöpferin im Irrenhouse
Karla Gerfeld, Fashion designer

Speaking of this time was in a mental house VIPs present, Not about Lady Gaga or Bono from U2 played each concert in Berlin this evening, sondern Karla Gerfeld, The famous fashion designer, Armed found fault not the subjects of the resistance of flyers, but to various fashion sins of the evening had an opinion – and, of course, not always a good, as for example to Mary and Marianne Hellweg, which obviously got lost in an asylum House. With one of the two I had then a funny conversation.

Dirndl in July

I: How is it, that you are in dirndl, Oktoberfest is but a while back?
They: Now I come from there.
I: Ah, so you live in or around Munich?
They: No, I live in Berlin.
I: Er. and what is the reason, why do you come from in the dirndl?
They: That's it (pointing to her friend)

102_0060All astray.

…That was the reason, me where this conversation was too strenuous and then but I did not want to know more, and again thought, but that probably had drugs in the air… This helped me but not yet to learn, that the girl had difficulties, to stick long eyelashes and that it was not so easy with the eyeliner… AAhja, I think I have to times….


Next month you continue.