Ray Collins' Hot Club

Swing’n’Jive Easter Ballroom III: Ray Collins’ Hot Club

In the announcement of the Swing’n’Jive Easter Ballroom stand:

Admiral Palace “Swing Royal” presented: Swing’n’Jive Easter Ballroom. With the London Puppini Sisters und Ray Collins’ Hot Club legt die Admiralspalast SWING ROYAL Veranstaltungsreihe zwei Superstars der Swing’n’Jive Szene ins Osterkörbchen. Ray Collins’ Hot Club are considered one of the world's top Jive Bands. Ihr extrem tanzbarer Sound ist eine Mischung aus spätem Swing und frühem Rock’n’Roll, suitable for Jitterbug and Lindy Hop.


….I'm sure the wrong person, to decide, ob der Ray Collins’ Hot Club tatsächlich als Superstar der Swing’n’Jive Szene gilt. and also of Jitterbug and Lindy Hop I've never heard of. The fact is, I really liked, was the 10 Have fabricated man on stage. As I said, that alone has nothing to say, da sich meine Vorbildung in den Bereichen Jive und Swing und Rock’n’Roll eher auf niedrigem, for middle level is.


But I keep it in such situations, always with the words of a sommelier, I chatted with the times. The said mi: This wine is only as good, it tastes like you. Consequently, the Ray Collins was’ Hot Club so gut, as he liked. And he liked me well, So it was good. Obviously, the rest of the visitors had the same opinion at the Admiral Palace, because the music and the show on stage made for quite an enthusiasm and a filled and fast-moving dance floor.


While I do not even have a beginner's dance course was behind me, but people were there, the smile on the advanced courses just tired. So you could see several of the top, that individual couples began to dance and relatively fast-free areas were actually on the crowded dancefloor, which was then shown times, how to dance RIGHT. With roller over the back and so. This was very surprising to see.


But even less professional dancers had fun that night and even those just like yours truly, See more of the dance known, got their money and were able to consider, whether a dance class times but would not make sense. …Had it, but not about the course with waltz and foxtrot and so. Is this really basic knowledge, or you can skip directly to the. Then the idea would be worth quite. Henceforth, I shall confine myself but firstonce in Watching…


…We also had to watch. Namely, that we got away and although the AI, because there should be about half 3 Nina Queer are hunting rabbits on stage… We did not want to miss. So we tried to say goodbye, failed miserably in it and ran away… But for more tomorrow.

Lord Of Eden

Fashion Show at the Admiral Palace
Lord Of Eden

As I said before, the Swing’n’Jive Easter Ballroom was much more than just a concert of Puppini Sisters.

As already mentioned, the whole followed including a fashion show Herr von Eden.


How, you know not Mr. Eden? …This went on until about me 2 Years as. But I have a friend, whose favorite designer is not just Armani, Lagerfeld, Boss or else almost any designer of the rod, is but just that Herr von Eden, the fashion was here now demonstrated.

Now, this friend is not above any 0815 Type but pretty much one of the coolest people, I know so, which begins with his name, Cool is the only pronounced in a different notation, but as a total person is just something else, Most of the rest of the persons as, I know so. In which “otherwise” here in no way disrespectful but absolutely benevolent, is perhaps meant something admiringly. K. Cool is easy with the bit more charm and a little more fitted in style and especially the own, personal touch, it needs, to be stylish and not just expensive. Just as K. Cool are then also the garments of his favorite designer Herr von Eden… Oh, and the case made this little films could also K. Cools extensive collection of old suitcases come, sorted by size range almost to its ceiling.


And, the suits are expensive. No question – at least relative to rod suits. However, if you know, that there are handmade suits and of each piece in the collection just 15-20 You piece, then can the prices from 490 € but just get over yet. At least you can be fairly certain, that you rarely meet a person with a Herr von Eden suit, wears those same – and when, then you can still be fairly sure, that this must also be a pretty cool person, how is itself probably a.

Jan Delay times it has designated as. “Since you wear heart blood on the body”. So it is probably.

In order again to the comparison Armani – Return HvE. An Armani suit is because the new S-Class Mercedes and the suit of Mr. Eden is then the “Jaguar SS 100 from 1936 in British Racing Green”. And when both are at the traffic lights just looks the fool on the Mercedes.


Moreover, one would like to be much rather talk to the Jaguar driver at a party.

The Puppini Sisters

A journey into the 20s with the Puppini Sisters
The Puppini Sisters

How cool was that? Quite a long time ago Sheila asked me, if I want to with the Puppini Sisters. Puppini Sisters? Never heard of… No matter, I'm going

Rock’N’Roll sei angesagt. No problem, achieved the Pettiecoatkleidchen and I thought about the styling made. Here again looked at Sheila's blog… Puppini Sisters were the legitimate successors of the Andrews Sisters? Were not more likely to 20s instead of 60s? Pettiecoatkleidchen packed and brought out something else. …The whole course took a little longer, But Sheila was always too late and I was ready, as they rang. From the Admiral's Palace. …At least three cross streets further, because a lot was not to be found.


Admiral Palace then we plunged into the world of swing. Here, everyone was really dressed to the 50's in the time period of 20, there was a large hall and a small, It was a gamble and next to the wardrobe still Ties and similar utensils were sold for the emergency. – and what it fully. As it were a great Boheme Sauvage, just with more people and a greater ambience. But actually it was not just like a Boheme Sauvage, but it was a. Because we were some of the guests and hosts meet again from there. So it was more than a concert, der Puppini Sisters – more. Here, some people have really given a lot of effort.


But concert itself. The Puppini Sisters are in fact somehow the successor of the Andrews Sisters. Triple singing with a band in the back and on the whole the best of scarce 90 Years of music history. To set the mood for ice breaking and something, all knew the “When I Have Schoen”. A classic, when comes to German Swing Music – I think with my limited knowledge, that is composed from the movie Swing Kids.


Swing Kids, a film, then after I, When I saw him, was more than hooked. Unfortunately, there was a scene like that time in Hamburg and not so nothing was out of it, to deepen the. Otherwise, I might actually someday is a dance class. Because yesterday I was quite unhappy, not be able to dance, when I saw, what some had it so. – but also later.


I digress. So back to the Puppini Sisters. I wrote earlier, that all the song with me Are you nicely know, knew so many of the other songs. I have convinced the ladies on stage at the latest, she “It Don’t Mean A Thing” played, not for nothing that the reason, why I once bought a swing plate. Our hoses, long.


What can I say, I was pretty excited and a little surprised, dass mir Marcella “the kleene with the cylinder of the last boheme sauvage” explained, that go home, is now wrong, there are two burlesque dancers would occur and even a fashion show Herr von Eden oh yeah and one more show of lingerie Blush Lingerie would follow.


Most of it, however, I have missed, I've talked me. No matter, all this for £ paarundzwanzig. Better you can invest his money hardly… Only – but I'll get more tomorrow than today.

I would venture to say anyway, the Puppini Sisters not every evening to enjoy such a right Audience.