Kylie Minogue Flashmob in Sydney

I'm generally a friend of well-made flash mobs, although most flash mobs have little to do with the actual meaning…

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Always, if more photographers and video cameras are present as Flashmobber, is the whole a rather double-edged sword. For a good flashmob distinguished indeed characterized by, that is not even visible before, that just because something happens. No matter, so be it, when it is done well or at least funny, can it ever watch.


This just about have already been 100.000 Do people in this flash mob in front of the Sydney Opera House, to the drag queen Joyce had Maynge loaded. …It strikes me again and again, obvious that every mob in the world includes at least a drag queen or was even initiates of their.

And what exactly makes a good drag queen from Sydney? Sure, Australia's mascot Kylie Minogue with a medley, the safe dfazu leads, that this video is soon locked.

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The video tells the story of “hundreds” Dancers. This is probably somewhat exaggerated, but there are already a lot and certainly there was previously a lot of samples, so that the hinhaut. Insofar receives all my respect

Priscilla, Queen of the desert.

A cock in a frock on a rock



Coincidentally I saw today, that for two weeks the film Priscilla – Queen of the Desert To purchase a DVD gibt.Lange before I myself have thought about Rumtransen, I already knew a thing or problem, which can occur in the counties. Bitchy trannies, High Heels, the right or wrong dress at the right time and in some girls too many emotions. A friend brought this movie in English by his Australia-exchange, where he already cult film war.Im take two drags and a transsexual in a pink Greyhound bus through Australia, travelers will see some. The film is a little bit like, as the film starring Wesley Snipes and I do not even know the name. Only older and much much besser.Übrigens, who can speak English should watch it also at times englich. As often as in this film is hardly in another film, the small F-Word vorkommen.Trotzdem this film is probably the best of the profession “Let us say happen trannies – the already finds its audience” and has earned as an Oscar for its costumes – and bekommen.Groooßartig.
Media Markt would say Buy: March march!

From Sydney, the drag artist Tick aka Mitzi and Adam aka Felicia her powdered nose have fully. In Alice Springs beckons a promising commitment. Between them is the Australian desert, the Tick / Mitzi and Adam / Felicia with a rickety, candy-colored bus called “¾ Priscilla”Want to "cross. With them travels the stricken of an unhappy love story, transsexual Bernadette. On her shrill desert trip, the three birds of paradise knarzi-tions hillbillies meet, do not shed their prejudices despite common binge drinking, Aboriginal people with secret weakness for ABBA à ¢ € â € œ and their own quirks, Weaknesses and dreams.



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