holy astray House

Blasphemy in Irrenhouse


so without a cell phone you are not only half a man, but more so do not. I do not know, how to make it, before there were cell phones, but appointments without a cell phone are quite horrible to effect.

Before the monthly astray House visit we were aiming even a visit to the spindle & Make Klatt. The plan was, I drove there with my car there and I should take the rest of the girls in front. Goofy, when it snows like a fairy tale for Christmas and the roads are extremely icy. You then imagine the way to the Spindler and Klatt: cycling not cobbled, this extremely icy and with lots of snow it is really hefrtig, with high heels is almost impossible.

Still, I am Spindler & Klatt an, however, had to find, that there something between 100 and 200 Before and people were asked to inlet…. Goofy, because I could not find neither Sheila nor Janka. Still, I waited about 10-12 Minutes and went again on the difficult path towards the car and then just this month early to go to the insane asylum House.

Da war ich. earlier than ever. There were parking, I could talk undisturbed at the bar with Ashna and save a waiting queue in the dressing transvestite, I made it clear by their, that each of Transe, are not lining up in a mental house right at the end of the cloakroom queue, on this privilege shakes. I was the long time ago from a house Tresenfee astray with the words “You need not be present here” made clear. So something like this you can also enjoy one pass. …That the queue at the door for them should not be present, I forgot to mention but.


But, when it was still empty arg, when I came into Irrenhouse, noted man schon, that it would be fully. It had been badly hard to get past all the Garderobenanstehern and also at the bar there was no trace of Witschaftskriese. This economy was clearly well. I hardly had to, to exchange a few words with Ashna. So that really is not.

But it was clear, that this party had full and good will, because there was never a party in a mental house, under the star was a better than this. The Trans-show namely, The Highlite this time the party was in fact a divine. ….And I mean by “Divine” this time not great, great and grand – that she is often – but this time actually divine. At least the show was never as religious as this evening.

But it started with Melli Magic and Mataina Ah How Sweet and her performance with the Andrews Sisters Mr. Sandman. Nevertheless, the Andrews Sisters were actually three of, were Mataina and Melli is nothing second. The uniform was otherwise well and had no complaints about the show… except perhaps, that he does not really fit with the other three pieces. He had, with church, Believe God or nothing to do. However – hey, Then came the.


After a small pause move came namely Melli Magic and alone in a white gown on stage and it was solemnly. Leonard Cohen's Halleleujah, sung by any ääääh Soul tube and thus Soul Berlin drag queen number 1 exactly the right song. From behind it was illuminated by a divine light. It was something of a halo, but was probably a headlight with a few hundred watts, ran pretty hot. …very hot, as you can see on the video, for if I mistake not everything, kokelte Mellis wig and then it rose to smoke… Lots of light, it was also just white smoke and we have a new pope. Who can it be? Melli? Nina? I might?

Stella DeStroy certainly not, because that was later to blasphemous… What can probably get for a song, when three drags in a mental house in Nuns outfits wear large crosses on the stage? I give you a hint: “Each one cross”…. Of course I speak of THE song “Life of Brian”… Jesus Aaah Brian – So in this case with Stella Always look on the bright side of life and Mataina and Nina as a background cross hanging trannies… Great.

Actually lacked only one thing, that Nina with the simple words “and if we are ever here in Nun Costume … Well you know…” announced. Sister Act. Whoopie Goldberg, the medley of course. Probably THE number with Soul for four nuns in Irrenhouse. Not really a surprise but of course class. But for me, no question, best I found Melli Magic with Hallelujah.


Incidentally, I also found the party like always. A whole lot Becks Lemon made me dance so much as long gone and amazed I was able to find out, celebrate all that teeny Twenbands in Irrenhouse – probably because they because of too many declarations of love can not celebrate in any typical disco. Here they could – and they did it with some omitted brought friends / fans. I like that. Celebrity astray House.

Oh, I promised more on the new homepage Christian dem Partypixxer to point… Hoffentlich bringt mir das auch einen Link in seinen Links 🙂

Swing & Jive Night @ BeBop

Capt'n Kuddelmuddel, which can be directed towards the Swing Royal Admiral Palace rotate the platter held once a month Sving & Jive Night at the BeBop and invited us to date yesterday (now being old) Appointment. We should pass it out.

Sure we do like to mess especially DJ at Admiral Palace hangs always upbeat dance music and he brings many dancers to move there. That would certainly happen in Be Bop, after all, these are a dance school…

A party in a dance school? I have a somewhat ambivalent relationship to dance schools, they all look alike anyway. Large space, very bright, Wood, a large wall mirror and a disco ball. Very angular and very very boring. Such things can be nothing. I thought. Before we could find out the, we had to find out firstonce, where the Be-Bop is ever.

But what are nowadays mobile phones and internet in them. Schnall I found out, where this dance school is Sheila and navigation system steered us there. Until a pretty black, quite large, very heavy and above all extremely locked gate, standing we could hear faint music in the distance before. But since we did not want to climb over the gate safely three meters high, was this music but totally inaccessible. So back to the car and asked a new time the Internet.


Okay, the address was correct, else but the entrance. Vice parked car, new losgestöckelt, until we were standing in front of the right backyard. BeBop stand am Shield – and the whole was on the third floor. And lift us up. But we were back in front of a closed door, a smaller, not black but just locked door. But the music was much louder this time….

They also came from the not quite closed the door SECOND floor. What an odyssey, but we finally actually on DJ Kuddelmuddels Swing & Jive Night led. Although there were some small discrepancies at the door, but we came in and were able to approve a well filled wine and listen to the band Speakeasy, the expedient song. (We were once again spot on time).

In addition, however, we were able to take a look at the dance school space, the in fact did not have the typical dance schools non-charm, but almost more of a ballroom-like anmutete. A really nice room and NO vile disco ball on the ceiling…

At the event, we met Jane, with whom we talked a long time and in the course of conversation I have shown, I have little of the music of the 60s and especially of German music of the 60s even less idea… Das muss man auch mal zugeben können 🙂

Funny, was the question of their, whether there would be events, on dei we would not go… Well if we want to go, can fit in or fit in us, then we'll go anywhere…

And yes, It was danced. Some dance school terms, other very well, some – as we – not at all. But there was still, that the room still had a couple more people fit in.. Perhaps even get a next time. So who would like to swing & Jive hat, can there every third Saturday of the month dance Swing umm enschwingen.


Honeyball 2008 meets Girl in a Hot Rod

Honeyball 2008 – Swing meets Rockabilly und Hillbilly und…

At the weekend was the Honeyball 2008 in SO36 and on the whole was under the motto “Swing meets Rockabilly. My first thought, was when I heard the: Klingt toll… but in SO36??? that'll be nothing.

I must confess, that my SO36 has not been established as a venue with flair in memory. For me, the SO36 has remained a rather lifeless space. Rock concerts, Punk concerts? And! But Swing? Well I do not know.

The evening was already fated as we left, because it was raining cats and dogs…. In addition, horses, Cows and probably also some budgies. In short: it was an absolute crap weather. Nevertheless, before we had to have another opportunity to give to the bank to pay any admission. But Sheila and I were as stupid in front of the ATM. She could not remember their number and I also had some problems… Once entered incorrectly, I was, however, still some money and was able to rescue this evening as Sheila financially. Otherwise we had to save him himself.


But first we drove first chewing gum towards SO36. That was a mistake – also das kaugummikauen… Have I not for two weeks, a temporary crown in my mouth and told me the dentist still something of “Do not chew gum”… Consequently, I now have NO more temporary crown in the mouth but this now in the handbag. That suupa!

Arrived at SO36 we had to wait a little, at least until the rain subsided so, that Sheila was able to pick me up with the screen side of her car at my car page. Otherwise we would have been so drenched, that we would have to cancel the evening before the first party…


Since we had already feared it as nihct made it to the guest list, The man looked at us at the inlet only meaningless but refusing to – but fortunately overruled him another nice guy, of us …durchwank, durchwunk waved through?… Well let through just.

So we moved to a Honeyball and it was confirmed, what I expected. The SO36 is just a store, where it is really hard, produce an appealing flair. Since you can still hang as many pictures and try, to make the store homey. It's just difficult.

But a party is and yes it normally with the audience – and the agreed. We arrived about half past eleven. However, the Honeyball had gone on for 19 Clock and since it was well stocked and there was dancing, they were worth.

In such situations, I always get annoyed, I've never made it to a dance class… However, I would have probably otherwise hardly dared, because almost invariably knew the dancing there, what they were doing there.. And they did now been 4 1/2 Hours. What condition.

poorer quality but faster here:

But the second I knew not at all well, What dance class should I visit, Waltz for sure was not announced here. So there was the situation, wo zu irgendeinem mir unbekannten Rock’n’Roll Titel in einer Ecke 5 Girls afforded a formation dance, währen in einer Ecke feinster Rock’N’Roll getanzt wurde und daneben ein Pärchen ziemlich klasse dazu Swing tanzte. Not to mention the other couple, that danced a dance I completely unknown, the co-host Else Edelstahl than “Maybe Hillbilly” classified. Wenn man tanzen cane, you sure about that much fun, but also to watch, it is very amusing.

The visitors were quite different, and accordingly dressed differently from the 20s to the 50s. Exciting mix. Sheila fiel auf Typ one, He wore a cowboy hat. These more courage than is necessary for our outfit? Courage? For my outfit? Soooo bad I can see out at all.. Well not quite as they said it then but. It turned out, the guy was a member of the single band, we would not have missed. The blisters are a Grey

Blisters ‘N Grey

The cowboy hats they put in my eyes visually in the Country corner, but do not ask me, what they actually played. after a conversation with Sheila I have much more information and much less idea than before

Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Hillbilly, Rockin’ Hillbilly, Country, Walking in the punk rockabilly, perhaps with the whole ska inserts towards Madness and what I still remember everything…. Phew I wave the white flag and surrender !! I like the music, but does not necessarily know, EXACTLY what I hear there.


Anyway, The band was nice but not great and they had the usual problem every cover band. If they intersperse their own songs… come to just less, as the cracker they enact otherwise. Damage.

Overall it was nice, but I think for such parties is the SO36 many light not THE party place. Also, I found the music later on the popsicle party at times a little snappy..

Master and Servant im Insomnia

Depeche Mode im Insomnia

Friday were a lot of trannies, I've known for quite a while in the city. Mia, Kerstin, Jessi and a whole lot of other people, who gathered to Pricillas successor party of queer boat party on Saturday in Berlin.

Usually you find such Transenzusammenrottungen from Germany either in total or in KitKat Insomnia. So I knew, where I would have to go, it was so nice, to write me a text message, against me 23:30 recalled, that Jessi had just arrived in Insomnia..

23:30? Way too early for me. How am I supposed to be somewhere at such earlier time? …But I did not have so, because
a) I am mobile
b) I know the way
c) I had to eat something and before
d) I was not done yet

Irgendwan at one-thirty I stood – fattened with a whopper – at the door of Insomnia. I can remember, there have been times in front of closed doors, because I did not know, that there will need to ring to get inlet.

No matter, I slipped through, when the door was always open and just randomly moved into Insomnia.

Generally I like the Insomnia by flar ago yes. For that, that it is a solid club, they are major – at least on the weekend – but far more interesting than, say, people around the KitKat. …And much fewer tourists. Wer also gerne gothic- or goes tinged fetishlastig, and then just by chance is no greater party going, of the insomnia should try it.

Or even the people, related to Depeche Mode, because this Friday there was the Master and Servant party. That means here, however, only secondarily the theme and sub master but has mainly indicates the eponymous album by Depeche Mode…

But that does not yet, that not many a corner or intimate area for small sessions and orgies is used. tststs.

I have a bed but then prefer to “comfortable lying around” and “I talk nice” used and that was also very nice. The only, which is not found so great, war Dominique, who asked me, watch with my heels, Leather and heels not vertrügen and I should also watch, make no scratches in the tiles…

with plastic heels???

Na egal, I watched something on and all was well. Himself again with Kerstin, Jessi first time or to entertain with Lena and in between a couple of Depeche Mode songs to dance. So I like the.

…but why I found myself at a times with a cigarette in his mouth, I do not know – and even not, why the same thing happened again on Saturday…

It was definitely a nice evening