Tatiana- Fateful Years of Queen II

Why do I see that actually only today?

It's been several years since, I just wrote some parts of the book “Tatiana- Fateful Years of Queen” had received, the ever anliessen very well.

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The Kurzexpose states the following:
A prostitute falls under the witness protection program disguised as a man in gay circles and rises to the celebrated drag queen in Berlin. She discovers not only an eerie series of murders,but also happen to be finished with the excesses of the media landscape and appears unattainable love affair...

And Äääähhhh. Sounds firstonce not really exciting, However, it is interesting, if it is a little familiar with the Berlin drag scene exciting. Tatyana not even speaks of fictitious persons. Rather, almost everything is happening just as or at least similar.

I wrote in 2008 ever on the part, I was reading, but meanwhile (So, strictly speaking, since already 2009) there is to read the entire manuscript and it is worth, also schaut mal rein 🙂

143 entertaining pages:

Blonde Trans casserole in Goya

While the rest of the queer boat passengers on the – obviously not as exciting – Adagio has made, have Sheila, Janka and I packed us to Goya to the propaganda party to rock again.


Sheila had mainly the reason, that they should be consulted before a movie camera on the work of David Bowie… So it was pretty fast unwell and had Janka and strip me alone through Goya… It's not bad, we know as of now yes and it was certainly not our first party propaganda, we visited there….


This time, however, were different. Ma was able to speak of a veritable trans casserole in Goya. A pair is always there, But mostly you can count the fake women in Goya at one to one and a half hands. This time, however, there would come out a number, one has hardly taught me in first class.


We were a little surprised schschon, as with Tatjana – to us – Unknown Ladies arrived, We were even more surprised, as we threw another glance through Goya. Large scale and especially in large numbers unknown to us girls, who populated this evening the Goya.


Part of the solution to the puzzle was a loud Tatjana “umgedreht Party” in a bar, should come to the girls than boys and vice versa…. The latter has Tatjana then bagged in large numbers and packed and shipped to Goya. Obviously needed some persuasion the, but on the other hand, this was then again apparently successful.


Gina Tonic was not part of this troupe of course, but was also more technically work on the propaganda and sonicated to Floor Pop. I like it much better anyway, but was particularly impressed us this evening the Candyboy, with his tray full of sour licorice snakes Janka and could not quite escape me.


obei you have to say, that it rather interested me the goodies on his tray, Janka while there obviously had other interests.

In any case, we had enough of this evening eventually, yes if the boat since the Queer lasted much longer hours than normal so we were reasonably happy as Sheila had finished her report and we could finish the evening.


Miss Mannequin @ Galeries Lafayette

Miss Mannequin Wahl & Shopping Peepnacht
Strand in the Galeries Lafayette for CSD


The sparrows whistle it from the rooftops and through email and Facebook channels. There should be again this year on the eve of the Berlin CSD Parade back into Galeries Lafayette, a shopping Peepnacht. So there was the motto: Frosties, arouse the tiger in you” .. or something like that with anything “Animal Instinct” extensive actions in berlin purchase französischtem Temple.

galeries lafayette

Like last year, the first guard of Berlin travesty should ensure there, that tourists and clients and have fun this evening to 24 clock on a budget, or at least your friends, Relatives and future visitors to Berlin from this event, tell living human predators in the window and the spectacular drag queens behind the controls and the door.

gloria Viagra
If someone does not know Gloria

At the door, das war Mataina Ah wie Süß, who had the thankless task, To operate road travesty. That is probably the pinnacle of his travesty. In the worst case, a job, against prostitution is a cakewalk, at best, a great experience… Now the Friedrichstrasse is not the Ocean Drive and the Galeries Lafayette is not the Palace Bar in Miami and it was first rather than second. Hard bread and a tough job, However, the well can make anyone successful in Berlin, als Mataina.


In the Galeries Lafayette, there were some attractions, which revolved mainly around drag queens behind disk controllers and more or less disguised persons, the ground floor Gloria Viagra and put her on a known sound – not just full-figured person is stretched as a pig with French chocolates on a round bed… something strange that was… So I do not mean Gloria.

galeries lafayette peep shopping nacht

Nina Queer also I do not mean, which had a really easy job…. In addition to their console on the first floor in the elevator was just watching a Bondageperformance shown, should be accompanied with a particular CD… but this took about an hour Bondageperformance, Also blieb sound doll – the work at least an hour, once again hit play and otherwise Transferred to empty the bottle of champagne. Solch einen Job möchte ich auch mal haben 😉

nina queer @ galeries lafayette

No, I honestly am, business that I make my money on other things than the drag-business, I can afford it, me to go all ungedresst as a critic in such an event the Galeries Lafayette Peep night and let's see, what the Drags there during the Miss mannequin of himself so – and give the best… And that was really different kinds…. as well as the girls on stage.


Emily Extasy, Phil Plastik, Charlet Crackhouse, Tatiana, Diva Atlantique, Glory Glamour, Anna Bar und Donna Cutie …then not. That left seven, occurred and as “one more beautiful than the other” and “the best drag queens Berlin” were announced… Something, which would have provided some other Berlin Drags for upset stomach…


Well what actually happened, There were three rounds, a round to showing, to answer questions about a round and a third round freestyle so to speak.. You could show each of the ladies, what they could or thought can.


For me, the first round has clearly won Phillisha, quiet, cool and with a certain “Fuck up” Attitude they came on stage, made a Spaghat and then twisted again, because the others could not so much a dance show and put the stuff, it was simply the coolness last word.


The second round, do you mean the idea of ​​jury questioning followed then offered especially miserable. Both the candidates of Miss Mannequin choice but also as the jury spoke here in part to his neck or wig. I have often said, that some prefer Drags should not sing live – Now I need to expand. There are even occasions, where some Drags should not even talk live. Jury questionnaires in the Galeries Lafayette clearly belong to. Here a representative example, the better way.


Gutgut, So then we come to the third round, Here the ladies were allowed to make, what they want. And they talked happily propagated to the top “not sing” … ie the majority of the girls brought something typical travesty numbers better, something worse. Most probably brought the then – with the most experience – Tatjana on the stage… Properly made me speechless but has none of the travesty numbers… But I've seen too many einfch extraordinary numbers Seen… Well Results Next weekend is again misleading House.


There was but he also in Galeries Lafayette interesting numbers. Phillisha example trumped big on, when she took the stage with several hula hoops and let them gyrate around him. Well, who can exceptional, it can also show off. Unfortunately, disabled the height of the ceiling a little the appearance. but that did not much, it was still very well.


Ebendo the number of Gloria Glamour, a memory number recited Evelyn Haman. Not sung, not the band, but real and live with many “thieeeeitsch” Great – and something completely different, than what bring the travesty warhorses else to the Stage. Math ganth bad way THungenbrecher. 🙂


There was even a number of the former counter expert of deception House Bar and Anna told me though Mataina, who should join as yet, I forgot to Andreas took off his wig. Aha, so this is Anna Bar. Ist ja interesting. That reminds me, I genauf ago 4 Years 11 Months – then still living in Hamburg, este the time came to Berlin and visited the Mad House. Since there was Anna Bar on the stage. Now almost 5 Years later a comeback? We will see?


Not really nice was then the jury, attempt, after two and third place, firstonce to say who would have won not because… “The winner is guaranteed not… Charlet Crackhouse”… hmmm so does not have to be – and they saw themselves as UDN was the only name that, has guaranteed not win… then won it the way the old warhorse Tatjana travesty of the voucher 500 €, is in the Galeries Lafayette in about as much value, as two Karen Millen dresses or a pair of Versace patent leather pumps, The photograph was clearly forbidden by me. I do not always, What the other hand, have.


So be it, that was the Miss Mannequin and the Peep Show night at the Galeries Lafayette.

Birthday bash in the birthday club

Eight years Irrenhouse


Every year in August there is the birthday astray House in the birthday club. That is, that Nina Queer another year celebrating their anniversary party. Normally this means a great show, due to incredible wealth and an equally incredible temperature.


As soon as you entered the birthday club began to sweat you übelst – probably just shows how strong the Note, I with Ashna, the ordered again in the rest of the bar just moved WATER. An absolute novelty. Since I have them in laborious work order as far as getting, I need only look and have a Becks get pushed towards Lemon and then the. A water – while I remained. I had not been drinking before that one or the other Vodka Energy, would have been able to think straight, I wanted to Nina (Small nicht Queer) Connect and Janka's drinking habits and antialkoholisch draw from now through the world. Forget it…


But water was urgently needed and there was sea water umm more water this evening and that moment during the show. Fortunately, Stella Destroy warned us at the beginning of the show VOCH just from excessive water use, which could reflect badly on the performance of the camera, Therefore, even today the videos are not from the front but rather of the page. Does not matter. content counts, and yes it was serious.


It was nice seeing again by Tatjana on the stage of Irrenhouse. I wrote a long time ago so about Tatjana “The more cotton candy, Tatjana more” but these wigs she has long gone. Unusual indess it should stay with her and so she came this time with a mane of Tina Turner on stage and sang with Tina Turner the right skirt length – and frame OHL? A medley of ältestens lady in showbiz, in a mini skirt is acceptable. Tina eben. And some have Tina Turner and Tatiana together… Not only that “T” in the name of… No. Tina was on her Ike & Tina actually gesehnet time only with a first name, was then properly with the last name known… and Tatyana means obvious since the weekend Tatjana Berlin. Perhaps the career is going right now, then go…


But I wanted to talk about water and came with Ades Zabel on stage. Ades Nina brought a bouquet of flowers, and it should be the love of trees, have used a little water, lest they wither. So Mataina and Tatiana ran off and fetched water that they then also a large area on the flowers, Ades on, distributed the stage and the audience at the front. Have made great cinema and I know that the girls have a lot on stage, but so much water they have certainly not yet spilled.


Ades certainly was not hot then, I already, Therefore, I moved the rest of the evening no longer out of the smoking room, because this does have the great disadvantage, that he is smoky, but it is also the great advantage, he's cool – and that was more valuable this evening. Moreover, it is there and so quiet you could still keep one or the other chat, and then went home.


Irrenhouse ist immer toll, but at such temperatures hard to bear. But I will not complain, ich gastrointestinal the summer – und da ist es eben auch im Irrenhouse heiss 🙂