Berlin Fashion Week – Catwalk subway

Underground Catwalk at Berlin Fashion Week

(2) The Berlin Fasionweek shows twice a year a mass of fabulous fashion shows and great designer clothing at various catwalks in Berlin. All well and good, but as long as no one proves to me otherwise, I gaube that the exciting and thrilling the Underground Catwalk is.

Redcat 7 zur Berlin Fashionweek
Redcat 7

In a – partially propelled – often standing underground young designers show their latest creations to the underground scene from the fields of paint, Leader, Gothic, Baroque, Punk. Sexy Dresses with corset and high heels. Models von Rockstar were not about any Heidi Klum Anziehpüppchen but fits with tattoos, Equipped piercings and own broadcasts. Completely from the typical chic of Berlin Fashion Week, far away from all the Joop, Gucci and other designers – and the current models there.

AMF Korsetts @ Berlin Fashionweek
AMF Cross

But probably one comes to these other fashion shows and not the Underground Catwalk is always with 15 Admission € for paying guests still a real bargain. After I last year was there alone, Sheila and I hit this year there together.

All were in the subway, the doors closed, and the music started and the actual show. The car drove off and everyone could be happy, when he was able to get a card… And it really seemed like so ago, as if the organizers behind this time a few more visitors to the web. It was more crowded and less space for the models to run. However, this did not detract from the matter.

Salone di Pessa @ Berlin Fashionweek
Shop Pessa

The “Catwalk” was constructed, that each 5 Designers should in turn and walk back end of the central Bachtage car in a direction to subway, while the others ran in the other direction. In the middle we all met again and it started all over again – only the other way around.

And I was in the first slot is actually a little disappointed. Seemed to me the first five creations were worn by the underground but mostly rather arbitrarily. Not boring, but not really tingly. Many of the pieces were T-shirts with tattoos, Plants, Ornament or rock-Print.

T-shirts zur berlin Fashionweek
Joker Brand & Broken Heart

So pieces, I have a similar kind in Ad Hardy, on the merchandise stand irgeneiner hard rock group or – sad but true – can get to almost any farmer's market. Hardly anything, which one can really inspire me in a fashion show.

David Vicente & Damned Clothing

But after the candy girls candy and submitted by the sponsor Jägermeister came into its own and distributed refreshments to the guests, it was again – and right in my eyes the more exciting creations going on.

Redcat 7

Apparently the models needed to be a little einzulaufen, not only because the pieces were punctured Direction but also the way, as they were brought over. From now on, was actually on the subway bars geräkeln, pulled on the handles or when the situation required sometimes thrown to the ground.

Rock & Rebellion

It has flirted with the cameras or it was put by the models Redcat7-dollar bills in the various sections. This part was loose and carefree hotter than it was in the car anyway.

Only Guest or model but?

Unfortunately, even the best show comes finished, but certainly I will Unerground on the catwalk 2009 be born again, and it also still the after-show party at Sage Club. But more on that tomorrow.

My Conclusion: One must necessarily have been there and my Favourites were the red corset corsets from AMF and the girls from Redcat 7.


But this case were much more:
Run there are:
(1) AMF Cross, (2) Joker Brand, (3) Damned Clothing, (4) David Vicente, (5) Deadly nightshade, (6) Shop Pessa, (7) Beauty Fiend, (8) Broken Heart, (9) Bat Attack … Fashion From The Crypt, (10) Rock & Rebellion, (11) Redcat 7.

Actually remains only the question open, Sheila and asked me was…

Why did not you run there actually?

And, why not? The question is more than justified.

To the after-show party

KitKat @ Sage Club Reopening

Kit Kat the second


The Schwuz was busy, but somehow the atmosphere was not soo great, So we looked at times, so what else is. Hmmm the new KitKat should open on that day and now reside in the Sage Club.

Why not stop by?

So we went back and presented us with the ingested internally for us currency

No admission or No KitKat

Now we have our own opinion,

“Eine Party, which is required of us no entry, we must visit”
“Eine Party, we can not honor any important”.

The man looked at the box of KitKat seemingly equally, because we were the entry, without the annoying around discussing, vexatious or even turn around and go the, granted free. So I went on a day to second time, the Sage.


What has changed in the, since I was the first and so far last time in KitKat was? Not much. The announcement is clearly the more brilliant location and on this day, at least a pair of visitors have placed some emphasis on dress code, but generally the dress code was still a Witz.Ich would actually not at all can not be left purely, denn während Sheila in Ihrem engen schwarzen Pailettenkleid mit enger Taille dank Korsett 😉 zumindest noch als Glamourös durchging, I actually was not really suitable lukewarm dress code.

Fetish, Lack & Leader, Kinky, Stylish, Glamorous, Costumes & Elegant Abendgarderobe

But anyway trannies are probably in a different category. Others were there much worse. I mentioned last time, far too many naked torso changed this far this time, that stood out to me as the more nachkte lower body. Musically remained about the same in the KitKat and overall little exciting.


We have just cleared a nice lady to, where they could find just such great lashes, as we, as well as they could get through another wig to another exterior and what it was all so real and unreal to us. Finally, we welcomed, yet located just in walking Pricilla and Jenny, to leave the straight and came back to Schwuz goodbye to the evening nice.

Berlin Tattoo Ink & Piercing

Ink @ Sage Club Berlin

I am now two weeks away from Hamburg, I have my friends and my parents not seen since then and I've settled in Berlinmlangsam.

I have found a shoemaker, ladies heels from 4 € repaired and I bought a navigation device. What I have not yet made, and I had made up my. To have finally make ear holes.

Now there are close to me and the Sage Club is a day called Tätowierstudium Berlin Ink. Well I did not want a tattoo and no piercing, but there might also make quite ordinary ear holes.

Make them, but instead of using a Piolé with a needle and take cheap plug connector with proper. Unfortunately, the quality costs here instead 10 € for both ear holes now 50 € for both. Quality has its price up.

Byxe, one of the tattoo ink in Berlin told me still pretty clear, what is the difference, Cheap plug with nickel usually, The guns were not really sterile, the whole gun without a sterility is one of the main people responsible for Hepathitis, its needle'll just sterilized properly as in doctors' offices.

…he's right about everything, but I currently do not really 50 € too much.
Either I'm the 10 € Dare or I'll wait a while… we'll see. In any Fal Ink Berlin would now be the tätowierstudium my confidence.


Jungbluth Rock'n'ink Party

Already Friday Afternoon was actually the whole weekend fully programmed. 0:33 Sheila wanted to enter at the main station – actually at least. Instead, I waited about a 1/4 Hour longer in the cold. I already know, why I have of our Deutsche Bahn not a very good opinion.

jungbluth-piercing.jpgKing CalaveraNevertheless, we let it not take us, in King Calavera die Rock’n’Ink Party zu besuchen, of which there Jungbluth Tattoo was organized. Normally, my friendship graces in this shop with such funny people to go. For Sheila and me, however, he was just the thing. Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Punk and surf sound, and many many Pinups, who dressed up to honor this special party. :Dita von Teese: Makeups, Pettiecoatkleidchen, Corsages, Quiffs, Leather Jackets. Just great to watch. Sheila and I were really sad, to be there as boring men go. (Next time will be different, the).

jungbluth tattooThe King Calavera this the worst tattoo this party was the way chosen. And what was there for a selection. I think I myself was probably the only person, had no Tatto. The whole thing went from small cross somewhere on the ankle with extensive tattoos on the arms to full body tattoo. Some people, that their “Bad Tattoo” however, seemed to show “Fishing for compliments” to operate, so bad they were not really. Has gained a bad, zerfranstes Tribal Tattoo, with a certificate and the 50 € was paid.

A profit of the worst tattoos.. Wonder if that is an honor? It also asked the winner.

Jungbluth rocknink

Unfortunately, however, we musten relatively quickly release, because already in the morning, shortly after 10 should start our train at the main station in Nuremberg – and because we wanted to drive enfemme this still meant extensive preparations in a row in my one-person bath.

But no problem, because we had a plan.