Vintage Cuba, Classic Cars and American road cruiser in Havana

25.10.2009 – Cuba – Havana
Limousines and classic cars in Cuba on the streets of Havana – and driving in general.

classic cars Kuba
Vintage Cuba

I came to Cuba or. Havana them in the party – of course angelesenen – Knowledge, that still look to see old American road cruisers and other classic cars in the streets. I actually expected, to see some, so maybe five to six… Cuba during my holiday. But that was not true as.


In fact, I saw these five or six already, but already in the first minutes, where I left the airport. In fact, you can see the classic cars everywhere in Havana. I think, so come on average 10 Autos drei Ladas, four newer cars and three different classic brand with at least 40 Years under the wheels.

Cuba Strassenkreuzer

Now they are well cared for lovingly, but it is by no means a Sunday car, waiting in the garage to the next exit. Firstly, there is actually no garages, on the other, many of them really as a taxi every day from morning to night on the road.

Classic Cars Cuba

But this is not to the delight of the few tourists. In a city like Havana, where few people have a car, there are just a lot of taxis and many of them just happen to old American road cruisers and Ladas. Newer cars rarely… Ausser vor dem Hotel Nacional de Cuba denn dort Standen ja sogar Mercedes Taxen Eben und ein Paar Top Classic Car Taxis.

Havanna Autos

Since so now every day are traveling, I would dearly like to know once, how many kilometers they were already on the way. I think to be a prophet, when I say, that newer cars with today's vehicle that electricity would not hold, not even with the legendary mechanic arts of Cubans.

Autos Havanna

The Lonely Planet guide says to Cuba, that Cubans are probably the best mechanic in the world, how else to explain it, that they hold such a fleet of limousines and classic cars running with simple means and without spare parts on – that too at such roads, the life of the performance of a car is not really benefit.

Cuba oldtimer
Vintage Cuba

And runs – and runs – and runs. The old advertising the VW Beetle is in Havana reality. Because they really are still running old classic cars and just too old beetle, of which I have seen more in the few days in Havana than in a quarter in Germany.

oldtimer Cuba

Cuba is truly a paradise for car lovers, However, sometimes hell, if a car can be seen in any corner, really can not go, because Wheels Engine and otherwise yet so it lacks some.

Oldtimer Kuba

In Havana, but no car dies, rather it lives in other more… And who knows?, lots of light is found sometime even an old Lada engine and a resourceful mechanic, also of that car wreck of an American Classic Car again helps to life on Havana's streets. I would not be surprised, by all accounts, what I have seen on Cuba's streets.

Kuba Straßenkreuzer

I have always kept me way behind other cars, because the chance, that this is the deepest potholes – and there were many familiar, was greater, than that I would know it-. So everything is pretty, even if this classic car still drive. The shock must have been at least 30 Be dead years.

European and American classic car classic car Cuba is a paradise for fans of classic cars.