The Puppini Sisters

A journey into the 20s with the Puppini Sisters
The Puppini Sisters

How cool was that? Quite a long time ago Sheila asked me, if I want to with the Puppini Sisters. Puppini Sisters? Never heard of… No matter, I'm going

Rock’N’Roll sei angesagt. No problem, achieved the Pettiecoatkleidchen and I thought about the styling made. Here again looked at Sheila's blog… Puppini Sisters were the legitimate successors of the Andrews Sisters? Were not more likely to 20s instead of 60s? Pettiecoatkleidchen packed and brought out something else. …The whole course took a little longer, But Sheila was always too late and I was ready, as they rang. From the Admiral's Palace. …At least three cross streets further, because a lot was not to be found.


Admiral Palace then we plunged into the world of swing. Here, everyone was really dressed to the 50's in the time period of 20, there was a large hall and a small, It was a gamble and next to the wardrobe still Ties and similar utensils were sold for the emergency. – and what it fully. As it were a great Boheme Sauvage, just with more people and a greater ambience. But actually it was not just like a Boheme Sauvage, but it was a. Because we were some of the guests and hosts meet again from there. So it was more than a concert, der Puppini Sisters – more. Here, some people have really given a lot of effort.


But concert itself. The Puppini Sisters are in fact somehow the successor of the Andrews Sisters. Triple singing with a band in the back and on the whole the best of scarce 90 Years of music history. To set the mood for ice breaking and something, all knew the “When I Have Schoen”. A classic, when comes to German Swing Music – I think with my limited knowledge, that is composed from the movie Swing Kids.


Swing Kids, a film, then after I, When I saw him, was more than hooked. Unfortunately, there was a scene like that time in Hamburg and not so nothing was out of it, to deepen the. Otherwise, I might actually someday is a dance class. Because yesterday I was quite unhappy, not be able to dance, when I saw, what some had it so. – but also later.


I digress. So back to the Puppini Sisters. I wrote earlier, that all the song with me Are you nicely know, knew so many of the other songs. I have convinced the ladies on stage at the latest, she “It Don’t Mean A Thing” played, not for nothing that the reason, why I once bought a swing plate. Our hoses, long.


What can I say, I was pretty excited and a little surprised, dass mir Marcella “the kleene with the cylinder of the last boheme sauvage” explained, that go home, is now wrong, there are two burlesque dancers would occur and even a fashion show Herr von Eden oh yeah and one more show of lingerie Blush Lingerie would follow.


Most of it, however, I have missed, I've talked me. No matter, all this for £ paarundzwanzig. Better you can invest his money hardly… Only – but I'll get more tomorrow than today.

I would venture to say anyway, the Puppini Sisters not every evening to enjoy such a right Audience.