Bettie Page died

Die Mutter vast Pin Ups, Bettie Page is the age of 85 Died years.

Today is a sad day, because a great woman is now in the blessed age of 85 Died years. I am not talking about anyone, but from the mother of all Pinups, Bettie Page.

Bettie Page has managed the, what else actually reach only movie or music stars, the die at an early age. She is an icon, an idol and everyone has exactly the same in memory, as they worked in their best days dei world.

It was in the 50s for their Pinup, Bondage- known and fetish pictures and is considered one of the most photographed women of the 50s. But they withdrew in 1952 completely from the public at his own request and had already appeared at the time on more magazine covers than later Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford combined. Yet her photographs continued to live…

A final interview was Bettie Page in 1996, However, without showing her face. The imprint of current images she refused with the message, she wanted, so that the people they kept in memory, as it had been.


You inspierierte various people and scenes. The style, but especially the hairstyle has been copied many times. So you could see clear allusions to Bettie Page, for example, in earlier images of Dita Von Teese, and it is probably no coincidence, Dita today that has really blonde hair instead of her jet-black hair. These can be found on every fetish at least one person, everything is because, the Bettie Page Lookalike Contest zu gewinnen.

As I read yesterday in an email exchange:

I was a few years ago on a punk & Rock'n Roll Festival in Las Vegas…. Since I am aware for the first time really become, had the influence of Bettie Page. The world owes a lot to her. (At least the world, I like.)

Clearly, so there are two stores in Hamburg, for example, different types with various audiences, the King Calavera and the 20 Flight Rock and a two Bettie Page perched above the shop. Wo sich Pinups, Rockabillys, Stop emos or punks times, where fetish is, playing bondage or burlsekes life is somewhere you often find a picture of Bettie Page.

Without it maybe would not have de world, sure, however, many of the scenes and people would develops differently since the 50s – and as it is today, I think it's good. Not for nothing is one of the four buttons on my leather jacket next to a FC St.Pauli Button, Bad Religion a button and a Dita Von Teese button for a long time, a Bettie Page button.

Well Bettie Page with 85 Died years, but the world has not forgotten them since the 50s and it will not be forgotten in the future. Her style has will continue to inspire people.

If there is a life after death, it was a beautiful desired.