Name – Obituary

My now häuufigen visits Berlin I have once again reminded, that the choice of Trannynamens but a very important, even if it is not decisive. I have for a long time without ever Zoe Delay considered the only true name for me. And of course I'm still happy with it.

However, if you own has this problem and still have a unique, maybe look funny and imaginative names, Let the search times in the following lyrics. Many male name but a few female.

Since the band no longer existed for many years, there is no longer to buy this CD and it is also on my shelf, I post the text easy to talk.

Norbert and the Feigline – Obituary

Beat se but when buying a newspaper
Times farther back on your sheet
Since getting se which is appropriate
The displays of the Dead
Personally, I read something like
Because I'm evil

Three pallets per year were to be wear deodorant sticks
He knitted toads still. Soul’ Axel sweat in peace

The old communist from the time of East and West
Was buried anonymously. Armen Manni Fest.

If only he could continue to be there for us
Four women and five children miss Ali Mente.

She was not his daughter, but he took care of their food
He was also a woman confused mother passed away Steve.

The Guilloutinensammeln kept him young to old age
Yesterday morning died anyway, and all of a sudden Hinrich Tung.

Where it all began sometime is also closing
It mourns the family to their Ute Rus.


The intern was, Blank cartridges do not look like much.
Also there are real Nahm. So starb Thea Teer.

The cigarette was burning. “What smells so?” you ask him.
He smelled nothing, threw away the match, we mourn Ben Zin.

“I jump’ over the canyon” he exclaimed with confidence.
In the delayed start-Willi Bärdochnicht.

wanderkarte.jpgMiddle of the desert, she stopped and froze.
Wanda had forgotten something important map.

He came to the tent camping lantern in museum
And felt the enlightenment was burning Pedro Leum.

In the drizzle, he looked like a potato sack.
Arno rack smothered in his hood.


On the back of the pilot sat a purulent abscess
He leaned forward in pain. Steward S swoop.

He ran his locomotive and got a calf cramp.
Full speed into the bag station. Terminus jack.

His whole body was full of pimples and boils.
When it came to the eyes, he cried “Edward Dark”.

“Du Mami, Grandpa is in bed and is all blue and crooked.
When he gets his drops because?” Too late, Toni Kumm.

His last question was: “Is the path to the right place?”
Now mourns the Spice Guild to Kurt carefully.

On the high house he grabbed the suicides on tie
And konnt’ no longer hold itself, I know starb Armin Gips.


Quick shot out the eel out of its hole.
The last award of the diver was: “I Trixi From”.

He had two hundred and ten horsepower under the hood.
When he used it, Ross himself dissected Tlaube.

piano.jpg“Bring the’ I myself down the stairs!” she cried proud and happy.
Pia has grossly overestimated Noo.

“I save time powerful, when I run the way only once.”
This was the final consideration of Paco Ben plan.

“I have the strongest ab muscles presence of.
As can hover a tank.” Alleged Brad Heart.

“I'm smarter than the farmer, because I have studied.”
Shredded the man in the bull stable: Irma Trikuliert.


schilaufen.jpgI want a lot of snow!” it has far too loudly called.
This triggered the avalanche, there was an end to Sheila Ufen.

The shoes with soles they never wore unfortunately.
Yesterday when the ice was made with Ruth's Spatie.

After the dark tunnel he had turned.
At the same moment left us Helge Shows.

Unfortunately, he has not made a convincing dead.
Through his penchant for whining, Erwin Hemming revealed.

She tickled the big crocodile with a mop.
Then she wanted to hug it. Too much died so Chris.

In the end he wanted through his heart nor a ring.
Died in great pain blissful Pierre Sing.


Thanks to the vitamin cure their skin has streamlined.
Then she is torn smooth, I know starb Nicola Nursaft.

Soft im Saloon: “Oh, your wife looks wie'n Gaul.”
A cargo lead tattered Lester mouth.

When tank in the rocket he said: “What is the avarice?”
The thrust was enormous. We salute you, Jens Eitz.

After each contact pressure, he found a different color chic.
Finally, the printer slew the meticulous Mr. Graf Icker.

In a multi-hands competition they beat Rudi Carrell.
But because she forgot to breathe, suffocated Gesa Bell.

He brought all the books in the Dachgechoß, and then
The old house fell together about Bert Elzmann.


Empty tank on the highway “I go and get petrol.”
From one tire grooves scratched the rest of Michel Him.

For sheep blood brothers drink he added the section to be
And did not think of tetanus. So starb Manni Tou.

In the Paternoster her scarf snagged.
In a narrow coffin was buried Line Eel.

The carpenter called just yet: “Mir is not passiert!”
Headless ran around the circular saw Ruth ined.

They started in Iverville with their four-man bobsleigh.
“I checked the brakes.” beruhigte tion Pit Stop.

courage.jpg“I will now bring, because who does not dare lose.”
The heavy-duty driver just thought: “The Cora is Schiert.”


“The seat belt,” she thought in her little Honda
“today somehow constricted neck.” Dann starb Anna Konda.

The stone-age man pawing with his foot “Nanu, this is so rough here.”
He was already on the long tongue. Das war Dino Saurier.

“This is a rabbit hole as I do not identify otherwise. '”
In the Gotthard tunnel ran over a truck Fred Chen.

heidehonig.jpg“Join me times!” cried the beekeeper. “Right over there living’ I am.”
With ninety-one found heather honey bee stings.

“The long flat green band forward as the Equator.
I'm going for a walk on it.” jauchzte Ali Gator.

Er kippte ins Aquarium, because it's drinking was not for him.
“As these fish still hot?” When FRAGT Pirinja


The mailman always ran quickly in large rounds.
The little she has underestimated. So verstarb Day El.

Wrapped in fur, he traveled to the North Cape by InterRail.
There, a hunter accidentally shot Bob Tail.

He ate meat from a pot and told Grandma: “Somehow
tastes funny today.” Law had Paddy Greece.

He said to the dog: “You stink and are ne zero!”
He looked very grim. We mourn Pit Bull.

There Yorkshire Terrier pinkelte in Brokdorf an den Meiler.
Then he ate his owner on. Stunned: Rod Weiler.

“The calf taken’ I also without glasses with the carbine.”
This was not a calf and was angry, Bernhard died as Ihner.


On the harpsichord nothing brought them into existence.
The Mozart friends not to mourn Sarah gang.

The tenant Über'm butcher heard loud punk and rock.
Then the butcher went up to Stan Mortimer Stock.

What had to throw away food just not her thing.
After God Help fisherman guest Käthe ring over eating.

The customs officer asked smugglers: “Because they, what is that?”
The well-camouflaged gun holed Viola Case.

The military band boss gave clear command.
They delayed the departure. Shot: Rita Dando.

She said: “Do not listen to!” This gets into the wrong he
And played for a fortnight, then ended Flo Walzer.


The type, with which they always boasted, it was merely 's almshouse
And was not fit to protect Caroline N. Fourth.

He raced through the Elbe and called: “You're all stupid!”
Then he flew out of the curve. Quickly came to Walter Shof.

Neunzehnhundertzweiundsechzig called the playwright
“Had’ I can not better shout.” Drowned: Wilhelm Sburg.

The train surfers called, when he saw the bright lights:
“I believe, I have to come in time.” This was Elton Close.

“I climb’ times out and just look after, because I do not identify here.”
Four hours was the highway blocked for Ottmar's.

The final delivery to the brim filled the tabernacle.
Smothered beneath their clothes mountain was found Otto Versand.


She laughed readily and frequently, However, their jokes book was empty.
Until her death, she was Vroni More.

She had neither friends nor relatives nor Humor.
Einsam am Computer verreckte Moni Tor.

He did not seventy-six years ago to rendezvous
She waited for him until now. Arme Aila Fju.

He felt too small, too stupid, too ugly and too thick.
And has been right about everything, Mick finally died Rick.

He was covered with dense hair on the body and made a tranny.
It found all the repulsive, einsam starb Jim panse.

There Professor softly: “Yes I know some of it, also…”
And struck with all his knowledge Lex icon.


They died on the highway on a Marquis of Deutz.
Links saß Horst R. Triangle right Carmen R. Intersection.

The road went downhill, He looked in horror at the speedometer.
In the next corner it was over with Volker Racho.

Traffic jam on the A7 and they had to urgently times.
“I do now on the guardrail.” Vera decided to valley.

“Ich Rag’ the yellow cap.” He has lied to mom.
A motorist overlooked in the fall Tristan Pulled.

“Now I pack from the turbo! Faster! Full pipe!”
Gasoline engine under a low loader disappeared.

He rose from his tractor, However, his anorak
Caught in the wave, with momentum died Hanno Mack.


It took place in a bowl of granulated Uncle Benz.
“With dressing that tastes better.” fand Raissa Laat.

She slid from the Nestlé plant and screamed: “Since my shoe is yes!”
Then she jumped behind in the pudding Mara Cuja.

Before she went on a crocodile pool cakes.
Clean, distributed but we found Isolde Baden.

She ran toward the palm tree with their camper.
Das machte Rummbumbumbumbumbum. So starb Coco Snuß.

The fisherman's wife leaned over the railing at the stern
“I have the white shark!” cried Angela QUIPMENT.

There Ballon sank Tiefer. “Ballast Raus, otherwise it is perverse!”
The big box weighing too little. Crashed: Pump Press.


The tennis player saw the impact, heard a bang
And threw himself into the path, played: Matt Spall.

The first mile she ran to the far field of.
Then she collapsed. Wrong tactics: Mara Tonn.

Because half a drake on the elevator to go,
Endete there Rundflug von Art Pilot Lou Ping.

He met everybody dartboard in the world skillfully into the Black.
His last opponent did not even hit the wall, but Bruce Twarze.

On the green table we have laid him out.
The white ball hit our man in the ship yard Bill.

When she was as full as a ravioli,
Was, oh, the heart is too weak for Anna Bolika.


He was not only a gangster, he was a snob to.
“Who crumbles, I shoot!” he cried. Arms Sam L. Crumbs.

“The unidentified woman, there is the murderer, you siehts!”
Because her hairdresser was on vacation ended Lynn Chjustiz.

From the first blow to her skull got a jump.
In the second the pain subsided after, Linda was rung.

“I hope he does not notice, where I'm hiding.”
Ideen aus Mangel an verstarb Bettina Ecke.

The evil old man dragged her into the woods.
The police are still searching for Angela Bert.

He was all white and flabby since his birth.
As he looked dead in the water as usual. Bye, Go Gurt!


“Look, I'm Santa Claus!” she yelled through the madhouse
Easter she died. Armed Senta Klaus.

The gardener said to her, as he pointed to them would be.
Then he cut her throat, Poor Rose Ann Shears.

“There's the vampire!” you can hear the screaming lunatics.
In the heart of a wooden stake, they found Ramses clean.

Mother cried: “Stop!” and slammed her husband in two
The croaked yet “Stop! Stop!” Dann starb Papa Gei.

He always went straight convertible, got into a taxi, cried.
And was at 5 Mark 40 to. Bye Klaus Trophobie.

The watch, die machte immer Tick Tack Tick Tack Tick
He turned through, swallowed it and produce standard thickness.


The football player bellowed yet: “Be careful with the pill!”
The hit in the face was the end for Nick L. Glasses.

The defeat gave the professional for 'ne Bagatelle
But then the shock hit him. A look only: Dieter Belle.

The striker hit the ball accurately and extremely hard.
Through the Internet so that the whistle flew Thorwart.

“Ick go to the football, even if it can not figure ick.”
When cheering for the wrong goal Herta BSC died.

“Stop crying. Bielefeld is coming back next year.”
Nevertheless, died of grief at the descent Armin years.

The biggest opportunity in football activity, he ever had,
He has forgiven. Armer Andi Latte.


Oral meeting he asked her into his office
Dort auch infizierte Conny Lingus Phil Lazio.

He weighed seven talents, she was very petite.
When he did, she called up times: Jana Türlich.

She stood on sodomy and severe bruising.
Anne the elephant cage nuts burst.

Forty centimeters, they brought a scream in pleasure.
Your last question was: “In? Christian Rein?”

He was the tip in the widow's pension.
The coach from Würth was too much for Eric Zion.

Directly to the root of the evil they have taken.
As the root tore it, starb where Peter Rast.


“This is your Pekingese,” he laughed “I fry here.”
The murderer did not believe, that was the only fun by Tom Arte.

“The skinheads can not see me, shut up and then manage it.”
Not quite understand it, the Ida stinks.

At about midnight, the spy on board.
And has forgotten something. Ken died this word.

A cowboy crashed into the television show and called “Drawing!”
She drew a lot, he shot immediately. Circuit with Lotte Rie.

My friend was a Japanese and he called it “My Blödchen”.
Consumed by self doubt died Rosi Nenbrötchen.

“There comes a ship from left!” “Where?” “Von links, We must continue!”
The tax man does not mind. So ertrank Buck Board.


When the cannibals all children are happy.
And adults alike, Egg’ gibt’s Harry Bo.

He flicked towards captain with a thick boogers.
Somewhere drowned in the Bosphorus Constantinople.

She had forgotten flesh and the shops were already.
For a successful party is Barbie Kju sacrificed.

Otherwise they never ate fruit, was accordingly pale.
A vitamin shock died today’ Anna NASS.

The evil uncle grins saturated and will tell nothing.
Yet his son is missing. Where is cousin roast?

“Their, the, your brown cheese tastes kinda bitter.”
“Kind, is eaten!” Daran Starb to sit.


He drank two bottles of whiskey and smoked dope to.
At the end is color turned around Karl Leidoskop.

The junkie said to his son: “Take a drug only.”
If he had heard Papa on. Blame yourself, Mick Stur.

My diarrhea was still a little worse every day.
But they drank more Jägermeister. Cheers, Sophie Forever.

On one leg can not stand it. The same was true for him.
He just fell over. Own fault was Nico Teen.

Because he was completely again by New Year's Eve,
He fell into the river. So endete Jan UAH.
She asked her a Dealer: “You ist der Stoff OK?”
Twenty grams of cement, it never is Alice D.


The storm raged already with thunder and lightning.
On the bench under the oak was found Magda seats.

She never threw anything away, because something does not.
On the way to the glass container was found Lea Guth.

He constantly had problems with his thrombosis.
Because he was still vain, be deluded Jean Shose.

She says: “Put on the screw, otherwise gives a mishap.”
He thought: “It goes like this.” Right retained Inge Noer.

The engine was running and the garage was full of smoke.
“Why should I not be allowed?” Also gasped Andre.

“Who here is peeing while standing punished by uns'rem dachshunds.”
Castrated on the Emanzenklo we found Claude Eckel.


Fright turned abruptly mom on the mountain summit.
In the deep valley skirt swirled down corner.

In pace hundred and ninety, he told the joke.
To have a good laugh about Pastor seat.

Blank sheets ordered the painter of her.
She was too stupid, He was choleric. From, Papier Caro.

The body was swimming in sewage, her expression was glad
So fand man the Bakteriologin behalf Dora Th.

How was merely his hair restorer in the continuous drip?
He died of peritonitis proliferation. We mourn Karl head.

He believes, he was a sadist, but he knew his bad.
The masochist in him was made for Volker Knecht.


The intern has missed him a head bandage.
With taped airways were found Hans A. Plastic.

The cowboy was not massively heavy and the gallows.
The wind was blowing hard from the left. Thus ended Hank Chief.

The chandelier, he must dowels, so that it also holds.
“He does so because even?” “I do not know.” soft Erna Money.

Your parachute has exactly, as he should, inflated to.
Unfortunately tore the bracket. Unfortunately for Ann Sewn.

“I do not need umbrella more, because I have this
Yesterday assembled by myself…” Ratata – Mark Ihse.

Bungee jumping, he found the ultimate thrill.
Before he jumped, whispered the amount: Boris Derdick


A sharp cry came from the small apartment on the ground floor.
Surrounded by a green slime was found Simon Rochester.

Of apples, Nuts, Almonds was him dizzy and bad.
It fell out of his sleigh Christmas Eve Knecht Ruprecht.

She thought, the monster was finally kicked the bucket.
that was the last mistake by Regine Riert.

He peed in the garden under a pine tree,
As the earth opened. Lou went to hell Ziefer.

What is a zombie, She never really got it
And was probably too kind: Hera Inspaziert.

“We are ugly, you're debt!” he heard her screaming.
You have dismembered him, Dr. Frank Enstein.


In bikini on the minaret, she found herself dashing.
Then you have never heard of Mara Kesh.

Twenty evil Russians, they have Spanking.
No wonder that they do not get up again. Since Lee is now thawing.

On gaming machines, he made his fortune.
The switch to euro for Mark was the end piece.

“I white man, you black man. I give a lot of jewelry du”
Now he is in the Museum of the shrunken head of Tim Buktu.

On the big rock festival they made the Wild.
He sank with shame in the soil. So verstarb Ross Source

His boat was old, but the patches were older.
Shore lot bad luck was the fate of Neil Delta.


“We consider the naval base without ifs and buts!”
Was the last entry in the log book by Paul Habor.
“The Russians are coming!” he called. “The door needs a latch!”
Was not stable enough. Armer Clyde R. Ironing.

He has volunteered, Finally, he was blond.
'Ne Feldpostkarte was the last greeting of Andi front.

In the trenches at Verdun it is to make it happen.
Her last words were: “In, I see Wilma.”

He caught the hand grenade with a fantastic reflex
And she threw back at the feet of peer Plex.

Because the Marine Herbstmanöver all met standard,
Was not a practice target broken for William Shafen.


He thought about his wife and this other guy.
On a bush in the garden now depends Ole Ander.

She cheated on him with the staff.
He was Indian chief. Unfortunately for Martha Pile.

The bride found her groom at her sister digging.
With porcelain shards in the neck ended Paul Terabend.

Her husband shot, because it was the gardener in the undergrowth
And there had forgotten something. Arms Pink Panties.

“I only buy at Aldi.” he said to her.
When she went once foreign, he shot Penny.

“I will marry their employees.” He exclaimed rapturously
Saw the pimp quite different. No more Romantic.


After the explosion, was found in front of the laboratory only scraps
And a note on it was: “William touchdown”.

The new hat flew from his head to her in the rush
Unfortunately it was not fast enough. Get Sonja Abflug.

When training with the clubs he still came to degree of hearing
“Closing time! Light!” Dan TRAF es John Gloor.

They wobbled when walking as if she were on drugs.
Your last question was: “Wer Gunner Kologe?”

She called again to the plumber. “That runs into the room!”
After days in the basement of the corpse floated by Claire Grube.

His house was right on the cliffs and into the phone
He cried “It vibrates so here!” Eros starb Dann Ion.


They wanted in private plane from Dublin to Marseille
And forgot to refuel. Army Britta hmmm.

He hummed all to herself the little song “La vie en rose”.
Then came the German hooligans. We mourn Franz Ose.

In the summer of '44 in the twelfth company
Hata, Â's not like him. The Norman wrote us.

Sie war 'ne Pomeranz, came from Gütersloh
And it has come a long way in life. Heut starb Mona Co.

When you walk across the road, he never looked.
In Paris that was not good. Farewell Perry Ferrie.

He stammered, still smacking “Vive la France! Farewell!”
Then he collapsed. Au Revoir Kurt Onblöh.


The King ripe: “If one laughs, I break your neck.”
Shortly after these words fallen Lou Stick.

The workers did not perceive her as nagging suitable.
Hera fell from his pedestal Blassend.

From the summit of the mountain views were splendid.
A bully is pushed past. Goodbye Ann shock.

“When you pay your debt finally?” he shouted with hatred.
“Morning.” Was the last word of Ingeborg Mirwas.

He shot a photo of the killer and his entourage
Only a short time has pleased because Bill Tzeitung.

She said: “Shut Up! Your slobbering is perverse!”
Then she held it to his mouth. So choked Raimund verse.


The bomb was placed in the church at midnight.
At the final chord of Bach left us George Elt.

He looked suspiciously, but he had done nothing.
As a precaution, they shot at the Bert Igenmann.

She cried: “Here we are sure, falls Bombe explodiert!”
That was the last mistake of Eva Kuiert.

The flames were extinguished, half of the block of flats was burnt
From the other half crying again invaded by Sean.

“The fun with the gun was really quite stupid.”
Says the man from the border, pointing to Albert Rumm.

“Verschon’ myself! Be a man!” he screamed and threw himself into the gravel.
On completely deaf ears came the whining of Rob Otter.


“You go today’ Wash Tiger, the stink before dirt.”
In the evening we found that only the hose, but where was Hagenbeck?

The pleasure boat sank and all went very quickly
Was grad’ could still access, Wim clutched Pell.

Der totgeglaubte Single rief vergnügt: “Omi da?”
The Old tipped off the slippers. Das war Romi Kaa.

Again and again she has made an error in the last word.
Typewriter was found hanged on cable Manu script.

“But finally running away, promote the Bombe explodiert!”
“Oh I can not do anyway.” Thought Resi Impregnated.

“You can not even cook yes!” he shouted and insulted them.
Gebroch'nem heart died at Mira Koli.


The robber shouted nervously: “I'll shoot’ the first false note!”
A British made only “Aha.” That was Mike Rofon.

“I lay me down over the street to be for you a bridge.”
Under a beverage truck is now stuck Glenn Fiditsch.

An Englishman stood in front of the ship, the captain shouted “Stooping!”
“What do you mean when you say bücken?” Al asked as bridges.
“You jump out of the train and get thousand dollars in cash”
Als Double von James Bond starb Tobias Tar.

The British was the Federal Railroad a real nuisance.
Sitting in the dining car starved Sir Wiss.

Because the last bar in the apartment of his ex was
He was very jittery. Nervous verstarb Lord Us.


Because the barber was almost blind and the scissors slipped away
Remained only half the head nor Maggy Schnidt.

Impact protection from all sides, the Sweden glad.
Unfortunately, a rock fell from the top of Wolf O.

He slipped in the style of furniture store, und ohne Chance
Under a mountain of kitsch ended René sance.

“The red light receiving’ we with!” he heard him say.
Martin Zorn then quit the service in Peterwagen.

“I must necessarily pass through here, so I'll survive.”
Because she was too fat for krepierte Gitta rods.

Attracted you play without four-five now she is in the pit.
She died as she revealed the Skat. Arme Karo Bube.


The middle of the track stood the old railwayman.
“The Express would be here by now.” sagte Louis Jana.

“You can not swim!” he cried, but she jumped up and shouted “Jippieh!”
Then he jumped in after, these were Mr. and Mrs.. Sippi.

On the highway called the Bayer “What i see there my front because?”
In St.. Andreas gap raging Karli Forni.

She jumped out of a plane down to Harrisburg.
The radiation ate the seams of the parachute by Pat Shwork.

The little son sat outside on pasture in his buggy.
'Ne herd of wild buffalo trampled Ken Tacki.

They plunged him in the face with hot homemade Chrome.
He gaped like a grille. Ciao Hohm Friend.


The fish was very old, and he sat down in march
With a terrible diarrhea Victoria perch died.

Mom yelled at the skeleton: “You eat now, but efficient!”
On a lettuce leaf Marga Addict about eating.

He has always been built on the healing power of herbs.
He died while. You see well, St. John's wort.

“Oh, but devour your stuff yourself!” cried the guest to the owner.
Alfred died of a blockage in O. Pizza.

“Green Beans, delicious.” exclaimed the unsuspecting Zoni.
With verätzter esophagus was found Pepe Roni.

The Portuguese wondered, if all this is true,
What do you tell the poison in the sea. Da starb Karla Mares.


Cold shock in Hamburg and a sharp wind from the east.
He called “80 Penny!”. Dann erstarrte Morgan Post.

They thought he was enlightened, my god that was a drama.
Daliah erfror Barfüßig in Old Tibet.

He fell in deep winter in a rain barrel.
Today he died of influenza. We mourn Pit Schnass.

“My caravan is easy dämmbar with foam against the cold.”
From the first night frost froze in September Sepp.

They found him in the jungle with magnificent mangroves.
Unfortunately, the air shock was too violent for Buck Stove.

The glue melted in the sunshine and ran down his chin.
That recognized him, was the end of Bart From.


He drank the bottle empty so that his hair is fat free.
With foam vor'm mouth was found hinter'm shed Timo Thai.

“My suitcase is right at the bottom, but when I pull vigorously ',
Does the law of inertia.” dachte Theo Rie.

He walked, and said to: “The not start, the holding.”
She's started. We mourn Rolf Eld.

The man said with chocolate: “Well, you little rascal.”
Now twenty pocket knife stuck in Mitch Nacker.

He built a villa, which was completely crooked.
Before they buried him, he cried: “I'm Enno Watief!”

The sailor with the big ears called: “The wind is weaker!”
Since caught a gust from behind Hank L. Cup.


The large hard lumps, she found in her nose,
Was unfortunately no boogers. Arme Meta Stase.

The old man himself went to Aldi, because he thought, that keeps you young.
Under twenty bags of UHT milk was found Bela Stung.

He wandered through the jungle, Bart Kitekat hatte am.
They found him very scattered: Professor Leo Pard.

He was, and that was really bad luck, into the barrel with resin into.
Just as we knew him, smiles today Bernd Stein.

If grandma had just failed to bat…
Grandfather fell asleep right in the theater Rescue.

This song made his old eyes something blue,
But since he was so old and stupid ending Charles Ouch.


Name change, the eight hundredth flap

Raider is now called Twix, otherwise nothing will change.

The theme Trannynamen is a known and is not described by me for the first time and it is also way in the Trannycheckliste as a point 27 with “Exchange your wife name” noted.

I'm not immune to this problem. I also wore one of these typical times trannyüblichen double name but then decided sometime for the first of the two names, and against a completely new name. Since I still thank Aunt K from HH, that they wrote “So now everyone here knows you, I would not change”. Now Zoe stayed and actually know me a whole lot of people so. And I'm pretty happy about the name, in the rest of the Greek “Life” or “the Living” means. The old middle name name probably knows only the Babserl and is therefore concealed. He probably will sometime in the

The Great Babshaus
Collected in Trannywissen 24 Volumes

appear and be read there. Nevertheless, I quarrel with my last name since long. Bergstroem simply says nothing, and does not sound good at once. Of course it's okay, when all know me only Zoe, but there are already other Zoe's have been sighted, were not identical to my magnificence.

Anyone who says now

There is only one true THE Zoe

firstonce gets my full approval, then a big smacker, and later, look away when all the promised 25 € bribery.

Already well over a year ago I wrote about this Problem with surname. Not much has changed despite much thought and many ideas from Desiree, Annabelle and me of course nothing. Still remained the name.

Now there is a new situation. There is a possible last name, who promised me immediately, sounds good and I also simultaneously describes.
Following incident at the weekend.

Neomi was once again on the weekend in the city and we wanted a Kiezbummel have, nchdem yes the last time we have a lot of fun in the China Lounge had. We were to 22:00 vverabredet and to 22:57 I pulled up outside the hotel, the excuse ready on the phone:

I'm there now, immerhin noch in der gleichen Stunde 🙂

Somehow I came out, I still need a middle name and Neomi came to “delay”

For example as known delay

the delay,
the time delay,
delay or even
drag a process”

I must confess, that all these words are quasi-synonyms for Zoe, it seh so far, fits very well.

So I'm just gonna name

Zoe Delay

try out. (Tiny Makes, submit a review)


Why this? Nun Person oben links, me than before Leyla known told me at the weekend, they now also hierße different, Sissi oder Sissy, I do not know of and a van in front of Surnames. Aristocratic really usefull. And I did not even know, as it was previously written. Laila, Leyla, Leila, Layla? In, I'll hardly find out.

Tranny Checkliste

Nothing contributes so much to the perfection of a human, as writing his memoirs.

The following are not my memoirs, but so far away from my life, it is not. In the blog Joanna from England, I've discovered a Trannycheckliste, I can translate the kindly and take into My Blog. Most of these items I've already processed.

Tranny Checkliste:

[ ] Wear your mother / sister / wife underwear
[ ] Wear your mother / sister / wife clothing
[ ] Buy a pair of tights
[ ] Snapping a photo of your legs
[ ] Try you in the first make-up experiments
[ ] Buy their own underwear and clothing
[ ] Dispose of all trash in
[ ] Buy a wig
[ ] Go to night 2 gedresst to smash out a letter
[ ] Fotografiere who game, but cut off the head every time.
[ ] Visit Tranny websites
[ ] Think about a woman's name
[ ] Look out for an anonymous email address with your Trannynamen
[ ] Enamel others Trannies
[ ] Sign up or in a Trannyforum a tranny Mailigliste
[ ] Add a short “Hello”
[ ] Post a second contribution on “great songs with TG content”
[ ] Start was a flame between TV's and TS's
[ ] Leave the Trannyforum in dispute
[ ] Jump to a gedresst Fetish / SM / gothic party
[ ] Out a change Atelier
[ ] Jump to a TG club
[ ] Register yourself to a website
[ ] Your photos on your web site
[ ] Throw everything back down – decide to stop and then start again at full speed.
[ ] Exchange your wife name
[ ] Melde Rich or im Trannyforum an
[ ] Post viele Photos im Trannyforum
[ ] Learn, how to change image sizes and try it all over again
[ ] Reading im Forum, but nothing post
[ ] Go to a restaurant gedresst
[ ] Gehe gedresst shop
[ ] Gedresst go to a disco StinNo (Stink normal)
[ ] Jump to a Pride event
[ ] Plane your coming-out and devote a family and friends
[ ] Snapping pictures of your non-scene activities
[ ] Take your Trannyklamotten on holiday
[ ] Start a blog
[ ] Wear a wedding dress in Trampoline
[ ] Dresse up without guilt
[ ] Have fun.

What is still missing, what belongs in this list?

I myself have skipped some steps and example, never thrown away my clothes.