Queerboot 2014

At the weekend there were trannies in Berlin again because of the queer boat 2014 to celebrate.


Obviously it is that again now Queerboot, it was supposed to be last year “Das Boot” also others – do not attract tranny circles. I fear, that didn't quite work out, the usual audience could be seen here: Men in women's clothes and friends / Girlfriends. But that's the queer boat too.


For the multiple time, the illustrious people meet at the pier near the Chinese embassy at approx. 20 Minutes after the actual start against 16 Take off your watch and set off on a long journey across Berlin's canals towards the Tempelhof Lakes.


While I did not live up to my name and was on time, but there were quite a few stragglers, that we could wave from on board. I've been through something like that before. – So that be late. In my case, the steamer was actually completely gone..


This year, however, the scattered group was allowed to get on at a later date – that we – So Sheila and I had to get off on the way to the 10 years Redcat Seven Anniversary gala to come. Luck for the girls.


And it always gets really beautiful anyway, when the sun has set, and the boat in the dark with lights, Strobe, Fog and fat beats sail through Berlin. Unfortunately, we didn't notice that anymore, but at least the first show block with Kaye Katcher and Ilonka Petruschka.


Well, Lena, you missed something, You should have seen that 🙂


It's always a nice affair, this boat, Lena, It, Denise, Meet Sam and and and and this time Karin von Sahneschnitte as well, who made my great red plumage and is planning an interesting shop in Hamburg, you must be very excited.


At the other end in Berlin Spandau we got off and confused half of Spandau. In the outskirts, the trans-ness has apparently not yet really arrived 🙂 Also always exciting to see something like that.

DSC04083But no, Monty, such situations are enough, I don't have to walk through any parks to get noticed – and after going to concerts in the theater in musicals, was in normal bars, rode with the ride-sharing service and on the train, flew and went shopping as normal, I've actually been through everything 🙂 That's enough.

DSC04077By the way, that was a really long taxi ride back into town – and it was dear. But what do you not do to honor Sammy and her with great people 10 Years to celebrate.


Drag Queens, Shemales, Queens Schwuz

schwuzActually, I almost never look at me the newsletter of Schwuz, but this time it seemed to be interesting. He promised a panel discussion

Superstructure in petticoats. The man in dress
If the fagot a dying phenomenon?
Panel Discussion: High-gloss vs.. Courtyard, Political vs.. Glamour, Mainstream vs.. Underground – If the dead fagot?

on the 20th anniversary of the death of Melitta Sundström, Pepsi Boston and Jürgen Baldiga should be thought of the fags, the Berlin have moved in the 80s politically. Moreover, it should be looked forward: What is and exposes the fagot today?

Should discuss Jurassica Parka, Toni transit and Moritz from the Kingz of Berlin, Charlet Crackhouse, Patsy l'Amour laLove, Gloria Viagra, Kaey, Barbie Breakout and Vera Titanic. Charlet was not there, instead Margot Schlönzke came on stage, would fit much better on this topic.


So everything was so, what the complex scene so will bear on stage. The typical drag queens, Queens, Shemales, Kaey with a transsexual, Drag kings and everything in between. It was so exciting – or at least interesting.

It is clear, that it alone in defining the terms transvestite, Tunte, Drag Queen with nine people probably 25 Are definitions and it showed pretty quickly. There were also some Einspieler of this Popkicker-guests, should explain these concepts times… Amazingly interesting and extremely different answers came out of there with.

I think, that these terms are anyway always pure self-definition. The transitions are flowing, but how to be perceived or known by other, it has one anyway no real interpretive

A Barbie Breakout does not see himself as a fag and would probably be referred to by virtually no one so. Sure she's a drag queen. Gloria Viagra however can be both a fagot, go through such as a drag queen, Margot a Schlönzke may be a fagot, a travesty warhorse 😉 , but if she wants, they may also at any time be a drag queen… And if you ask a Tatjana Taft, there anyway just in Berlin “Shemales”. So who cares, what exactly who is? And if it already in such a small “Community” are as many opinions, how is that an outsider can understand – and actually, it is also completely irrelevant. Everyone is, he just plays for themselves or want to be.

Einspieler a score of beautiful popkicker: “I'm not a tranny, I'm a normal person” 🙂

The general consensus was, that fagot always something political in itself has, which does not mean just, that a political man in general is a fag in drag, as you can see even with Barbie for some time.

This also quoted Ru Paul, which said something to the “when I open my with my long eyelashes, it is a political statement” … since it is also because no matter, whether one is straight or glamor tranny gives extra schangelig. Amazingly, in other words, also said that, for example, in a patriarchal Kaey for the world, it is such political, if a man wears women's clothes. I feel consensus.

Surely this is more of the lowest type of policy, yeah, but in my opinion this is absolutely correct. However, I would still point to accept a, the still captures the visibility into. Surely there is another act of, to put on a dress for example Schwuz or so still go out into the public…

It also said many in the closing words “it would have to be put on the road much more – whether out shopping or at Karstadt mouth or anywhere else… But when I think about, Who do outside the Mehringdamm, Gayparties, CSDs and CSD street party already “unbooked” 've seen, then there would be some at themselves take. Except Kaey, the yes now lives as a woman and Gloria, I've seen the ladies not particularly in public…

But it turned out again, that it is always difficult, to have as many guests as extroverted in a heap, the converse that is intrinsically- and independently. Since then needs it more than microphones are present and interfere with the presenters then really only the Schlagaustauchsch.. Although both Mr. moderators were pretty good.

The ladies were also agreed with the drinks – Too little and constantly all.
“Barbie You wanted to say something?”
“No, I wave only after alcohol”

In this sense,.

That was probably the last time in the old Schwuz, so now the soon disappears towards Neukölln and Mehringdamm turn back. shame really. Will they then take the Melitta Sundström picture with them from the dance floor??

Hedwig and the Angry Inch @ Admiralspalast

Hedwig and the angry Inch im Admiralspalast

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACopyright der “Hedwig images” Copyright, Peter Frank Hellbrück

A birdie chirps to me actually for years, that the Film Hedwig und the Angry Inch had a blast and should include at least the cinematic foundation – Reborn, when dealing with something closer to the subject of this film or. moves in the range… And I do now once…


Of something like this but I've never let me impress. Film and so mostly I do not care… I usually just answer it, I this quite well versed in music…. Goofy, however, if it is then is a movie with lots of music, as in this case,, is even played as a musical on Broadway or was…

Okay, der Off-Broadway zwar “Only” but we do not want his Catholic than the Pope… Strictly speaking, I can not imagine, that this piece would work glitter glittering Broadway bombast. for it is easy to subersiv, I could see yesterday, because yesterday the premiere of Hedwig and the Angry Inch musical was in Admiral Palace


And what I've got not already seen everything… Musicals such Moulin Rouge, to break the already half the audience vergraultplays were just as real cracker (The Producers, Rocky Horror Picture Show) having earned standing ovations and happy faces… Anticipation: For me, Hedwig And The Angry Inch is clearly in the latter category. I felt amused and entertained me delicious… And constantly asked me, how such a thing can run in America, because the musical is unique in this city and also – how can watch something like the prudish Americans..


Hedwig is in fact a Berlin boy, growing up in the East. Hedwig is loud, Berlin dialect, sometimes obscene, Trashy, musical, grand, with great Bünenpräsenz, this damn cool and ne Transe or to make it easy to, a mélange of much Gloria Viagra with Squeezebox ohne Sherry Vine, enriched with some Sweety Glitter and seasoned with a better Nina Queer and some other Berlin Night creatures.


Tells the story of this young is easy. Hans – Berlin, a feminine boy imprisoned in the GDR – apparently damn good fan falls in love with a GI. With Wig, a failed surgery, the left gives him the Angry Inch and the mother's passport and a marriage with this GI Hans travels as Hedwig in the U.S. from.


The GI is cheating, in the trailer park she sees in the U.S. drop the wall… Now she is a singer and world ignored it sits in the middle of one of her concerts and learn their life story and what is going on with this Tommy Gnosis to be, who stole all of their songs and it was a star… but this should Hedwig visit the Admiral Palace… and I advise everyone to.


Hedwig and the Angry Inch is probably the musical word with the highest proportion, I've ever seen, but extremely funny, subversive, cool. With massive proportions, that we can only understand, if you know Berlin – quote at least a little bit. I'm never bored me laugh but more often hearty. The music is danceable rock-trashy, I find, they had the chairs can also clear the side to just dance. To the absinthe bar is in the basement of the Admiral's Palace, a really ideal spot for such a musical. In short: Everything right.


I wish the makers, that it will be a great success and the cellar in Berlin three times insolvent Admiralpalast (I learned from the musical 😉 ) populate. Also: let go and entertain my command … 🙂

Nine years Irrenhouse

There are occasions, where one recognizes, how time flies. This weekend it was time again. It was at the birthday astray House. Actually celebrated Nina Queer nine years Irrenhouse. In fact, a reason to celebrate, difficult, especially in the party Technically Berlin club scene.


Though there obviously is a light in Berlin, to organize a party even really introduced. The AI ​​and GMF are far beyond 10 Years. On Irrenhouse I have no fear, that during your next year should be no more of this and also the propaganda is obviously a safe bet. Nice something like this.


But back to Irrenhouse. Nine years there is Nina's birthday party at the club already and my first visit was to the party “Four years Irrenhouse, 5 Nina Queer Jahre“. After Adam Riese I have therefore 5 Years of Irrenhouse participated and most of them actually seen in the birthday club. The third Saturday of the month is just a must and there are few excuses, not to appear there.


But nine years Irrenhouse also mean 108 Birthday parties at the club and at an average of just over four per transaction numbers show estimated 450 Shows on the small stage in the asylum House. So you can no ifs and buts say, that the boards of the travesty imn in Berlin are misleading House. What can you say. The Madman House. In midsummer empty, in mid-winter packed, Always hot, like a stuffy way, no one really wants to go with ice and rain. It is here with confetti, Beer oder ekeligen Things beworfen. At times, the toilets are hardly accessible, But the Mad House is always an adventure. And for me it was the reason, to drive the first time from Hamburg to Berlin, where I have been living some years. Danke Nina.


This evening astray House Allstars were a Best of Irrenhouse. Best of, Although it is not perfectly “the best numbers, which are already in asylum gelafen House” imply, but still a great number out of mothballs in which it is unfortunately landed was brought. I do not remember exactly, wann Nina, Have, how sweet the Sugababes About you now ever brought Stella DeStroy and Mataina Ah, but I think I can remember me, that the background was light blue. I know myself well to remember, at that time I thought it was great already. Also, yesterday.


But TO the Irrenhouse Allstars include more. Gloria Viagra und Melli Magic. But while the latter is from Mykonos, former is only yesterday live in Geburtstagsklub. According to Nina, she had Gloria was betsellt live Red Hot Chili Peppers but surprised with a nine year Irrenhouse song and seemed really surprised. This was apparently not really discussed and Nina really delighted.


I was looking at the next song… The way I remember my very first time Irrenhouse, I also remember my very first time GMF. A big curls named Gloria Viagra shoved Mia dance with the molecules in the CD PLayer and the audience went with the first words “I'm here, because I am here to” from. This time it was not Stella and Gloria but they are not behind a DJ booth on stage but, but the content of the song further agreed.


It continued with a very unkonvesntionellen number, one could also say, with an unplanned. A bachelorette party populated mislead the House and the groom looked a short time later with a wig and makeup on already pretty filled state on stage again. That was probably the nastiest number ever in a mental house. And a number, which will accompany the poor groom to the end of his days.


Four numbers. Normally, it is the show through the asylum House, now and then there is a number there once more, That evening, however, was topped. And so we come back to serious drag numbers. At least, which can be classified as Serious House in the asylum. And can it ever be, if Mataina with oversized bust imitating the wannabe model and wannabe singer Daniela Katzenberger and – wanted in this case probably – not a single Playbackton with proper oral motion shall.


Number five, there were already safely and, that's why there were six this year as Brigitte Skrothum took the stage and Dolly Parton Jolene brought. However, if the fire police and is especially so morally okay, to burn a Barbie doll with open fire on stage, I leave undecided times. A really nice number, it was definitely.


But we know so currently from advertising. “7 is more than 3” and when 4 and when 5 and when 6. In addition, the Hauherrin had been nothing to do besides the first community number… that had to be changed… I'm so kam und mit “Umbrella” armed to the stage, Waehrens Stella brought the water. It started as normal, are at an increased With Wet Contest for Nina and the first row in a mental house.


What can you say, this party bears the name of law and is to treat her for at least another nine years.