Das letzte Queerboot

Das letzte Queerboot

Sometimes you are to blame for your dilemma. For example the queerboot, which passed through offices this year for the last time. It got more difficult from year to year, getting approved with music at all.


Above all, it's difficult with LOUD music. Because there are massive requirements, which, surprisingly, have existed pretty much since the first queer boat, which in turn brought massive advertisements with it. According to Denise, the expected fine was also included in the entry price for this queer boat.


But even if it was the very last queer boat, the three organizers have Pricilla, Denise and Sammy come up with some ideas, how to solve that. Not on the Spree, however, and maybe not even in the water. It will be interesting.


Also this year there were some acts next to the music. Kaye Katcher, Sheila, Katy Perry and this hula hoop artist, whose name I have forgotten.


It was again a nice trip where you could see all kinds of Berlin in addition to good music and good conversation and enviously look at beautiful houses on the Spree until you went back from Müggelsee.


At least all kinds of people came to this last ship, where I have to admit, that I know fewer people every time. Too bad. For example, Jessi wasn't there, then appeared in the KitKat at a later date.


And that's exactly where the evening should end. I've already had a few drinks in the Irrenhouse, along with a three-quarters of a liter bottle of Hugo.


Cooler Dog

In the KitKat I continued with Vodka Redbull around two-thirty and had good conversations, especially with Denise


Do not know, Whether Jessica Spirit is still called Jessica Spirit – in any case, she is like that but Katy Perry

Next door: I'm lying in my bed bare, still in full makeup and don't know how or when I got home – Film tear – for the first time in many years. Somehow I got home and luckily my car was still there, where i expected it.


A tranny was probably scalped.

Fortunately, I seem to have behaved well. At least I'm halfway through 8 apparently still well entertained and everything was still fine with me. Pooh lucky 🙂




Cool laser show over the Spree.

Christmas Irrenhouse

Sheila hate die Idee, one of her shootings again for a visit to the Berlin club landscape – namely that Christmas Irrenhouse from Nina Queer to use.


And, why not. Also something like a constant in the annual calendar, I'm not sure, but even if i do that Irrenhouse hardly any visits, I was – I believe – present at most of the Christmas madhouses.


Actually, you don't have to say a lot anymore. Man weiss, what to expect from a Christmas madhouse. Same as last jar – and penultimate and … and lots of white confetti.


Some tranny Christmas carols, Nina and Brigitte spread their legs and don't forget Nina, the “All i want for Christmas” performed and covered the Irrenhouse with white confetti, that one will find until next year and probably well into next year….


Actually, very little changes here, the door is the same, the songs are the same, Nina, Brigitte and the show, for example Melli Magic is at least similar. Overall, that's probably just that, what makes the Irrenhouse so successful.


At first I thought, it is pretty empty, but Nina has now taken over so many rooms, that the number of people is distributed in a lot of space and it no longer seems so overcrowded, as in the past.


No more must, this Christmas madhouse, but a nice ending to 2014. It is coming 2015.

Queerboot 2014

At the weekend there were trannies in Berlin again because of the queer boat 2014 to celebrate.


Obviously it is that again now Queerboot, it was supposed to be last year “Das Boot” also others – do not attract tranny circles. I fear, that didn't quite work out, the usual audience could be seen here: Men in women's clothes and friends / Girlfriends. But that's the queer boat too.


For the multiple time, the illustrious people meet at the pier near the Chinese embassy at approx. 20 Minutes after the actual start against 16 Take off your watch and set off on a long journey across Berlin's canals towards the Tempelhof Lakes.


While I did not live up to my name and was on time, but there were quite a few stragglers, that we could wave from on board. I've been through something like that before. – So that be late. In my case, the steamer was actually completely gone..


This year, however, the scattered group was allowed to get on at a later date – that we – So Sheila and I had to get off on the way to the 10 years Redcat Seven Anniversary gala to come. Luck for the girls.


And it always gets really beautiful anyway, when the sun has set, and the boat in the dark with lights, Strobe, Fog and fat beats sail through Berlin. Unfortunately, we didn't notice that anymore, but at least the first show block with Kaye Katcher and Ilonka Petruschka.


Well, Lena, you missed something, You should have seen that 🙂


It's always a nice affair, this boat, Lena, It, Denise, Meet Sam and and and and this time Karin von Sahneschnitte as well, who made my great red plumage and is planning an interesting shop in Hamburg, you must be very excited.


At the other end in Berlin Spandau we got off and confused half of Spandau. In the outskirts, the trans-ness has apparently not yet really arrived 🙂 Also always exciting to see something like that.

DSC04083But no, Monty, such situations are enough, I don't have to walk through any parks to get noticed – and after going to concerts in the theater in musicals, was in normal bars, rode with the ride-sharing service and on the train, flew and went shopping as normal, I've actually been through everything 🙂 That's enough.

DSC04077By the way, that was a really long taxi ride back into town – and it was dear. But what do you not do to honor Sammy and her with great people 10 Years to celebrate.


Trans casserole for Christmas Irrenhouse

Christmas begins not with me, if they show up at the first Gingerbread emperor or Lidl, either, when I hear the first time load Christmas by Wham, and not just, when the first Christmas trees are sold. No Christmas starts at the latest, if it snows on the stage of Irrenhouse confetti and Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas gespielt wird”


As Nina Queer says it all really. That is why we are all here, and that makes the Christmas Irrenhouse the most beautiful ever. And every year. In the end it is a normal astray House, like all 11 also in other, but somehow it is just something else, homely, secluded, atmospheric.


Hotly, as always, fully, As always with a unique trans still show by Nina. And show precisely that began with Brigitte as Christmas angel with the first number, which obviously sung live “the legs were spreading” and thus it led up, what should follow, for since the Cheffin indulged their favorite activity and blew on stage other than a Saxophone… For details, but I could not see.


Next came her dearest daughter Stella DeStroy as Frau Holle with their version of “Let It Snow” on the stage. Of course it snowed here but no snow, little confetti, it then but still white substances in small plastic bags, that would certainly prove to price reasons as flour…


It was in a great glitter sequined dress for the first time in ages again Melli Magic, Berlin has completed their Abstinez, but not their love of great divas in general and in particular Whitney. So isses, if not can Whitney, then Melli is just the very best representation. And honestly, who has heard Whitney's live singing attempt, which is always much happier with Live on Tape. And there is just no, Melli can hold a candle to.


Diva-esque and after the asylum House can tolerate a little trash and it was on this evening Mataina Ah how sweet responsible, However, with a song, I had not heard before, yet I would have remembered. Did not matter, because it was really only a placeholder for the highlight of the show… Mariah Carey.


And so it was, like every Christmas Irrenhouse, wermutlich since there is this, But at least since 6 Years. All Drags on stage, which occurred on the evening, to Mariah Carey and lots of confetti… First they threw it just a little and I was immediately reminded of, to call for this, were taken as two fans at once and then it just yet snowing right….


Although, I think so, that there were more confetti in the past OR… and much smaller confetti, that you could find even months later at his home somewhere… Because I need this time have little fear. But it was still great… as always.


But one was somehow different, This time in the asylum House. It seemed, as if the whole of Berlin present. Okay okay, it was as full as ever, but the number of hair replacement wearers that evening but was surprisingly high, not, I could assign all names correctly, I could probably, I could apply myself to the successor of Thomas Gottschalk “I'm betting that I appeal to all of Berlin Trans only on appearance with the right name”… But what is there Facebook.


And it is always a stupid situation, when someone says, “we know, We're friends on Facebook”… Uh, and, about you and a few thousand other people. Sorry, that does not help me, but anyway where I can remember people only me, times when I have a few minutes with them entertaining, or they simply bring any distinctive features… Hair Colors, Hairstyles, Height, Make up, By the way, outfits and the like are not part of 🙂


Though you came to me with the question “what you had in the last CSD at” Were you the one with the Louis Vuitton bags and other? Das war toll… So I was actually recognized as the outfit. When you consider, that this again is yes a few months ago, this is really nice


Oh beautiful. isses are continually, mislead the House in general and in particular the Christmas Irrenhouse. Merci Nina