New York, River, Tokyo ääh Berlin

I have two flights booked Friday. Berlin – Rio de Janeiro am 2. Oktober und Rio De Janeiro – Berlin just three weeks later. (So, strictly speaking, yet each one more flight, Good ich 2 Times have to change in Madrid).

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And so I'm prepared for anything, I wanted to look at the INternet, if there are any drag shows in Rio, the worth to visit.

After shows in Germany, UK, USA, Cuba, Thailand and at least by video of a drag I know in Hong Kong I must sometimes look, what Brazil has to offer… I haven't made any real progress yet, but I found something else interesting…

A dissertation from 2007 entitled:

An ethnological study of self-images and forms of self-organization
in den transgender-Subkulturen Rio de Janeiros, New York and Berlin

Now I have only part of the above 700 Read pages, but the part about Berlin is quite exciting. He is more historical and tells of the time in West Berlin before reunification, from the insular world of Berlin and the time after the turn and explains the still fairly obvious difference to the Drags Mehringdamm and on the other hand those in Mitte and Friedrichshain. Hardly a name in it is still a concept, but very exciting.

You can find the whole under the following link

In the next days I will once I read through the New York area and at the latest on the flight I'll read times, what is there to say about Rio as.

Kim Petras singt and.

About two and a half years ago, I about Kim Petras, under the title: Transgender Children. Damals war Kim 13 and a transsexual young girl, whose fate diverse media coverage, some Star TV appearances and even a Wikipedia entry generated. (why I'm actually still not?) ….And obviously some fame for her – they obviously exploits very clever..


Kim, in the meantime 16 Years and now also physically very woman sings namely today and obviously fairly successful. Already 2008 brought her two singles mainly out on Myspace and her last brought it, after all there on 250.000 Hits. Now she wants to do professionally but , this includes with record company and everything… For example, articles in the image, the Sun, looking in Switzerland and who knows even terms everywhere.


At that time I saw something this media hype yes ambivalent. In this case, however, I seem to have been mistaken. Beautiful, that they have found each other and obviously so running everything in her life, as they imagine.

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO)

In almost exactly one month of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia is (IDAHO) and surprisingly, I get the times before and not after the fact with. Now, however, I do not really, who actually initiated or proclaimed this day, but that's really not important, because it is a very meaningful day, and this year there is a ebefalls very meaningful action.


By video were gay, bisexual, Called lesbians and trans people to any, to show themselves and the world, that they exist and that they can not hide.

“Hi, my name is … I come from …
And I’m so proud to be
gay / lesbian / bisexual / transgender!”

The initiators hope, from each country to get soche videos but honestly, I do not know, if that is so useful, because at least in the countries I would not recommend this to anyone, because there is still wid Hmomosexualität the death penalty (Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, Yemen, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates). In addition, it is in 70 Countries punishable.

Eurovision Grand Prix of Wigstöckel

Different languages ​​at Wigstöckel Council

Weekend – strictly speaking Saturday! Time, strike out and visit the parties of this city. My party planner Sheila picked out for three parties that night and was the first time Wigstöckel Council in SO36, that took place under the name of glamor without Borders.


Actually, wondering something, that we wanted to get there, because frankly had me Wigstöckel last year not really excited. For this I could hardly imagine, that an event on a first Saturday of the month, Thus, simultaneously with the Clubs International general audience would find… But Wigstöckel is because different, has different clientele and other performers.

[googlevideo] / video play?docid = 2447085955191062306[/googlevideo]

But before we could get there first had to be solved various problems…

Issue No.. 1
My wallet was gone – can not be found – gone – somewhere, should be where it would not… Only where? Even after more than a quarter of an hour Search (Sheila while waiting in the car outside the house and bored) did not let it locate… Here I had just brought money, put the money in the wallet, and I am far away of any people driven home… There I was, – my wallet but somehow not… There was dnn under the seat in the car and we were finally able to go..

A few minutes later we came about 50 Meters from SO36 and we had to

Issue No.. 2
to fight. Sheila tore the straps of her shoes cheap… To do nothing, and for the Mules Pumps were then not designed. So running was rather impossible. Badly at the start of an evening. Safety pins could be a solution… Which can be found in my bathroom… So enter and ride for me. The Wigstöckel Council may wait for us. Two times a few minutes later there was


Issue No.. 3
…the parking lot. our great parking was off course and far and wide parking lot was not even seen for a mini… Eventually went away luckily someone… directly across from SO36. It does not get better. But now was still

Issue No.. 4
solve. The Checkout… Joining? We? We are not on the guest list. Certainly. After all, we have to report, filming and shooting photos. Sheila made it again and I'm always amazed, how she does it again and again, to provide free access. And Yes! that had to be really mentioned times.


Money war usefull da, the shoes viable and we were in.. However, this did not mean, that you could see something, because the SO36 was packed and it was again a party headquarters. !!Benches!! Well I do not know. Now through chat is Sheila parade discipline, is my Durchdrängeln and so we ended up at some point in the front row at the show from up close can attend… And this show – also has to be said – was better than expected.


We arrived just in time to forward to the show by Chou Chou de Briquette track… Cabbage Briquette ist ein Name, of Berlin has an almost reverent tone. Okay, I exaggerate perhaps, but the name is well acquainted with almost any in Berlin, Chou Chou although hardly goes into the spotlight. (I saw at least not yet). It dates from a time, hardly with the “the good old days” is to title, was called as a transvestite fagot and still had this really necessarily a political statement. The ladies ie, who ensured on the whole it, that today just to party and have to make around it a little thought to the policy. Apolitical trannies – whether this is better, is debatable safe – but I say to myself yes! I have the name Chou Chou de Briquette first great in Julia Ostertag Film Gender X heard.

[googlevideo] / video play?docid = -7491928257605094789[/googlevideo]

On stage she brought a number of Milva, which was not particularly remarkable, and sprayed wit by most, that the cucumber mask of cucumber, which she applied herself when she sang the sun face, not really stuck. Nevertheless, it must be a person, the lot would have to tell. Exciting.


Their contribution was followed by a spoken word Number of Dr. Not… It was about this Flowers and he was dressed in the best Hawaiian shirts Fashion Culture… I could not do anything, But who am I, to form an opinion about me. Very skurill it was definitely and – different.. But that is probably Wigstöckel..


But then I'm more likely to have the classic drag and since number just fits Kaspar kamale better in the grid. Something glamrockiges sung live…. Now sing live not always the best choice in drag circles, however Kaey Tearing can definitely.

[googlevideo] / video play?docid = 8702109325022477727[/googlevideo]

With her three colleagues she stepped encoded in the sequence under the name “drei Engel für Kaey” onto… It sounded better, as my camera is able to reproduce… I should have just not put directly on the subwoofer…

Next up was a small girl, While that looked very sweet, their Gesangeskünste took me a long time to clear. Sorry, but that was nothing.

[googlevideo] / video play?docid = -8997767908223823917[/googlevideo]

Exciting it was then. The appearance of a Drag Kings, which in turn played a man, who played a woman… In fact, it went to I Want to break free by Queen and Freddie Mercury as he presented shows and sucked like it was the stage for the video… …Respect, I must say. Because if I'm honest, it was the first time, I saw a drag king performance, played with the irony and wit had. Mostly drag king performances are unfortunately created to show it, just what it says on the stage for a great guy. That was a nice change.

[googlevideo] / video play?docid = -4513243905635654559[/googlevideo]

There was a Whitney Houston number. “Whitney Houston?” is the Knower of the Berlin scene Trans ask? Melli Magic on Wigstöckel? No. Although this is their turf, Wigstöckel but is far enough away from the Berlin Glatransenszene to, to be able to enter other areas. The whole thing was less glamorous than Melli but with more accessories on stage. Well worth seeing.


Very worth it then remained with a Slovenian transsexuals, which accordingly also sang in Croatian and fairly and professionally performte. There was something of Grand Prix mood: Slovenia 10 Points. Very well, class to look. The clearly most worth seeing performance at the event. Once learned,. Not for nothing was :Mataina Ah Wie Süß: inform us, she has performed with her on Mykonos.


There was still a French Drag King, but then again who has complied with the ideal of the typical guy and a pretty crazy performance of spicy tigers on speed….

Overall I can say, I Wigstöckel that the Council was much better than expected, but Kaey was right in its conclusion moderation, that somehow lacked the glamor of the event name somehow.