Little things

Hallo TSCD,

I think it's generally class, That you have taken my advice to heart you, Trans CSD genius just not on the same day, as the other major – commercial – To take place CSD. Because, as I wrote last year, otherwise it is never something to the attention, since put all newspaper and photojournalist but rather to the big parade, to have come as the alternative CSD attention.

Actually, I would have continued to complain about something, namely, to let the TCSD even AFTER the great place, a week before it would be safe more attention, if not, as in this year the TCSD on everyone's lips – especially Judith Butler's mouth would. Wenn das so planted war, this is great cinema, unless, very lucky… Nachstes Jahr sollte er dann aber doch eine Woche vorher sein 😉


Hello Win Column,

I think it's really great, I've made it to the cover photo of your article in the current CSD Victory Column, honoring me something. Too bad I find, however,, that you have just taken a photo, in which I am to see only from behind. I mean, it is a really nice picture, Unfortunately that Brigitte has since shot, however, love Victory Column, really would have been this been. 🙂 Trotzdem sehr schön.

CSD Vs Transgenialer. Bushido

Am Tage des “large” CSD there are still the “small” unloved brother, the CSD, moves through Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain. To some political, well a lot smaller but still always there and surprises.


I said it before Jaren two already and I'll say it again. Also an anti-WHATEVER CSD is only glueing, if there are people, report it – and if there is the slot, purely slips in this… Am Tag des “large” CSD rather a difficult matter… A week earlier would certainly be better for right proper press coverage.

So be it, this time it has the Trans Ingenious CSD actually done a little in the press, because he is on the way to hit a halfway celebrities. Bushido

I wonder so long, what actually is so exciting about the, but I'm probably not his target audience, and no one, would be in his Bushido Store on Alexa money.

Now that German rapper, is noticed on several occasions by his anti-gay lyrics… According to rumors, and his line of text “You'll piss queens” only on the advice of his Plarttenfirma “You fags will gasified” has changed. Was with other guys at the burger stand Silesian Gate, vorbeizog as the train. Is stand-sah – and accosted. It flew at least a glass bottle and at least one drink. ..The police had to intervene.

Bushido is an indication for libel, have received a complaint of assault some other types.

Indymedia is available to the following:

shortly after the Warsaw road was passed, there was a brawl at a snack stand under the subway bridge. reason: the berlin “gangsta” bushido rapper has with some of its “etching” homophobe parolen rumgeprollt. immediately the sexist mob was surrounded by the demo. then threw one of the “etching” demoteilnehmer_innen a glass bottle in the quantity and hurt. There were then 2 provided criminal charges.

Ich mag Indymedia, but the sound is there, but always funny.

No matter. Finally press the Trans genius CSD. How to order.