Little House in the asylum

Between Goya and we moved to Goya, so as to be heard :Nina Queer:s :Irrenhouse Party:.

No matter, what is going on in an evening otherwise, Trans show you simply must not miss, but it is commonly be described as legendary, and always worth a looker.

But firstonce an A-HA experience, tie Irrenhouse war leather. Naja nicht leer, but as empty, I have not seen it yet. Well, all parties are in the summer some empty, perhaps also to have the party animals Berlin CSD already protected. Maybe but many were not, mislead the House that this time was moved because of the CSD of one week earlier…. Maybe it all came together.

So be it, Man konnte Atmen, move well, you do not sweat as (unless you're stuck in a chicken outfit) and you came directly without having to wait on a toilet, (which, incidentally, only at most 1/3 were so filthy, as otherwise. …If I see it as, It was great and it should be always empty in Irrenhouse ;-).

No matter we come to the really important, where Trance Show, showed again today some.

Were the first Ah How Sweet Mateina and Nina Queer with a classic. Shakespear Sister – Hello (Turn your Radio on). Oh this song brings back memories to me, how we as teenies in a rented house somewhere in Denmarket lack of firewood combustion plant the garden fence and even a lot of nonsense hired.

Not stupid, but pretty awesome performten nina and Mateina (This time the song appropriately with black wig) this great song. A nice introduction to a great show.

[youtube] = tJcqDdjl5MM[/youtube]


The whole was followed by a medley of Madonna and Stella Destroy Kae tearing. OKay, Madonna and kennt jeder, and when “Like a Virgin” Stella looks indeed really cute.



But I would have liked for my part, they would have left it at that. But they did not, Instead, Stella and Kea squeezed into Madonna Leotards. While that is brave, but not very recommendable, if you are not Madonna. Kae, Stella, human being, you are so great, why have you done to us and especially you, the….


No matter, the two should not be the highlight of the evening. ACH btw. This time a Madonna medley, one last time Kylie Minogue-Medley. The next time a Gwen Stefani medley follows, dann bist Du ausrechenbar Stella 😉

The two Mateina followed with a song called from Wencke Myhre “Max the Earthworm”, a poor lonely earthworm, of the shares in order to have society and ultimately falls in love with himself. (is it really incest?). The song itself is pretty crazy, Mateinas but with gestures and facial expressions he is class. There Bonker, Nagila Hava, Max the Earthworm. Mateina really can be in any style set, except perhaps “otherwise” and “good”. I love your performances.



I actually just came in sight Mateinas the thought of a slightly younger Ingrid Steeger?

But when we come to the show highlight Ursula and Ariel AKA Stella Kae Destroy and tearing. How cool was that. A perceived whole Hörspielkasette long the scene must lose their voice in the Arielle to become human. While Kae had actually just sit there, Stella pulled out all the stops from the Vollplaybacktheater. This calls for lots of pictures.

[youtube] = 5fPRZFkvWFg[/youtube]



I would rate the show I would have a smooth 1 give expression, Gestures, Idea, outstanding! Very large theater and that would have been worth a smooth entry

So the evening was eaten, Applkausmäßig top. As Nina could not keep himself with the premiere of her next single. Although I have no idea, what it was, I know it, I thought it was really not bad this time.



So what can you say, Show troubling classes diesmal. And what do these three have so exaggerated, I do not at all know. Das war bestimmt nicht jugendfrei 😉


Oh by the way, it shows up again, that Berlin is a village, so we met but this time in a mental house our Safe-Toliettenbekanntschaft, which did not help us out but this time with mirrors, misleading because the House which has.



Shopping with 75.000 Football fans


The common football fan as such, is not dissimilar to a tranny.

  • Both place great value on their clothes. (So there must be at least the bodice of präferierten Association.)
  • Both place great value on brand. (If the club plays in Adidas, hardly a place in the nakedness of a counterfeit garment run around =
  • Both place great emphasis on matching accessories (a black / Yellow football fan will hardly be seen with a blue and white scarf Schalke)
  • They bicker devotedly with others of their kind
  • They laugh, whine, clamor, like crying

In good German: The typical football fan is a real drama queen and not in packs enjoyed light fare.

The last weekend they were in large herds in Berlin. The Franks (VFB Stuttgart) played against Bayern (Nuremberg) and almost 75.000 which were at the Berlin Olympic Stadium to see, wer nun the DFB-Pokal holt.

In addition, were again equal number of both species for the Berlin fan mile in the capital. – And in de city were somehow all of them, when I was on the Kurfürstendamm, to look for shoes. A few weeks earlier I had seen there shoes, that would fit wonderfully in my outfit CSD – but they have not bought. And there is hardly anything dämlicheres, than to try on a shoe store as a man ladies pumps – and otherwise – I was, of course, as Zoe go.

photo by scoobay

Fortunately, they were not drunk, but it is still football fans, Men in Rudeln, Villagers and partly Bavaria. A transvestite had probably never seen. So at least it seemed to me. Amazingly, nothing made me in the least from. Somehow seems to be bad but my fur thick. Is that good, or actually less?

Janka Croft, that appealed to me as a man at Douglas wondered also, I could go gedresst on a day like this with a loud crazy in the city. Now buying shoes before going – she will surely understand. I have left but then again these shoes in the store, is another issue…

I was in my mini Platoe Peep-toes by Deichmann go, than me in the Europa Center in a grid zerborste a Placken under paragraph. Fuck.

Fupp (Plastic paragraph),
Click (defective paragraph),
Fupp (Plastic paragraph),
Click (defective paragraph),

Okay, have 19,90 Cost € and Safe suffered somewhat, as I ran in the dark against stairs. So before I let them re-soled, I buy them simply re-. With a defective paragraph I ran the way to the next Deichmann to buy them new – Forget it out. But I could find Mister Minit in KDW.

The KDW warped in the mouth trains. Something cheap can be comfortable in a noble department store not represented. But I would at Wertheim – found at the other end of the Kurfürstendamm a Mister Minit.


I was then also – Although his name was not spic and span and Mister Minit, but was the same. I could / had to wait and watch, Deichmann like my peep-toes through the performance and two new sales Placken zulegten almost half of its value. Wild, to make such shoes resole – But I wanted finally home.

Since then, however, I had to pass a large Beate Uhse shop, before again waited a whole bunch of football fans and drank hot. The guys offered me, not really altruistic, an, me to pay admission to the sex cinema, but I politely, determined but strangely still friendly from.

From home and vorschlafen something for after the evening Ouch.

Berlin Tresor

Having with us Conny’s Funkbusch have adopted, We drove straight into the newly opened Safe.

The Safe has long been THE Berlin techno temples and like Sven Väth and Co. have placed there.

But what I'm talking about eigfentlich? I was never a Technofan and the sizes of the scene I know from conversations with others, or at most in the media. I guess, the safe was in Berlin about the, what was the tunnel in Hamburg – the “Place to be” for each of the disciples Techno City.

Despite my lack of knowledge, we moved into (in the??) Safe. Although before that was a neat bustle of people, but almost all of them were probably already in the club, because we needed to queue.

The vault was the second club this evening, the more like a bunker from the inside felt. In an old power plant in the Köpenick Street he's come across and should be on the point of, to resurrect the old vault flair.

Whether it was the flair, I do not know, but surely it was a pretty special. Through various programs, we came into a larger space. Hard basses, not only a blue strobe light. Something between mesmerizing and frightening. Too bad, that the steps could not be seen due to lack of lighting in the room – so I'm running directly against a stair.

But rather we moved to another room, was not quite as dark and sonicated not so bad. There we ran more or less directly into the mic arms, meanwhile the Sexcrime Party had also left with some people, and Michelle AKA :Gloria Viagra: wanted to test the atmosphere of the vault.

why she wanted to bite me, weiss ich nicht 😉

As Michelle said, still? “Pretty trashy people here – I should send over here Viagra” She's right. Even though I did not see any construction workers white shirts and no gloves or vacuum cleaner on the back, so it was pretty prollig. Of course, they still invited us to After the next day Ow one, but that already was scheduled – and the open password is not needed tranny yes there anyway. Thanks anyway for, Glory.


In Mic, Michelle and Co. went we looked a little in the vault to, playing with a ball of lightning, ordered another one or another drink and found a balcony with great views.

Very departed, because you are in a building and has a bottomless pit and a very great industrial prospect. Impressively.


Even something musically completely unimportant I have to complain about: Missing mirror in the toilets. To make sure I have an extra checked again in the men's room – but even there None. How does that something like? The makers about anxiety, that someone does not recognize its ugly face in pill noise and beats in the mirror?Well, normally I would say now: Tranny has it all and could not even help other women… But the opposite was the case. We were helped – namely with little make-up mirrors.

Tresor Club Berlin

In any event, the vault is after reopening a great club, although I do not think, that these mega Great Location can completely fill permanent.

We will see – and I believe we will see you there again.

We definitely firstonce the Generation X adopted, wo Kitty zur Aftershowparty lud. That was really nice, pretty full and we were both at the time and when we went into day.