Zoe / Zarf @ All My Children

Interesting! In America there is a daily soap called “All my Children”. An apparently not ungewichtige role here is a transsexual name Zoe fallen. As Zarf Zoe is a rock star and turns gradually to wife.

Of mysterious admirers, Hormones, idiot, Appearances on talk shows, Love – but it is also with contempt, Boundless stupidity and idiocy. Not at once so poorly done and exciting to see, just that in America the issue of transgender is reasonably well taught to a wider public. Zoe is so, for example, as a transgender lesbian (what a stupid word) in this series. If hot, she likes Women.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = Y-AN8Y0m1B4[/youtube]


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = _a4rkCIFeDA[/youtube]

okay, okay, naturally connected with neat heartbreak, but it was probably only to be expected, or?

We can in Germany but also, or? I nominate here Rockstar und Moderator 😉

Expeditions into the T-kingdom

Subcultures: Students, Transsexual and 60s Soul listeners.

Eventually it gets boring everywhere, it was us in the Un-Schlagbar tedious, because I still could find little to the overall theme and also we wanted to further.

Firstly, Claudia was + 1 put on the guest list of the recently opened new Foo Club on Hamburger Berg and finally waited Unisex Gold Party for our appearance.

Well now I'm curious, what happens, when heading out with you…

claudia said, and did not want me right gleuben, that little would happen to nothing… Okay okay, we both wore no glasses, what the number of detected eyes can shrink to a minimum, but it just happened really little.

Sometime around 23 Clock we searched and found the Foo Club to determine, that this first order 0:00 opens the newly renovated doors. To fewer jobs in Hamburg, you can spend an hour better than on the Hamburg Mountain. We moved into our first subculture therefore an object of study, die barbarabar.


The Barbarabar is one of the typical music venues on the Hamburg Mountain and is oddly next to the Foo Club. It is populated, Like most shops in this street, primarily by students or persons, the students were at least times.

Tuesdays through audio cassettes of the three question marks, on the bar TVs run, or Heidi Barbapapa, Wednesdays and one Thursday foosball swing. All in all, a urfreundlicher shop. Even to us, Claudia had to admit the, that you really did not give us too much attention.

However, I would be a little less observance of the types have liked, who asked me, if I had to sell cocaine. (somehow amplifies the feeling as my drags are all drug dealers). No matter, that Claudia had something to marvel at, I dragged it to the other side into the second stress subculture object of study, Villa Sundries.

From the villa Sundries there is fortunately no photo, and when, then it could be of an average fast food hardly differ. A Boring Store, the non-deuschsprachiger popular meeting transsexuals, arguing that there, klönend clamoring and waiting for sex and free and hope.

Then sitting at the bar, the crowd of losers, just hope that it, to afford the, but are unwilling or skillfully, or would not even rangelassen then. I was nowhere figured the whole evening in any case in such detail or observed, as here. …What does the tranny heir and why is it a woman here?.. The villa Sundries is actually one of the shops, where woman should visit the men's room, because this is uniquely clean.

We had definitely made quickly and moved now in the Foo club was generally pleasant.


The club was called Foo already Crazy Cat and doubtless had been x-other name. Eventually, I was once the Combine family in the store and it was really funny. now he was new to Foo aufgamcht and club wear than the masses. Unfortunately, the masses were not. We were on the guest list purely free and talked about one and a half hours with a DJ on God, the world, Music, Subcultures, Mods and Northern Soul.

As a sometime around 2 It was clear, that there are no other visitors would now join us, we went to the Golden Cut to Unisex Party, to see times, whether there would be time to grace the door for me.

Shopping in Nürnberg

how can you live on a single event for three weeks? I do it before the next article of the bitch hard journey, which even now is really quite a while ago.

What is still missing? The shopping, die Party und the day after.

When I arrived in Nuremberg, led us, na wohin wohl? Sure to shopping in the large pedestrian zone of Nuremberg.

In fact, I really wanted to visit only two stores, namely the Gothic, Rocabilly, Lack & Leder whateverladen Undergroundfashion and probably the most broken shoe shop in Nuremberg Mandolesi.

polkadots.gifThe Underground Fashion store we have found really quickly and we were, as it should be served great. A gorgeous pinup polka-dot dress from Lucky13 I had it, although not my wallet, particularly impressed. While I bitched and moaned about the price, I can not afford it, encouraged me Sheila, yet to try it at least. (Which brings me to the Debtors'). Unfortunately,, or actually better this way, But I had to find, I'm too fat. …No, strictly speaking, it was only my broad cross, that prevented, that this is now my dress.
…shame really.

Then we stöckelten yet determined a three-quarter hour by any shops in the pedestrian zone nürnberger, annoyed us about the booklet for there cobblestones and were pleased about the very many extravagant footwear Nuremberg. Very laudable.

Since I unfortunately did not know, where Mandolesi bedindet, We got lost a whole corner, until we finally found him. Neither here, or anywhere else, however, we have found anything, what we would have to have urgent. The times you have to let it melt on your tongue:

Two trannies, namely two shopaholics high heels for hours through Nuremberg's city center from one shop to the next and and buy NOTHING.
Unbelievable really.

After that, we moved quickly back to the hotel, because slow feet hurt. But how dorthinkommen. For us, it certainly meant 20 without further Fußmarschminuten, somewhere that a taxi would be surfaced. Instead of a taxi but a whole wedding party honking loudly four !!! Time vorbeigekurvt us. I'm not sure, whether Nuremberg has only a circular course or whether the much again us, wanted to see again and again…

Eventually we called a taxi actually, to determine, that we had already walked so far, that our hotel was only a few hundred meters away. The path has certainly not worth it for the taxi driver.

Lady Svenja

Part 1 the people, actually everyone should know, or where I'm at least happy, to know them:

Lady Svenja

Lady Svenja
Even as Svenja, Svenja_tv or other known name in the real or virtual world.

I recently chatted with Svenja in chat?

> wer mehr wissen will suche bei google nach mir 🙂
Lady Svenja (tv): the good google page
Lady Svenja (tv): I know from somewhere else smile
> jepp, I think I'm better than you found, but you also so everyone knows anyway
> You are beautiful janz known here, mien wench
Lady Svenja (tv): and ja Zoe, I would say not more like you
Lady Svenja (tv): if you svenja lady typing, I stand above you even smile at google

Pööh something like that I will not be saying yes, So here is a website, Svenja crumbles the page into the ground, and good / honors angry at the same time.

Lady Svenja hamburg

Since the inclined seekers but not looking for me but Svenja, should he find – namely on the links below:

Svenja's profile on Transgender.at with the best and especially frequently updated images of Svenja. If Svenja was at a party, on the one allowed to take pictures for a change, then you can see it here. However, images from the studio with Lady Mona and her two maid Melli. Previously, the link was rarely reach, because Svenja has simply produces too much traffic and their images were often viewed.

How to write Svenja? “Welcome to the darkness”. Whether this is intended to mean, that this side has gone to sleep, or more points but it, this is not good to eat cherries with Svenja, if you as a slave, Maid or similar confronts. Probably the latter, because there is an orb but the other image, shows the Svenja in lacquer outfits or with whip. Here are a few pieces of equipment from their SM-studio with Madame Mona as Bock, Stool, Cage, Gynecology chair, Andrew's Cross and most diverse shows little mean. Auutsch. Wer's power!

Das TV-Studio von Lady Mona, in which Svenja as Lady Svenja is found. (it's called actually practiced?). As I said slaves, TVs or other forms, require education. When you find it Svenja – at least if you do since their value. And the right gift is half the battle, Lady Svenja so you receives, maltreated, educates, inserted into the cage, binds to the cross, or even sometimes with the Nine-Tailed relish whipping, until you ask for mercy.

She calls herself Lady Svenja, but it is actually a lady? Wikipedia refers to a lady as


Lady in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the form of address for the wife of a Lords, one Knights (Ritter) or Baronets, in certain cases, for the daughters of a peer (→ Höflichkeitstitel), or a peeress own right. Earlier, it was the title of the English. Queen and the Princess.

So the wife of a lord she is not sure, still much remembered in her studio with Mona to the Dark Ages, but it is also demonstrably not a wife of a knight. Also it is not the English Queen

The term is also commonly used for women inflationary, z.B. Diskotheken: Ladies’ Night.

Let's say this, Svenja is certainly evil, when the Ladies’ Night is not in vain in the disco or at least enjoys the usual benefits – And I've been told from a confidential source but absolutely safe, that it can be very very angry when Lady Svenja

There is also the concept of the First Lady, usually the spouse of a President.

No it has not even a president as a husband, maybe they had a TV in the studio. You heard yes, that something like this should happen in the best families and across all walks of. Since Lady Svenja is discreet but is styled as most later in her memoirs Andreas Merkel and tranny and a TV education has undergone, that he as Angie Merkel is barely recognizable as a man and later even managed to Chancellor. but this is perhaps only in the memoirs and of course only, if it should agree. The place with the Prince Valiant wig is definitely orphaned for years

(Engl. Dame) generally described as a gentlewoman.

That leaves only the gentlewoman – probably best fits the, although posh? Well I do not know.. Wearing a lady not at least knee-length skirts, uses subtle makeup and knows paint and leather (if any) from hear say…. Na egal.

Svenja Transgender

But something strange is, that I myself have never experienced Svenja really angry, somehow we meet only to “brave” Occasions such as parties in any Gloss & Glory Sabrina at Mudder or even at a the’ or other fetish party as the Obsession. However, I am so well behaved, I really do not need a TV education. Since I'd rather leave it when pushed with most diverse variety of drinks parties.

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