Crazy at Underground Catwalk

The week was hard, I'm kind of always only to 3 Clock to come home and I'm not to blog. strictly speaking, not even to sift Photos. That should change today actually not, because that one comes to blogging on a CSD Cologne weekend is almost excluded. …actually. Indeed, there are three things, that can change the.

Cold, Rain and time. and all together. It is pouring down with rain, is cold and I collect only rider to 19:00 one. So I'm sitting in the hotel and have much much much time. zum Beispiel für den Underground Catwalk 🙂

Well, the Underground Catwalk…. Even if a bird has caught me in the ear, that it might have been the last of its kind, he is still one of the coolest events in the Berlin Fashion Week..

…I write as since mid 5 Years about the underground catwalk, I think therefore I need – no longer perform all around it, therefore shortly:

moving subway, coole menschen, Underground Mode, kein berlin Fashionweek Chic

Amazingly, the have actually noticed but probably not all, because I wondered at before the departure of the amount – for the Underground Catwalk – untypical guests, were more likely attributable to the Fashion Week fashion dolls sector, as an Underground Catwalk.

Apparently promised this event “coole Streetwear” in the eyes of so many. …strange, because if the Underground Catwalk is not a safe, then a fashion show for cool streetwear. Cool ja, Streetwear … um neee

Who looks at the history of the event, will soon discover, dass Latex, Burlesque, something gothic and slightly, that is probably best described as “Strange” call always leaves a large part of the fashion represented here and this should not shock….

And for untrained eyes could actually be one or the other slightly shocking in this fashion show – I mean it is supposed to actually give people, get the heart fluttering in a garter stockings and even then not get over the above, if it was then also made of latex as in a Savage Wear outfit.

Savage Wear

Or the two silver and gold “Christmas tree decorations” I would call it times. strange creations, the more poorly covered with two men rather than only clothing the bells. I was not even really great, but still interesting and different.

Anders was the clothing of Michaela Schäfer, I, although in the morning at Lena Hoschek already seen – did not recognize… After all, you believe me, I have not seen not only for reasons of image, since I have generally never anyone, with whom I have not talked. And I've never been with Michaela Schäfer… No matter, Your wig outfit was also a featured creation…

As Oleg Lazos creations to his words, according to Spiegel Online that the sexual Russia should re-mirror. Lot of kitsch, much red and very sexy… And to be honest, does not have the legs Models… wow. However, what I found shocking, what the male model, that – rote Nylons gekleidet – was unshaven thigh… For me, though already, aber eigentlich nicht wirklich schockierend.

At least not against the crazies, the later of Redcat 7 in the Ring the subway were thrown. As Sammy has come up with the idea, To let Mrs. Pepper and Eve Champagne float along on chains through the subway, I do not know, but it had its effect. Although probably no one has looked at the clothes but the two were probably the most-scanned photo object.

Overall, I found the Underground Catwalk class again. And what can I say, the after-show party at the Sage, it was then also… We'll see, ob es noch einen weiteren Underground Catwalk geben wird oder was sich Alex von Rockstar Models für die sommer-Fashionweek so einfallen lässt 🙂

Chevrolet Underground Catwalk 2011

Berlin Fashion Week – Underground Catwalk

Cupcake Kleid - Zucker Schloss

Cupcake dress from Sugar Castle

Within the Berlin Fashion Week – at least the summer – is Underground Catwalk have a fixed constant… (hmm doppelt gemoppelt?) Well in any case, there is the Underground Catwalk in each year with its interesting labels from the fields of Underground Fashion as Fetish, Latex, Rockabilly unsid rockiger Streetware.

Heydi und ich
Heydi and I

Just above the latter I had shown me the last few years a little annoyed, Print-Shirts, which are also in H&M might buy, had for me on a “Underground” Catwalk wenig lost – which was reflected also in the photos in the media. Now, someone has to pay the whole thing but, and so these brands have also somehow justified.

Underground Catwalk 2011

Nevertheless, it seemed this year to have done just about as well as his thoughts, and so there were two catwalks Underground. One for streetwear and a “classical”… The first was of interest to the media, especially by name: Noah Becker und Avril Lavigne (Abbey Dawn) interesting, which there showed their collections, the second rather through clothing.

Buy Unlike
Buy Unlike

Unfortunately, I can not say much about the first train, because I only attended the second. But in which I have to say, that he has gained much by focusing on exciting clothing. The labels and the garments were clearly in the totality exciting than last year. Although, of course, no additional label can be better than Sammy with their Redcat7 Collektionen.

Sensual Latex
Sensual Latex

Nevertheless, there were this year: iron fist, ambitious, destroyyourself, queen of darkness, rock nobility, sensual latex, the walking, savage wear, elf craft, sugar closed, hustler, buy unlike, deadly nightshade. Overall a nice compilation of international labels essaten, which certainly warmed the hot anyway subway a few degrees.

Lexi Hell, Diana von Buy Unlike, Betty Deinemaid
Lexi Hell, Buy Unlike Diana and Betty Deinemaid

By the two trains and the free day, I took my, but I was finally able to achieve this without difficulty once Underground Catwalk – otherwise this has always to be pretty exhausting, because with too little time – found, but who wants to be beautiful must suffer just. It was always like that.

Deadly nightshade

I was a little surprised, that some of the typically encountered there people like Oleg and Mila did not see there, I was also surprised, as Mr. Wolf appeared there, actually wanted to stay at an event in a tipi, However, the failed and why it is short term but then for a visit to the Underground Catwalk decided. Certainly a good alternative.


Surprised, I was just in front of the boarding, when we were wondering, where would be best to enter, I even saw a bunch up front people, So I looked at times… Even before I realized, that there obviously the model Waited, which also waited for inlet, and I would therefore have to reverse, they stormed ääh “Woman” to me and bitched at me, “You are wrong here”… but this, in a tone, let the fear, I if not immediately reverse punches, Would be expected or knife wounds worse. Okay, okay, keep cool, I'm already gone. Something About Reacts, the good..


A totally unrepresentative survey out to people after the train was, that especially this year, the two dresses by belladonna, that latex dress with latex dress by Sensual and my absolute favorite, the cupcake dress by Candy Castle were the pieces, were consistently Gennat most, when I asked, What did you like best.


Otherwise it was indeed named, that there was now and lengths, if nothing had happened a few minutes, but this was not significant, because otherwise was the Underground Catwalk 2011 another great fashion show at the most exciting city of Berlin Fashion Week. Happy to be back next year.

Resin 4 Transerei

Life as a drag queen in Berlin is not an easy, where – known as. Too few jobs, too little parties, too much competition. If one's own – well-attended party – not heard zufälloig, Nina Queer as her astray House can hardly be sure, that you're not next month will be replaced by a young transvestite for even less coal at the controls.

Vollbildaufzeichnung 03.04.2011 233609-1

Some people already spoke of resin 4 Transerei and Berlin as the capital of the term. That it is already so bad alledings, for example, that Stella must DeStroy the street sweeper sale already in the subway Vogue, I would have not thought.


Well quite seriously that is not well, but if the next time a man with the street sweeper stands before you, then think of times, if you can not spare a Euro… Upper case, just as in Stella's the equivalent of some heroin ;-).

Again a sponsor wall

Before the Underground Catwalk

Broken Heart, Rock & Rebellion, Broken Heart

(3) The Jägermeister Underground Catwalk stand an – and it was a weekday. We also had to get a – completely unfamiliar to us – extremely early time – also completely unfamiliar – definitely be on time at the right place. Something stupid.


Sheila lives even now something outside and go home, dressen, drive back to town was not in it. So I invited them, to use my mirror. 'm Incredibly nice and whitish, allowed them the keys even an hour before my – premature – Pick up at the end of work of the company mirin, to already prepare. So when I came home, sat halbgeschminkter already a man in my apartment before the mirror.

Deadly nightshade

Of course I thought immediately of a masked burglar, because I now had to shoot in self-defense, but based on the voice I recognized Sheila. Also, I can not something like that anyway, wenn so herzerweichend um Gnade gebettelt wird 😉

No matter, they had about an hour ahead, I – always accompanied by “T minus 90 Minutes” Call, “T minus 85 Minutes” and so had to catch up… Ich hatte es fast aufgeholt und war so gut wie fertig. Only the dress and the accessories were missing.

Stefan Kretzschmar

A dress? Not just any dress. But a special. Especially for the Underground Catwalk I was again shopping. A blue-polka-dot dress in Pencil Skirt length with red halter straps I bought, a new pair of red high heels and sweet polka-dot-Harklammern. So a well-coordinated ensemble for a great event. Just carry on..

Schieeeelaaaaaa hilfst Du mir maaaal???

Said, done. Rrrritch they had the zipper up.. Unfortunately clearly marked earlier than the end of the dress. She had it in her hand, my dress no longer zipper, I no longer dress and suddenly a bad mood. .. Regardless of Plan B was another polka-dot dress, that although I had already taken, but that nevertheless was appropriate… So we could drive off, to pick up our press VIP wristbands, which we granted free admission.

Rock & Rebellion, AMF Cross, Deadly nightshade

But first, we watched the hustle and bustle yet to, because massive photographers and reporters photographed and interviewed all somehow looked like something colorful or unusually. So we had the – beautiful – Problem between us hardly “we take pictures” and “We pose for photos” to decide. The get to the series but now we are used to and of course the typical sponsor wall was certainly not before us.


Although one must say, that we are less äufdrängten, rather than were forced to go… THAT we would however be sometime before it was obvious. *Blitz* *Blitz* Lächeln 🙂 Gebracht hat uns das übrigens das wohl erste Bild von uns bei der Bildagentur Gettyimages. Yeah!

Then it finally started. Boarding Time. So strictly speaking it was for us and the rest of the press pack go. The empty train was boarded. Class. So we not only had the free choice but also the opportunity, bring a good photographer to, get a little more in the train, take pictures while posing.

Sheila & Ich 🙂

As I said, if we are not just taking pictures, We like to be photographed. Letzteres sogar noch viel lieber als ersteres 🙂 Aber zu fotografieren gab es after that all sorts of.