green harm through select green?

If politicians do not respond to emails, then there is the most secure of too much work as part of a coming election or unpopular truths? I guess, that my question is thus a “And” be answered and will therefore in the general election against my convictions as a green voters and choose tactically.

What I asked as direct candidates, let me open times…

Moin XXX,

I've got a question. I've been thinking a lot lately about the subject first-second vote for me as the right to vote in Kreuzberg was always clear, To choose Ströbele and to support other direct candidates morally. However, I wonder now, I'm not so wrong.

In other words, a little provocative and:

Does not harm the green than one party, one green Directly selects candidates?

Four years ago the SPD in Hamburg more direct mandates reached as percentages and thus reached an overhang mandate. The Green would in itself (unlikely event) two selected Green direct candidates probably jump out no overhang mandate. So the party I did not really help, or?

On the other side (at least for now) the prediction so close, that a seat in parliament in addition the non-black-yellow camp quite the Green could offer the possibility of (black-yellow-green), (red-yellow-green), (red-red-green) shape.

If black-yellow reaches the majority everything should be clear yes, if that does not work – and it was by a, maybe even two direct mandates of the SPD – then there is no party, a better position than the Green.

In this respect the question:

Is not it wrong my first vote as a green voters a green To give directly candidate?

best regards