Underground Catwalk Berlin 2013

Underground Catwalk Berlin 2013
or # UC2013Berlin

DSC04906a valuable part of the Berlin Fashion Week has for many years also the Underground Catwalk, which is always a little bit modified. There used to be a train, last year there were two trains.

DSC04933This year was different.
Instead of one or two rented and closed off subway trains, this year was all publicly. Instead of the invited guests and the photographer were allowed this time everyone in the subway, of bought a ticket and the various teams found, because that was a little tricky.

DSC04885Between Alexanderplatz and Frankfurter Allee commuted each of 6 teams 12 different designers in different trains, got out and into other trains again and enjoyed the knowing visitor and marveled normal commuters and tourists. Unfortunately, we knew then but never actually show where the teams are located just.

DSC04939In return, the makers of thought Rockstar Models from, that under #UC2013Berlin should always be tweeted, when divided into tight teams. Actually a nice idea, but not as good as feasible in the Berlin underground, since there is no cell phone reception… …London would be for an idea, there gibts in the subway a WLAN …

DSC04913Susi Sue mit dem Twitter Hashtag an sehr prominenter Stelle 😉

After a short time, but I found the first team of Slacks Fashion accompanied by Binca and Yoran, which I followed shortly, got out with them and let them go back, while I waited for the next troop… The next force a designer, ran my path was then, however, – the team of Slacks Fashion … schon wieder 🙂

DSC04944Fortunately, this time accompanied by Susi Sue by Rockstar Models, the plan a little more than I did and much more reception at the various stations. Together we then began the way through the underground and found really all different teams in the near future and some people, the way your actual interrupted by the trains between the two stations to follow.

DSC04920Particularly a tourist group of young girls out there are doing, that the models actually brought applause and whistles sometimes to perform and poses, because before and after many have thought, this is a typical fashion show, and one must look as unconcerned, but just this small way through the girls squad has brought them to smile. Since then really had fun also all. Models, uninvolved visitors, Photographers and give these girls squad.

DSC04927By the designers themselves liked me best Topvintage, an online shop from the Netherlands with great 50s outfits. 6 wonderful dresses with 6 customs Models.

DSC04916The second force, appealed to me was the very SinWeaver, translucent bar, a Berlin label, I did not know bisdato. …The first view was “okay, online, simple portable, elegant but not exciting”… But look closer when I had to admit, that the creations were anything but boring. For example, a skirt made of ropes, but as I said only what you saw, if you looked closer. A little frivolous – auf den zweiten Blick 😉

DSC04921Slacks Fashion however disappointed me a little. Slacks makes great burlesque corsets and gorgeous creations but showed “only” Chains and jewels of models with nylon suits. Amazingly, Slacks got it but a corresponding media content from….

DSC04908Lazo Oleg's creations were as usual “specifically”. Not necessarily wearable but so, that they should not be missing in a Underground Catwalk, but they make the “underground” from, even when the usual suspects latex, Gothic or burlesque labels were missing this year.

DSC04898Not great but lacked the after-show party in the Sage, which was great as always. Spanned, to chat with nice people, six es Moon Diamond, Oleg, Mile, Lauren or my old Maria rbeitskollegin (I unfortunately did not recognize directly). However, this was not the ordinary enjoyment of Amaretto Sour, -Cranberry, und-Ginger Ale… I hope at least.

DSC04949Moon Diamond

But the great thing is also, that you can still get to know many other nice people.. Although I barely know who was who, but a Heath, an Nathalie, Tanja and a mainly a Nadin !! Without E !! wie sie betonte 😉 Nette Menschen im Sage.


At later time then the pool at Sage has been used excessively. Among other things, one of Ferdinand Prinz von Anhalt, I did not know, but they showed me to my question: “One must know the?” to understand with a shaky hand “neeeee not really” okay, ich kenne ihn nicht 😉

DSC04953Sometime after 3 clock I went home, So it must have been a really nice evening, in which I chatted great. As always great. If Berlin is now still puts Wi-Fi in the subway, it gets even better.


Chevrolet Underground Catwalk 2011

Berlin Fashion Week – Underground Catwalk

Cupcake Kleid - Zucker Schloss

Cupcake dress from Sugar Castle

Within the Berlin Fashion Week – at least the summer – is Underground Catwalk have a fixed constant… (hmm doppelt gemoppelt?) Well in any case, there is the Underground Catwalk in each year with its interesting labels from the fields of Underground Fashion as Fetish, Latex, Rockabilly unsid rockiger Streetware.

Heydi und ich
Heydi and I

Just above the latter I had shown me the last few years a little annoyed, Print-Shirts, which are also in H&M might buy, had for me on a “Underground” Catwalk wenig lost – which was reflected also in the photos in the media. Now, someone has to pay the whole thing but, and so these brands have also somehow justified.

Underground Catwalk 2011

Nevertheless, it seemed this year to have done just about as well as his thoughts, and so there were two catwalks Underground. One for streetwear and a “classical”… The first was of interest to the media, especially by name: Noah Becker und Avril Lavigne (Abbey Dawn) interesting, which there showed their collections, the second rather through clothing.

Buy Unlike
Buy Unlike

Unfortunately, I can not say much about the first train, because I only attended the second. But in which I have to say, that he has gained much by focusing on exciting clothing. The labels and the garments were clearly in the totality exciting than last year. Although, of course, no additional label can be better than Sammy with their Redcat7 Collektionen.

Sensual Latex
Sensual Latex

Nevertheless, there were this year: iron fist, ambitious, destroyyourself, queen of darkness, rock nobility, sensual latex, the walking, savage wear, elf craft, sugar closed, hustler, buy unlike, deadly nightshade. Overall a nice compilation of international labels essaten, which certainly warmed the hot anyway subway a few degrees.

Lexi Hell, Diana von Buy Unlike, Betty Deinemaid
Lexi Hell, Buy Unlike Diana and Betty Deinemaid

By the two trains and the free day, I took my, but I was finally able to achieve this without difficulty once Underground Catwalk – otherwise this has always to be pretty exhausting, because with too little time – found, but who wants to be beautiful must suffer just. It was always like that.

Deadly nightshade

I was a little surprised, that some of the typically encountered there people like Oleg and Mila did not see there, I was also surprised, as Mr. Wolf appeared there, actually wanted to stay at an event in a tipi, However, the failed and why it is short term but then for a visit to the Underground Catwalk decided. Certainly a good alternative.


Surprised, I was just in front of the boarding, when we were wondering, where would be best to enter, I even saw a bunch up front people, So I looked at times… Even before I realized, that there obviously the model Waited, which also waited for inlet, and I would therefore have to reverse, they stormed ääh “Woman” to me and bitched at me, “You are wrong here”… but this, in a tone, let the fear, I if not immediately reverse punches, Would be expected or knife wounds worse. Okay, okay, keep cool, I'm already gone. Something About Reacts, the good..


A totally unrepresentative survey out to people after the train was, that especially this year, the two dresses by belladonna, that latex dress with latex dress by Sensual and my absolute favorite, the cupcake dress by Candy Castle were the pieces, were consistently Gennat most, when I asked, What did you like best.


Otherwise it was indeed named, that there was now and lengths, if nothing had happened a few minutes, but this was not significant, because otherwise was the Underground Catwalk 2011 another great fashion show at the most exciting city of Berlin Fashion Week. Happy to be back next year.

FC St. Buy Pauli and Wahrschauer

Sometimes just a St. Buy Pauli shirt and NEN Wahrschauer

I FC St. Pauli'm very fond, will have already spread to the readers of this blog. I will use the pub “Fat Corner” I found a bar in Kreuzberg, the association of each of my game will broadcast live I've never posted here, but if I have time, I am to play in the corner fats – naturally befitting the St. Pauli Outfit…. Now I would not want to even appear always in the same outfit, So I recently wanted to buy me a new shirt and was therefore the only St. Pauli Fanshop in Berlin… which is only slightly 200 Meters from my apartment….

To the & The Black Cats – Concert 1/8
2/8, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8

As soon as I arrived in Berlin, I knew, when I saw the fan shop. “This should be my home”. So it is then also come.

Be contrary, sought and found. Unfortunately, there was only the desired Shirt “S” and “XXL”, both not my size. So I was looking for another shirt, that could fit…. To be sure, I tried it on directly. Fits! So I kept it at the same, made from the price tag and wanted to pay…

To the & The Black Cats – Black Cat Boogie

The desire, a t-shirt to pay well over the lady behind the counter asked, because they did not quite, what to do. Eventually I was able to convince them, To keep the price tag under the scanner to find out what it would cost probably. That worked quite well, they found, that it probably 19 Would cost € (which was indeed on the price tag). Consequently, they would probably back me twenty euros.. This they did so…

I gave her a twenty euro bill and now had a St. Pauli shirt and TWENTY euro in hand… Puzzled, I told her, that they've probably made a mistake… And, I know, ich bin deaf – but honestly immerin.

Small Town Riot – Timmy

But that's not enough. In addition to the cash register new Wahrschauer was made, probably the best Musikzine for Underground, Punk and Hardcore music with always a great side dish CD. And St. Pauli and fast guitar has always belonged together. It is therefore the Musikzine my choice and I'm always, when a new Wahrschauer comes out, since he only appears 2-3 times a year and with 4,50 € he is even quite cheap. However, it was clear to the seller, that this journal should be free… ?????Free?????

It took him a while back, I explained to her, me that this would be very surprised, because so far I had to pay Wahrschauer always and everywhere. So, It would be okay, when I use the price, because it had the circumstances in this case also perform… And, I know, I'm still stupid – but still honest.

SERUM 114 – Let us be enemies

With a Wahrschauer, an FC St. Pauli und Shirt 23,50 € less in the wallet I left the store happy anyway…. But not without the seller to say again, that I had here with a Euro Plus and a shirt and a Wahrschauer could go out… Maybe she should memorize the sales process again, that would be better for the store….

Get in your car, the new CD in the player and the sound of Al & the Black Cats ab in die Fette Ecke….

And so the story should actually come to an end… I did not know, was, that the T-shirt was still secured. I could now tell, I went through a security barrier in Alexa and it started to beep, and as I told the Ladendedektiv closer, Why I march with an apparently secure but not from his collection through his T-shirt shop… And then as I got him to, this t-shirt, I've probably stolen elsewhere, to unlock…

The Offenders

But that would be a lie…

The fact is, It occurred to me shortly before the fat corner and I headed to the store again, where I bought my shirt, yes I still wore… Now the boss was standing next to “my” Seller and was obviously interested, this could be. However, it much more interested in the question “Why did not the alarm beeped”…” than the question of why the shirt was actually ever been saved…

The GUTTER DEMONS: Haunted Lake

Now the riddle was, that the part has probably been times misreported and they have pulled the plug… 🙂 The plug is now back in and finally I have an unlocked one, paid T-Shirt.

I wonder, why the store can actually still exist… For my mystery shoppers help I would really have to get money.

Gutter Demons – Pauvre Martin

…who now wonders, what the bands have to do with this story, Now I did not know it before all day and they were all on the CD Wahrschauer. Listen to it

Jägermeister Aftershow Party

Jagermeister can they drink to all
Jagermeister Bar

(1) Often I look at things so work-related marketing with the glasses and sometimes you just have to admit, when other people clearly understand their marketing crafts. I must compliment the marketing department / Make marketing agency of Jägermeister.

Jägermeister Aftershow Party

How did it, a herb, the predicate “Cool” to give, which is already worth all respect. I mean, just imagine, to order in a disco one Underberg… How uncool would that please the? I just think of only one thing, which would be uncool and that is the disco, where you really get a Underberg.

Jägermeister Underground Catwalk

Jägermeister is somehow different, and this is certainly also in such events, running under the label of Jagermeister, just as the Underground Catwalk under Berlin Fahionweek. In this respect RESPECT.

Toll war the actual show and when it was finished, aufgingen the doors of the subway, began the next peak only at: The Get-together on the platform and the after-show party at the Sage Club.

Tattoos on the Jägermeister Underground Catwalk

The good thing is such an underground fashion show, that the terminal can be directly on the club after-show party and so that really all visitors and models actually come to the party. A great idea – and it works. It was really almost all there, they all had a good mood and it was great this week. On the platform itself, for example, still with Sammy Spahn, there desig von Redcat 7 and their Models.

Sammy Spahn

Amazingly, we were able to once again find, us that actually a degree of self-awareness is, known as one of the models my blog and Sammy, which is also the manager of the Teaserettes asked me, Sheila ob ich ancient texts, who once wrote her an email 🙂


But let's get back to the party. In large VIP area you could actually entertained with all people, we could make a nice picture with Stefan Kretzschmar or with Martin Kesici, the 2003 Star Search winner was.

Martin Cutter @ Jägermeister Underground Catwalk
Martin Cutter

In addition, I noticed on the catwalk still a male model on, that somehow seemed familiar to me, but I could not assign. Since he was somehow constantly interviewed on the platform, I could think of, that he could be a celebrity somehow. They explained to me, that he was the singer Max Buskohl, who had come relatively far in American Idol and then got. Okay okay, another one for our Celebrity Gallery.

Max, we need you once for a photo

Max Buskohl

said, done 🙂

Great but at this party were not only the people and the conversations, but also the Jägermeister Bar, who provided the attendees with free Jägermeister creations. Jägerinha, the Jägermeister Jägermeister caipirinha version or Redbull or – and because I have kept, Jäger Colada…


Jäger Colada? Pineapple juice, Batida de Coco and a herb? A mixture, which rolls from listening to the toenails, but one can hardly believe it. This stuff tastes great. So good in fact, that the girls at the bar at the end of beige potions could no longer offer only pure and Jägermeister or could do with orange juice. And Jäger-O really rolls your toenails up 😉

Still Great. Oh yes, one thing is missing, the thing with the Michalsky Sunglasses