The Queens of the neighborhood

It is known that I am a Hamburg plant, which (especially) decided at some point because of the nightlife, turning our Hamburg back and to move to Berlin.

At that time there were almost no Drags in Hamburg and I could see the visible Drags in Hamburg at most count one and a half hands (and since then I've been nice included), which then usually also mostly complete at one of Olivia Jones Royal Chicken Club Parties were present.

(2010) – Valery and I on a Pink inc.

Olivia had not her neighborhood Empire yet was only 2008 landlady and thus all the girls around them not, Nicky Dynamite was not also not in Hamburg and many other visible, not created or simply not there yet. Meanwhile has since done a lot in Hamburg.

Now there is a documentation of the Queens neighborhood of, which is very great, although certainly shows a very limited picture. The documentation is “Queer Life in the City 4 – Queens of Hamburg” and I could see they already fully. I need you as from today by four parts look, but they are very engaging.

Part 3 – is still

are actually interviewed four generations of Hamburg phenomena. Firstly, the Grande Dame of the landscape Lilo Wanders, the lot has to tell. second Olivia Jones Part thereof is slightly smaller, for the third Valery Pearl and last a Veuve Noir.

Part 4 – is still

Anyone who has a bit of insight, quickly realizes that this is because in Lilo, Olivia and Veuve to members of Olivia Jones family is and Valery some first steps made even with Olivia's Parties. In addition, there are both Lilo as well as Valery Pearl already when I was still living in Hamburg was when Olivia.

(2009) Lilo Wanders

There must also give new blood from the now walking to the end of decade, that does not come from Olivia's network. It would therefore certainly other Queens in Hamburg, where.

Part 5 – is still

Nevertheless, it is really exciting to watch. The ladies have a lot to tell.

But to be honest I have Olivia also due to some, the first Parties, have visited the, were their. After they came from Berlin to Hamburg again (where they pottered few years) , reanimated them their Royal Chicken Club and it should have been people, the weeping, came as the mail. I felt definitely that time safe enough, because to go and dance. I was anyone still too shy back then to address, but was approached by Olivia herself, the a few words exchanged with me, What has me very well done. Valery Pearl, who was there also, I dared not then to address.

Part 6 – is still

Valery I then but on many of their own parties and Hamburg CSDs know and love learned. I have still a small laminated card, I won times as terribly lousy Madonna copy, of my life-long free admission and a welcome drink on their “Pearls of the Night” Party grants. Unfortunately, there is no more. You can to Pink Inc. can rewrite?

(2010) – Gaypride Hamburg

What has made such in their past Lilo Wanders, know well about each 30, Olivia is a very political and very enlightened by their individual personality, is probably known, Valery advocates for refugee and is – if I remember me honorary medal lady with the Sisters PSI. Only about Veuve I honestly do nothing. Your I have never met, since Olivia bars always have break, when I'm in Hamburg.

Part 7 – is still

No matter. What I wanted to say. Check it out, is really exciting, what the ladies have to tell so everything.

(2009) in Hamburg

And as Goodie for all, who read up to here, another picture from the poison cabinet 2007 for the whole hard-boiled. To prevent eye cancer, I link it only 😉
And, I want to see it…

Part 8 – is still

Drag Queens unvarnished

Girls, what's gotten into you. Normally, yes is the best kept secret of a drag compared to the general public the actual appearance, times when it is not in the make-up and a guy is on the way. I know from experience, they are often not recognizable… at least until, until they open their mouth and you hear the familiar voice. So I realized Tatjana Taft in Cologne also only, as I imagined her with my name.

Well, but known to the media but still more from, as the big picture. Not to the story, but are seen from time to time on both images. No Fakedoku on the drag queen does not occur at least once as a guy and every time, when Olivia Jones's on TV, I see in my stats, that people of “Olivia Jones without makeup” search…

There is this voyeurism and as the Hamburg Morgenpost for this year's CSD has a lead story:Drag Queens: Thus we see privately made and at least fours times shown. So if the Double Faces Barbie stupit and Lee Jackson, completely unknown to me Christa Sun or just want to see Tatjana Taft ungeschmink, look today even in the Hamburg Morgenpost..

And while we're at it, there is equally a tip, namely a good contribution from the NDR, by not just a few words about FDP / CDU Vs. CSD loses, but then even Valery Pearl (fast) unvarnished look…

Oh, and Sheila and me shortly but in full make-up.

10 Jahre Irrenhouse Party

In Berlin's party scene is not new, times when a party series 10 Years lived, but it is very rare. Surprisingly, there are gay scene in Berlin several of these rare events. The GFE Club is longer than 10 Years old, Club International as well and now I just mislead the House of Nina Queer.


I think I write it on each anniversary astray House, However, for 10 Year I have to repeat it again. The Madman House has a significant share of this, I now live in Berlin. When I first came to Berlin, the real reason was an interview on ebay. Actually I was interested in this job but less, I especially wanted to go to this party, I saw the pictures on the internet. Irrenhouse Party.

I came back – and it was a revelation for me. After the first time it was clear, I would come back a month later – anniversary 4 Years Irrenhouse. Consequently, since now I accompany this party well over half of its existence, and it is also a mandatory part of almost every month. Congratulations from me, therefore, to Nina.


But congratulations on that evening there was a lot of Nina, especially their girls, which brought a really great medley, of the Nina obviously really did not know, what to expect – and Nina are usually such things out of hand. All the girls messed up on the stage with great songs and just under 8 Minutes is probably the longest ever performance in a mental house, Nina die mit “pee in the eye” vefolgte front of the stage. Great and Erplaus for Nina was real.


and greater than according to their own piece of the medley – Somehow, sometime irgendo by Nena, However, that was extremely happy sing-along and has no ill feeling cared for.


Although mood and sing along, there was also the next song: I can’t live If living is without you von Mariah Carey, that had quite Gänsehautcharater and was certainly meant and felt on both sides. For the guests the Mad House is an important reference point once a month and Nina's statement “Thank-you – because of you my life is so much better was certainly not simply say so.


As can specify many other abschauen something, such as Valery Pearl from Hamburg, which happened to be in Berlin and was the first time in a mental house…. Quite impressed with was the good of the party and the venue and I hope, she takes great impressions to Hamburg, because there is still much to do.

And that can be implemented immediately, because on 24.09. there is a misleading House Party in Hamburg directly into the Grosse Freiheit. I'm not sure whether directed by Valery and Nina, it is, both have their fingers in the game and a mad house in Hamburg is actually a good reason, to visit my hometown again.


Was there anything else? s I, my camera does not flash, Therefore, although I can shoot great videos, But I have to use photos of other… What the heck 🙂


Pearl Valery and Dieter Bohlen

No, Valery, no!

Also, yes i like Valery Pearl really, really like, but now I have to say once “Do not even Valery!”

Superstar - DSDS

What has happened? Facebook now sat thereof, dass Valery vor hat, to face the jury of Dieter Bohlen, and sing. In fact, they've even skipped the Vorcasting directly and was admitted to the jury Casting.

Anyone who believes, Dieter and co really need to look at every Schreckschraube and hear-, this is not so, just only the good and the bad very interesting and relevant television. And in this case just Valery, will be safe to any mixture of the two last. Relevant television: at any rate. Good: certainly not.

Why can not I say so? Now, a few years ago Valery sang the song CSD to CSD Hamburg. Blondie cover a number. Listen here:

And quite honestly: Sorry, but a superstar sounds different… especially since you have to sing live in front of the jury and provide no benefit production behind it.

But that is certainly not exciting to her sing the, but the face of Dieter, when Valery begins to chatter, I tell the planks welding spots on the forehead ahead, because Valery sounds 1 to 1 like his favorite-ex-wife Verona Poth. 🙂

So chatter, Valery and do not sing much.